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The Central Government brought about a change in the appointment rules of the Commander-in-Chief of the three forces

  • It was the rule to appoint one of the commanders of the three forces under the age of 62 in retired service. It is in this context that this rule has been amended.
  • Accordingly, the Federal Government has announced that retired or serving lieutenant generals, air marshals and deputy admirals over the age of 62 can also apply for the post of Commander-in-Chief of the three forces.
  • With this new rule change, 3 Star and 4 Star officers will be eligible for the post of Commander-in-Chief of the three forces. The job of commander-in-chief of the three forces is the biggest task of making military reforms. It is a position of co-operation between the security forces and the government.
  • In the past, plans to modernize the country's security forces, including promotions, were implemented under the respective chief executive officer. But since the establishment of the Department of Military Affairs for the first time all these activities have come under the control of the Army.
  • The Commander-in-Chief of the three forces is tasked with making decisions regarding military matters related to the three forces.
Successful test of Agni 4 missile carrying nuclear weapons
  • The Agni 1 missile was first tested in 1989. It has a range of 1,200 km. Can swell up to a distance. Agni Prime (2,000 km), Agni 2 (3,500 km), Agni 3 (3,000 to 5,000 km), Agni 4 (4,000 km), Agni 5 (8,000 km) ) As subsequently Agni type missiles were successfully tested.
  • These intercontinental ballistic missiles have been added to the military and are in use. Next up is the Agni 6 missile. It has a range of 12,000 km. Is expected to be capable of raging over long distances.
  • The Agni missiles that have been added to the Indian Army so far are being tested from time to time. The Agni 4 missile was successfully tested on Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha.
  • It has a range of 4,000 km. Can flow up to a distance. Capable of carrying 1,000 kg of nuclear weapons. Agni-type missiles can be used by the Indian military to attack any part of China and Pakistan.
The central government has allocated Rs 126 crore to modernize the police department
  • The central government has allocated Rs 126.7 crore for the modernization of the police force, setting up and upgrading of police stations. The Union Home Ministry said the funds would be used to modernize police forces across the country, set up new police stations, upgrade police stations and implement various schemes for the convenience of the police.
Poris Johnson wins over hopeless misery
  • Controversy has erupted against Boris Johnson and his ministries over the alleged conduct of birthday celebrations in his office in violation of Corona rules.
  • In this context, 54 or more Conservative MPs have written to the party's member of the House, Cha Graham Brady, claiming that Boris Johnson has lost his right to run for prime minister.
  • Subsequently, a hopeless evil was brought against Boris Johnson. The party's 359 MPs secretly voted in favor of the resolution. In 211 MPs voted in favor of Johnson running for prime minister. 148 votes were cast against him.
  • Subsequently, Conservative Members of Parliament Chair Graham Brady announced on Tuesday that Boris Johnson had won the referendum.
India Avani Legra won gold at the Para Shooting World Cup
  • Avani Legra, India's gold medalist at the Tokyo Paralympics, won a gold medal for India at the Paralympic World Cup in France. Legra won the medal in the women's R2 10m Air Rifle SH1 category, breaking her own record in the competition and setting a new record.
  • His points - 250.6. He thus broke his previous record of 249.6 points. With this achievement he also qualified for the 2024 Paralympics. Emilia Popska of Poland won the silver medal with 247.6 points and Anna Norman of Sweden won the bronze medal with 225.6 points.
The President also inaugurated the Vice Chancellors Conference of Central Universities 2022 and presented the awards
  • President Ramnath Govind today (June 7, 2022) inaugurated a 2-day conference at the Presidential Palace with the participation of Vice Chancellors of Central Universities and Directors of Institutions of National Importance.
  • The conference is attended by 53 of the 161 central institutions of higher learning, both directly and others via the Internet. 
  • The contribution and responsibility of higher education institutions to the 75th anniversary of independence; International Ranking of Higher Education Institutions; Academics - collaboration between industry and policy makers; Integration of school education, higher education, and vocational education; Education and research in the emerging technological age will be the topics of these conference sessions.

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