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Introduction of 'Neithal Salt' by Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation: Rs 5,000 per annum relief to families of salt pan workers
  • A press release issued by the Tamil Nadu government said: As the salt industry is a seasonal industry, the salt workers will only have the opportunity to work for 9 months in a year. During the rainy season, they suffer a lot as there is no opportunity to get adequate alternative work.
  • In this case, it was announced in the industry department grant request for the year 2021-22 that the families of workers registered with the Tamil Nadu Manual Labor Social Security Welfare Board will be given a relief fund of Rs.5000
  • Accordingly, Chief Minister Stalin launched a scheme to provide Rs 5,000 per year to the families of salt workers for the months of October to December when there is no salt production at the Chennai headquarters yesterday and gave a check to 5 workers.
  • Tamil Nadu Salt Company is selling iodized rock salt, iodized refined powdered salt and two kinds of concentrated salt at affordable price through public distribution scheme and mid-day meal scheme for the benefit of public and school going children.
  • In this situation, Tamil Nadu Salt Company will sell iodized rock salt and iodized refined powdered salt in the open market under the new trade name of 'Neithal Uplu' in order to benefit the people.
  • Accordingly, Chief Minister Stalin started the open market sale of iodized rock salt and iodized refined powdered salt under the new trade name of 'Neythal Uplu'.
Award for the best investigation in the year 2022
  • notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs today (Aug. 12), it has been informed that the award for the best investigation in the year 2022 will be given to 151 police officers who have performed well.
  • Among them, 15 CBI officers, 11 constables from Maharashtra, 10 each from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh constables, 8 each from Kelara, Rajasthan, West Bengal constables, other states and Union Territory constables are included in this list. Also, this includes 28 women constables.
  • In this case, the award was announced to 5 people, including four women from the Tamil Nadu Police Department. Additional Superintendent of Police Kanakeswari, Inspectors Amutha, Sasikala, Pandi Muthulakshmi and Assistant Inspector Selvarajan are receiving the Union Home Ministry's award for the best investigation of the Union Home.
Best performing Corporation and Municipality in Tamilnadu 2022
  • A special award will be given to the best performing Corporation and Municipality every year on the occasion of Independence Day. Apart from that, it is customary to give awards to honor those who have done good work. Based on that, they analyzed to select the best corporation and municipality.
  • In this, Salem has been selected as the best municipal corporation in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin will present Rs. 25 lakhs to Salem Corporation as a special fund and award on Independence Day in Chennai on 15th.
  • Similarly, for the current year, Srivilliputhur, the first runner-up for the best municipality, will be awarded Rs.15 lakh, Kudiatham, the second runner-up, will be awarded Rs.10 lakh, and Tenkasi, the third runner-up, will be awarded Rs.5 lakh.
  • Last year i.e. Thanjavur was selected as the best corporation for the year 2021. Ooty topped the list of best municipalities. Thiruchengode and Chinnamanur took the next places.
A new elephant sanctuary will be set up at Agastya Hills in Tamil Nadu
  • "A new elephant sanctuary will be set up at Agastya Hills in Tamil Nadu," Union Forest and Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav announced. Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav, who participated in the International Elephant Day ceremony at Thekkady, said: Central government and ministry to file review petition on Supreme Court order to establish 1 km buffer zone around protected forest area Main focus. 
  • The central government has increased the compensation amount from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh for the families of those killed in elephant attacks.
President gives assent to bill to amend the act to give more powers to the registration department:
  • There are 575 Registrar offices in Tamil Nadu. Through this registration including house and agricultural land is done. Thus when deeds are registered, some registrars do not ask for and examine the original documents during the registration process. Similarly, they register the bond for the property without looking at it.
  • It is said that some anti-social elements use this to prepare fake documents and register the deeds. The original owners are forced to approach the City Civil Court regarding this issue. Already, a large number of such cases are pending in the courts, so a verdict on the fake document registration issue is not forthcoming. 
  • As a result, the original owners are not able to use their properties and they are exposed to various hardships. To put an end to this issue, a bill empowering district registrars and DIGs to cancel fake deeds was unanimously passed in the assembly.
  • According to this bill, the district registrar can investigate and cancel fake deed registration. Thus, anyone aggrieved can appeal to the IG within 30 days from the date of cancellation. After that you can appeal to the secretary. 
  • The legislation provides for imprisonment of 3 years and fines to be imposed on those involved if it is found that a fake deed has been registered. Governor RN Ravi approved this amendment at the end of September last year. The Bill was subsequently sent to the Law Department of the Union Government.
  • Subsequently, a letter was written on behalf of the Law Department of the Tamil Nadu Government to the Secretary of the Law Department of the Union Government. In this regard, the law department officials of Tamil Nadu were also talking to the law department officials of the Union government. Accordingly, the Law Department of the Union Government has approved this bill. Subsequently, the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs was received from there and sent for the approval of the President. 
  • In this case, Janapati Drarubathi Murmu has approved the bill which empowers the registration department to cancel fraudulently registered documents. Accordingly the amendment bill comes into force. 
  • Through this amendment bill, the land can be recovered from the land grabbers who have illegally deeded the land and the property can be handed over to the rightful owners. Commercial Taxes and Deeds Minister Murthy thanked Chief Minister M.K.Stalin for bringing this amendment bill.
3rd review meeting of the State Planning Committee 
  • The 3rd review meeting of the State Planning Committee under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Stalin is underway. The meeting is held at the Project Committee office in Ezhilakam, Chepakkam, Chennai.
  • The meeting was attended by Prof. Jayaranjan, Vice-Chairman of the Committee, full-time and part-time members. In this meeting, goal setting, monitoring, evaluation and policy advice are discussed.

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