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3 antiquities including a Chinese pot shell found in excavation of Gangaikonda Cholapuram palace mound
  • Excavation works have already been carried out in 2 phases at the temple mound near Prahadeeswarar temple in Gangaikonda Cholapuram near Jeyangondam in Ariyalur district. In this, 461 antiquities including the walls of the Rajendra Chola palace and Chinese bangles and iron nails were found.
  • In this case, the 3rd phase of excavation work is going on from April 6. In this, 16 pits have been dug with 21 workers and work is in progress. A channel-like structure made of bricks was discovered here last May.
  • Trade in the 11th century: In this case, Chinese pottery, coin casting, and a decorated terracotta mold seal have been discovered.
Tamil Manvalam website to encourage soil fertilization: Chief Minister M.K.Stalin launched
  • On behalf of the Department of Agriculture - Farmers' Welfare, a new website called "Tamil Manvalam" was launched by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu yesterday at the Chief Secretariat to encourage the farmers to know the soil fertility in their land and encourage them to apply fertilizers accordingly. it was announced by the Minister of Agriculture - Farmers Welfare that a website called 'Tamil Manvalam' will be created.
Cabinet approves approval of Headquarters Agreement between India and Alliance for Disaster Energy Infrastructure
  • The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the Headquarters Agreement (HQA) signed between the Central Government and the Alliance for Disaster Energy Infrastructure (CDRI) on 22 August 2022.
  • On 23 September 2019, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the CDRI during the UN Climate Action Summit in New York. It is the largest global initiative launched by the central government and is seen as India's efforts for global leadership in climate change and disaster management. On 28 August 2019, the Union Cabinet approved the establishment of CDRI. 
  • The Central Government has also approved a financial support of Rs.480 crore to CDRI for a period of 5 years from 2019-20 to 2023-24. Following this, on June 29, 2022, the Union Cabinet gave approval to recognize CDRI as an international organization. 
  • Approval was also given to sign the Headquarters Agreement. Pursuant to the approval of the Union Cabinet, the Headquarters Agreement was signed between the Central Government and CDRI on August 22 last year.
The Union Cabinet approved the introduction of the National Research Foundation Bill 2023 in the Parliament to strengthen the research environment in the country
  • In the Union Cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, the National Research Foundation Bill was passed in Parliament to strengthen the research environment in the country.
  • Approval given for 2023 introduction. As a result of the approval of this bill, the National Research Foundation will develop smoothly and promote research and development activities, creating an environment that will encourage universities, colleges, research institutes, research and development organizations across the country.
  • A National Research Foundation will be established after the Bill is approved by Parliament. The National Research Foundation will be the apex body for conducting high-level scientific research in the country as per the recommendations of the National Education Policy at an estimated cost of Rs.50,000 crore during the period 2023 – 2028.
  • The National Research Foundation will be the governing body of the Department of Science and Technology. The organization will be managed by eminent researchers and professionals from various fields.
  • Although the National Research Foundation affects all ministries, the Prime Minister is the official chairman and the Minister of Science, Industry and the Union Education Minister are the official vice-chairmen. The National Research Foundation will be managed by a committee headed by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Central Government.
  • Industry, Education and Government Departments will be brought together to coordinate the contributions of industries. This will be supported by the Science and Sectoral Ministries of the State Governments. As a result, it will facilitate policy decisions and regulatory action and lead to increased funding for research and development.
  • The Bill will take over the functions of the Science and Engineering Research Commission established by the Act passed by the Parliament in 2008, and the National Research Foundation.
Government approves fair price to be offered by sugar mills to sugarcane farmers during 2023-24 sugar season
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved the fair pricing for sugar season 2023-24 (October to September). For sugarcane farmers, sugar mills are charging Rs.10.25 per quintal for sugarcane. 315 is fixed. An increase of Rs 3.07 per quintal has been approved for every 0.1 per cent increase in pressing capacity.
  • Also, keeping in mind the interest of sugarcane farmers, the government has decided not to make any price reduction for sugarcane below 9.5 percent sugar construction. Such farmers will be paid Rs 291.97 per quintal. In the current 2022-23 sugar season, per quintal Rs. 282.12 is provided.
  • Sugarcane production cost per quintal for this season is Rs. is 157. The current fixed price is 100.6 percent higher than the cost of production. The price for the 2023-24 season is 3.28 percent higher than the current season.
  • For the season 2023-24, this price will be applicable for procurement of sugarcane from farmers from October 1, 2023. The sugar sector is a very important agricultural sector. It provides livelihood to 5 crore sugarcane farmers and their dependents. It will also benefit the 5 lakh workers employed in sugar mills and workers involved in sugarcane harvesting and transportation.
A special announcement by the Central Government to revitalize soil fertility, food security, promote sustainable and sustainable environment and protect the welfare of farmers
  • The central government has issued special notifications to promote soil fertility, food security, sustainable and sustainable development of the environment and protect the welfare of farmers. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has today (28.06.2023) approved a special package of innovative schemes for farmers worth Rs 3,70,128 crore. These programs will emphasize the economic development and overall welfare of farmers by prioritizing sustainable agriculture. These initiatives will go a long way in boosting farmers' incomes, strengthening organic farming, rejuvenating soil fertility and ensuring food security.
  • Similarly, CCEA has approved the continuation of urea subsidy scheme. According to this, it will be ensured that a 45 kg bag of urea will be available to the farmers at Rs.242. The market price of a 45 kg bag of urea is Rs.2,200. Continuation of the Urea Subsidy Scheme to increase domestic urea production would be beneficial. In addition to this, for the next 3 years (2022-23 to 2024-25) an allocation of Rs.3,68,676 crore has been made for the Urea subsidy scheme.
  • 8 nano-urea plants with a production capacity of 195 lakh metric tonnes of urea have been sanctioned in the financial year 2025-26.
  • Similarly, a package of innovative practices to improve soil fertility and revitalization was also approved today. Accordingly, Rs 1,451 crore has been approved for a market development assistance scheme for generating income from agricultural waste. Bio-gas plants and high pressure bio-gas
  • Plants have been set up under the Goparthan scheme to manufacture natural fertilizers and phosphate-rich pesticides.
  • An attempt to introduce sulphur-coated urea for the first time in the country has also been approved. This will eliminate the sulfur deficiency of the soil and protect the soil fertility and reduce the cost to the farmers. This urea is less expensive than currently used neem coating urea. This will reduce the cost of fertilizers to the farmers, increase production and improve their income.
  • The number of Prime Minister's Kisan Samruti Centers operating across the country has now reached one lakh. All agricultural products including fertilizers and seeds required by the farmers are available in these centers.

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