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2022 Women's Hockey World Cup - India finished the series in 9th place

  • The 15th Women's Hockey World Cup series is being held in Netherlands and Spain. A total of 16 teams are participating in it. This series started on the 1st and will continue till the 17th. Indian team played in 'B' division. India finished third in the first round and played against Spain in the pre-quarter-final cross-over.
  • India lost by a score of 0-1. Competitions were held for subsequent positions. India finished the series by finishing 9th after defeating Canada and Japan. India won 3-1 against Japan. Vandana Kataria has scored the maximum three goals.
  • Last time India finished the series at 8th position. It is noteworthy that the Indian team has never won the title of champion in this series.
A sign of water on the Milky Way planet - James Webb's next discovery
  • The first color picture of the universe was released yesterday by NASA's James Webb Telescope, which is stationed 1 million miles from Earth. Through this, it was possible to know the origin of the universe 1300 light years ago. This photo has caused great awe around the world.
  • In this case, more than 5 thousand asteroids are orbiting in the Milky Way. They are 1,150 light years away. Wasp-96b is one of these planets orbiting a Sun-like star there. The James Webb Space Telescope has detected signs of water in it, NASA said.
  • Wasp-96b, less than half the size of Jupiter and 1.2 times larger in diameter, shines more brightly than any other planet orbiting the Sun. It has a temperature of more than 538 degrees Celsius, according to NASA.
  • Previously, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, which has been investigating several minor planets in the Milky Way over the past 20 years, discovered water in 2013. But the James Webb telescope's short-lived findings are thought to be a milestone in scientists' search for habitable planets beyond Earth.
New railway connecting 2 states, 3 holy places - Union Cabinet approves
  • In a meeting of the Union Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Tharanga New Railway Project was approved at a cost of Rs 2798.16 crore.
  • The new railway line will be 116.65 km long and will be completed by 2026-27. About 40 lakh man-days of direct employment will be generated during the construction of this project.
  • Among the 51 Shakti Peedams in India, Ambaji attracts lakhs of devotees from Gujarat, other parts of the country and abroad every year.
  • This new rail line will provide easy travel for devotees and will also provide connectivity to pilgrims visiting the temple of Ajitnath Jain (one of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras) on Tharanga Hill.
  • The new railway line will be laid through Banaskantha and Mehsana districts of Gujarat and Sirohi district of Rajasthan.
  • The new railway will attract investments and lead to overall socio-economic development of the region, the central government said.
Justice Murugesan's full decision to ask the public for their opinion on the state's education policy
  • A committee headed by retired Justice Murugesan has been formed to formulate an education policy specifically for Tamil Nadu and currently the committee has conducted studies in 2 meetings. In this case, the committee has decided to get opinions from all the public to shape the education policy across the state.
  • According to this, Tamil Nadu has been divided into 8 mandals and consultation meetings are held across the state, through which the education policy definition committee is going to hold consultations. Opinions are being sought from teachers, retired teachers, private educational institutions and the general public.
  • The education policy has given full information that the public can express their views through email and post and the address for this will be published soon. The next meeting of the State Education Policy Committee is scheduled to be held on July 27.

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