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Overseas Indians Day Conference

  • Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Overseas Indian Day) is celebrated every year on 9th January. This day was chosen to commemorate the return of Father of the Nation Gandhi from South Africa to Mumbai.
  • Every year Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Day Conference is held in some Indian city. In that way, this year's conference started yesterday in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. More than 3,200 overseas Indians from around 70 countries have participated in this. Prime Minister Modi participated in the program on the 2nd day of the conference.
The first sitting of the Legislative Assembly for the current year 2023
  • The first session of the Legislative Assembly for the current year began yesterday morning in the Assembly Hall. Governor RN Ravi arrived at the Chief Secretariat at 9.58 am to participate in this.
  • He was welcomed by Council President M. Appavu and Secretary K. Srinivasan. Also, courtesy of the police department and the instrumental team.
  • Subsequently, the Governor entered the assembly hall and started reading the speech at 10.01. First, he read some parts that he had prepared in Tamil. Then, he started reading the speech prepared and issued by the government.
  • The Governor omitted some words in his speech. Similarly, he ended the text by omitting to read certain parts at the end. At 10.48 a.m. after the Governor's speech was over, Assembly Chairman M. Appavu read the Tamil translation of the Governor's speech.
  • Then the Vishika and Marxist Communist Party members returned to the House. At 11.31 a.m. when the Chairman of the Assembly finished reading the Tamil version, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin got up and read a resolution.
  • Then the Chief Minister said: The draft text has already been sent to the Governor by the Government of Tamil Nadu, it has been accepted by him, then it has been printed and given to all the members in the computer and hard copies to the members who need it.
  • Although the activities of the Governor, who are acting completely contrary to our `Dravidian Model' principles, are unacceptable, we followed the rules of the Assembly and did not register our protest before the Governor started his speech. We behaved very politely in the Assembly and showed full respect to the Governor who had come to address us under the Constitution.
  • However, not only against our policies, but also against the policies of the government, it is not only very regrettable that he did not read the text prepared by the Tamil Nadu government, approved by the governor and printed properly and completely, but also violated the conventions of the Assembly.
  • Therefore, I propose a resolution to relax Rule 17 of the Legislature and that only the English text printed today and given to the members and the Tamil text read by the Speaker should be included in the notes, and similarly, the parts read by the Governor should not be included as opposed to the parts printed here. The Chief Minister spoke thus.
  • When the Chief Minister finished reading this resolution, the Governor inquired from his secretary about what the Chief Minister had said. In this case, when the chairman of the assembly got up to carry out the resolution, the governor suddenly left the assembly.
  • Along with him, the governor's secretary also left. Ahead of the Governor, Opposition Leader Palaniswami and AIADMK MLAs and O. Panneerselvam, his supporting MLAs, walked out of the Assembly.
  • Subsequently, the resolution brought by Chief Minister Stalin in the Legislative Assembly was unanimously passed by voice vote. Then, following the playing of the National Anthem, the proceedings of the Assembly concluded.
Pongal gift package with rice, sugar, sugarcane, Rs 1,000 cash - launched by CM Stalin
  • Pongal gift package comprising one kg of sweet rice, one kg of sugar, whole sugarcane and Rs.1,000 cash each to all rice family card holders and families living in Sri Lankan Tamil Rehabilitation Camps to celebrate Thai Pongal auspiciously Rs.2,429.05 to 2.19 crore families. Chief Minister Stalin had announced that it would be provided at a cost of Rs.
  • Also, the government has allocated a fund of Rs.487.92 crore to implement the scheme of providing free vedi and saree on the occasion of Pongal festival. Through this scheme, the poor and needy people are benefited and employment is also provided to those engaged in handloom and power loom industries.
  • Accordingly, Chief Minister M. K. Stalin started the Pongal gift package yesterday. To mark this, the Chief Minister distributed Pongal gift sets and free dhoti and sarees to rice family card holders at Fair Price Shop in Chennai Beach Road Satya Nagar.
Chief Minister M. K. Stalin launched the Global Tamil Angels website through Tanzim, a Tamil Nadu government company
  • He launched www.tamilangels.fund, a website designed to connect global Tamil investors and entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu, at the Global Tamil Entrepreneurs' Conference jointly organized by the North American Tamil Association Council and the Tamil Nadu Industry and Innovation Movement in Chennai.
First Sikh woman judge in America
  • A Sikh woman of Indian origin has taken office as a judge at the Harris County Civil Court in Texas, USA. Her name is Manpreet Monika Singh. He has worked as a lawyer for the past 20 years. 
  • He has argued and won numerous landmark cases. This is the first time a Sikh woman has been sworn in as a judge in the United States.
First G-20 meeting kicks off in Kolkata - welcome 'City of Joy'
  • With India assuming the leadership of the G-20 countries, its first meeting will be held from today to the 11th in Kolkata. Representatives from G-20 member countries have come to Kolkata to attend this meeting.
  • G-20 delegates discuss Global Partnership (GPFI) at the meeting at the Vishwa Bangla Convention Center in Newtown, Kolkata.
  • The delegates will address the above topics in various sessions and meetings held over three days. Earlier the first meeting of the G-20 was held in Kolkata and the entire city was decorated under the theme 'City of Happiness'.
Memorandum of Understanding between Tamil Nadu Mineral Corporation and IREL (India) in the presence of Chief Minister
  • It is the vision of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu that the mineral resources available in Tamil Nadu should be scientifically mined without polluting the environment, thereby starting various sub-industries to increase the productivity and create employment opportunities for the rural people.
  • According to the Nuclear Minerals Permit Act, mining permits for offshore minerals should be granted only to government agencies, government-owned or government-controlled companies.
  • Union Government's IREL (India) Company and Tamil Nadu Government's Tamil Nadu Mineral Corporation have jointly explored the coastal mineral resources of the southern districts of Tamil Nadu, especially minerals such as garnet, illuminite, zircon, rutile. It was decided to enter into an MoU for extraction and marketing.
  • Accordingly, in the presence of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Tamil Nadu Minerals Company and IREL (India) to start a new company.
  • The MoU will enable the extraction of offshore minerals and their development into value-added products, thereby providing critical minerals for the nuclear industry and other minerals for other industries.
  • Theri sand reserve identified in this MoU is around 52 million tonnes. With this, it is planned to establish two factories for extracting minerals in Thoothukudi district at Khuthmozhi and Satankulam with an investment of 1500 crore rupees each and earn an annual revenue of 1075 crore rupees from each factory.

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