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The Supreme Court appointed Judge Nageswara Rao as the Olympic Committee Amendment Act judge

  • On the 8th, the International Olympic Committee asked the Indian Olympic Committee to dissolve the administration and hold elections by December. Otherwise, it warned the Indian Olympic Committee of a ban.
  • In this case, Supreme Court Judge TY. In the session chaired by Chandrachud, the case related to this came up for hearing. At that time, the judges appointed retired Supreme Court judge L. Nageswara Rao to hold elections to the Indian Olympic Committee by December 15 and amend its laws.
  • Also, it has allowed Indian Olympic Committee General Secretary Rajiv Mehta and Vice President Adeel Sumariwala to participate in the meeting to be held with the International Olympic Committee on the 27th.
  • The Indian Olympic Committee has been asked to refund the amount spent on Justice Nageswara Rao as per the order of the Union Additional Secretary, Youth Affairs and Sports.
Retired Chief Justice Duraisamy appointed as Real Estate Regulatory Commission Chairman
  • Madras High Court Senior Judge M. Duraisamy was sworn in as the Chief Justice. He retired on the 21st. Accordingly, the Tamil Nadu government has issued a notification appointing Justice Duraisamy as the Chairman of the Real Estate Regulatory Commission.
Vembakota Excavation - Copper Coin, Conch Bangle Discovered
  • The first phase of excavation work at Vembakottai was started on March 16 under the leadership of Tamil Nadu Industry and Archeology Minister Thangam Tennarasu and District Collector Meghana Reddy.
  • The 15 pits excavated at Vembakkottai have revealed various signs of human habitation in the area from the Neolithic to the Mesolithic. In this case, in today's excavation, a flint Sangam seal, a whole conch bangle, and a copper coin with images engraved on both sides have been found.
  • This has caused excitement among researchers. The study will be conducted till September 30. At the end of the survey, all the objects found are documented and sent for periodic analysis.
Discovery of rams, iron weapon, copper objects in the excavation of the 8th phase of the Keeladi
  • The 8th phase of excavations started last February by Tamil Nadu Department of Archeology in Sivagangai District, Keezadi, Akaram, Kontakhai. The excavation is expected to be completed by the end of this month.
  • 20 pits were excavated at the three sites of Keezadi, Akaram and Kontakhai and unearthed a well, pots, potsherds, talismans, flint dolls, moss bells made of ivory etc. Presently, in one pit, black ivory rams measuring 2.5 cm in height and 2.1 cm in circumference have been found. The above items were also found in Phase 5 and Phase 4 excavations.
  • An iron weapon 11.8 cm long was also found. One part of the weapon is sharp. The weapon is 3.7 cm wide and 1.7 cm thick. A copper pendant with a square shaped hole has been found. It measures 3 cm in length, 2.7 cm in height and 0.9 cm in thickness. A 10 cm long cosmetic tool was also found.
  • It has a round shape on both sides like an ink stick for the eyes. While women's beauty products, including earrings, have already been found in the basement, this makeup kit is proof of that.
Ministry of Defense has signed an agreement with BAPL for the dual-purpose Brahmos missile, which is not a point-to-point target.
  • To further strengthen self-reliance in defense logistics production, the Ministry of Defense has signed a contract with BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited (PAPL) for the procurement of the BrahMos dual-role inter-continental ballistic missile at a cost of Rs 1700 crore. These dual-role missiles will enhance the capabilities of the Indian Navy.
  • Brahmo Aerospace Private Limited is an India-Russia joint venture. This new type of missile has been developed to be able to operate on land and to thwart attacks on ships.
Global Clean Energy Action Plan - 2022 Launched at the Heinz Historical Center, Petersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh meeting with US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and key ministers of Clean Energy Action Plan marked the first day of the “Global Clean Energy Action Plan 2022” event.
  • Earlier in 2022, the action organization started at the Heines History Center in Petersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Dr. Jitendra Singh headed the Indian delegation from the Union Ministries of Power, New and Non-Renewable Energy, Science and Technology participating in this conference.
  • Energy ministers from 30 countries are participating in an environment-related summit at the David L. Lawrence Center in St. Petersburg. Dr. Jitendra Singh will also participate in this conference.

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