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Agni Prime Missile 3rd test success

  • Various modifications and improvements are being made to the Agni missile in accordance with the changing technological development. According to this, the first test of the Agni Prime missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead and accurately strike an enemy target at a range of 1,000-2,000 km, took place in June last year.
  • The second trial took place in December. In this case, many more changes were made in this missile and the work of upgrading it into a new generation missile with modern technologies was underway.
  • The third test of this missile took place in the coastal area of ​​Odisha state. In this, after the missile hit the intended target accurately, the test was successful and its operations were satisfactory, according to the notification issued by the Ministry of Defense.
Old Pension Scheme in Punjab
  • Government employees who are protesting against the new pension scheme in Punjab are urging the government to re-implement the old pension scheme. In the assembly elections in the state a few months ago, the Aam Aadmi Party had promised to implement the old pension scheme if its party won.
  • Accordingly, he won and formed the government. In this case, the Punjab Cabinet meeting was held. After the meeting, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann said, "The cabinet has decided to implement the old pension scheme as a Diwali gift to government employees. Lakhs of employees will benefit from this," he said.
Imran Khan disqualified - 5 years bar from contesting elections
  • Expensive gifts given to Pakistani prime ministers by foreign governments are protected by the country's treasury department. In this situation, when Imran Khan was in charge of the Prime Minister of the country, it is alleged that he bought the items including expensive watches given to him by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Salman at a cheap price.
  • The Commission, which examined the petition, adjourned the judgment of the case on the 19th. In this situation, the 4 members of the commission unanimously decided to disqualify Imran Khan for 5 years for the crime of concealing the property details from the Dotal Commission.
  • The Tehreek-e-Pakistan party led by Imran Khan has announced that it will appeal to the Islamabad High Court against the decision of the Dotal Commission.
22nd Amendment Passed - Removal of Sri Lankan President's Power
  • In 2015 when Sirisena was the President of Sri Lanka, 19A amendment was brought in the Constitution. This amendment was intended to give more powers to the Parliament than the President. Later, Gotabaya Rajapakse, who came to power, replaced the amendment with 20A amendment.
  • In it, the President was given more powers than the Parliament. Following the recent protests in Sri Lanka, the Rajapakse family stepped down from the posts of President and Prime Minister, and the decision was made to reduce the powers of the President.
  • Accepting it, the Government of Sri Lanka drafted a bill to carry out the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. In it, some of the powers of the President were reduced and more powers were given to the Parliament.
  • After a long delay, the debate on this bill started yesterday in Parliament. A vote was taken on this yesterday. Of this, 179 MPs in the 225-member House voted in favor of the bill. By this, the powers of the President have been reduced and more power has been given to the Parliament. This is considered a victory for President Ranil Wickremesinghe.
Indian athlete Ankush won silver in the World Wrestling Championship
  • The Under-23 World Wrestling Championship series is taking place in Spain. India's Ankush participated in the Women's 'Freestyle' 50 kg category for women. She defeated Nada Medani of Egypt in the semi-final and entered the final. 
  • In this, Ankush met Japan's Susaki, who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics and World Championships. Ankush trailed 0-4 at the start of the match. After this, Susaki knocked Ankush down and took away the gold medal. Ankush won silver.
Sagar won silver in world shooting
  • In Egypt, the World Shooting Championship is taking place. India's Sagar Tangi (588 points) and Varun Tomar (583) secured the top two positions in the Junior Men's 10m, 'Air Pistol' category qualifying round and entered the 'Ranking' round.
  • Sagar, who played tremendously, came first with 253.8 points and advanced to the finals. Varun, another Indian, finished third with 251.3 points and bagged the bronze medal. In the final, Sagar and Jinkong of China clashed. Sagar, who cheated, lost 12-16 and won the silver medal.
  • So far, India has bagged 28 medals including 10 gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze, and remains at the 2nd place in the medal list. China tops the list (23 gold, 15 silver, 10 bronze).
PM lays foundation stone for Rs 3400 crore road and cable projects in Mana, Uttarakhand
  • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for road and cable car projects worth Rs 3400 crore in Mana, Uttarakhand. Earlier, Prime Minister visited Kedarnath and performed darshan and puja at Sri Kedarnath Temple. 
  • He visited Adi Guru Shankaracharya's samadhi and inspected the ongoing work at Mandakini Asthapath and Saraswati Asthapath. Prime Minister Badrinath visited and also performed darshan and pooja at Sri Badrinath temple. Alaknanda then inspected the work going on along the banks of the river.
  • Uttarakhand Chief Minister Mr. Pushkar Singh Thami, Uttarakhand Governor retired General Gurmeet Singh, Member of Parliament Mr. Deerat Singh Rawat, Uttarakhand Minister Mr. Thansingh Rawat, BJP State President Mr. Mahendra Bhatt participated in the event.

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