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PM Modi celebrated Diwali in Kargil

  • Ever since Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister in 2014, he has made it a tradition to celebrate Diwali with our soldiers every year. He celebrated Diwali this year in Kargil, Kashmir.
  • Prime Minister Modi celebrated his first Diwali since taking over as the country's Prime Minister in 2014 with soldiers at Siachen, the world's highest battlefield in the Himalayas. The following year, in 2015, he celebrated with the players at the Punjab border.
  • In 2016, the Prime Minister celebrated Diwali with the Indo-Tibetan Border Police in Himachal Pradesh, in 2017 in Bandi Bora, Jammu and Kashmir, in 2018 in Harsil, Uttarakhand, in 2019 in Rajouri, a border control area in Jammu and Kashmir, in 2020 in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, and in 2021 in Navshera, Jammu.
For the first time in history, an Indian was elected unopposed as the Prime Minister of England
  • Procedures to elect a new leader of the ruling Conservative Party and the country's new prime minister have begun. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Indian-origin Rishi Sunak, former Finance Minister, were in the running for the post of Prime Minister.
  • Speaker of the House of Commons Benny Mordant (age 49) has jumped into the campaign by announcing his candidacy. However, with just hours to go before filing his nomination papers, Boris Johnson announced his decision to withdraw from the race.
  • Rishi Sunak has the support of 142 MPs in Parliament. Benny Morton has yet to secure the support of 100 MPs. Rishi Sunak will take over the Prime Ministership unopposed if Benny Morton cannot get the support of 100 MPs by 2pm today UK time.
  • In this situation, Benny Martand did not get the support of 100 MPs so he could not qualify for the Prime Ministerial race. Thus, for the first time in the history of England, Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin, was elected unopposed as the Prime Minister of England.
ISRO has successfully launched 36 satellites
  • LVM - 3 is ISRO's heaviest rocket. Earlier this rocket was called GLSV- MK3. In this situation, OneWeb, a British company, planned to send 36 communication satellites into space in order to provide high-speed Internet service.
  • An agreement was made between OneWeb and ISRO in this regard. Meanwhile, at 12:70 am on Sunday, the LVM-3 rocket with 36 satellites blasted off from the Satish Dhawan launch pad in Sriharikota.
  • At 19 minutes and 15 seconds after liftoff, the rocket began to launch the 36 satellites weighing 5,796 kg into a 601-kilometer Earth orbit as planned. Then in the next few minutes all the satellites were successfully positioned on the planned target.
  • With this, the 'LVM 3' rocket has been launched for the first time for commercial use. The height of this rocket is 43.50 meters. This is the heaviest rocket ever launched by ISRO.
Sarayu river lit up with 15.75 lakh lights on Diwali - Guinness World Record
  • On Diwali, the Uttar Pradesh government made preparations for a Guinness World Record attempt. Last year, a Guinness World Record was set for lighting 9 lakh earthen lamps in Ayodhya during Deepa Festival. 
  • In an effort to break this, the Guinness World Record has been set by lighting 15.76 lakh oil lamps this year. The program was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi. 
  • A lot of students and professors of Awadh University contributed a lot in making this achievement. Many members of the public participated in the event and enjoyed it.

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