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Viswanathan Anand defeats chess champion Magnus Carlsen

  • Viswanathan Anand, 52, competed in the Bliss Chess Championship in Norway. Viswanathan Anand played against world champion Magnus Carlsen in the seventh series of the match.
  • Viswanathan Anand, who played well in this match, defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen. With this defeat Magnus Carlson moved to second place.
  • Viswanathan Anand is in fourth place with 5 points after losing to Anees Grie in the fifth round and Maxim Lichire Lacron in France in the ninth round.
  • American Grandmaster Wesley is in first place with 6.5 points and Dutch Grandmaster Anish Giri is in third place.
21,000 crore financial assistance to 10 crore farmers - Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • The Poor Welfare Conference was held in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Prime Minister Modi participated in this and provided welfare assistance to the beneficiaries of 16 schemes of the Central Government.
  • As part of this, the 11th tranche of the Prime Minister's Farmer's Fund was provided. Rs 21,000 crore was deposited in his bank accounts to more than 10 crore farmers across the country.
Gold for Indian women's team in sniper
  • The ISSF World Cup Sniper Tournament is being held in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the women's 10m air rifle event, the Indian team, which included Valarivan, Ramita and Shreya Agarwal, won the gold medal by defeating Denmark 17-5, which included Ana Nielsen, Emma Koch and Ricky Mang Ibsen.
  • The 12-member Indian team is participating in the series. India are 5th in the list with one gold in the series which started on the 27th. Serbia tops the list with 2 gold, one silver and one bronze.
The country's economic growth was 4.1 percent in the March quarter
  • The country's economic growth rose to 8.7 percent in the last fiscal year, from 4.1 percent in the quarter ended March. It was minus 6.6 per cent in the previous fiscal. However, in the March quarter of the previous fiscal, growth was 5.4 percent. For China, the country's growth was 4.8 percent in the March quarter.
  • The Federal Bureau of Statistics (CBS) said in its second forecast that it expects growth to be 8.9 percent in the last fiscal year. Growth in the country's top eight sectors rose to 8.4 percent in April. This is an increase of 62.6 percent over the previous year.
  • Also, last March, growth was 4.9 percent. The eight main sectors are coal, crude oil, natural gas, petroleum refineries, fertilizers, steel, cement and electricity.
Defense Ministry buys Astra missile worth Rs 3,000 crore with Bharat Dynamics
  • The Ministry of Defense has entered into an agreement with Bharat Dynamics to purchase Astra MK-1 missiles worth Rs 2,971 crore to promote domestic production of military equipment.
  • The Astra MK-1 missile is capable of striking and destroying targets from the air in the Indian Navy and Air Force.
  • 248 Astra missiles will be procured from Bharat Dynamics. Of them, 200 missiles will be used in the Indian Air Force and 48 in the Navy.
  • The Astra missile, designed by DOTO, was first tested in May 2003. The missiles were then tested several times and intercepted on a Sukhoi flight.
  • The missiles will be intercepted over the next few years on the Tejas Mock-1A Bo and the upgraded MiG-29.
The fiscal deficit for the financial year 2021-2022 is 6.71% of GDP - Government of India
  • According to data released by the Government of India, the fiscal deficit of the Government of India for the financial year 2021-2022 was 6.71 per cent of GDP. It was reported when the budget forecast was revised that it would be 6.9 per cent.
  • The data also shows that the GDP growth rate for the financial year 2021-22 was 8.7 per cent.
  • India's GDP grew by 4.1 per cent in the January-March quarter.
  • The electricity, gas and water supply sector grew by 7.5 per cent.
  • The construction sector grew by 11.5 percent. The manufacturing sector grew by 9.9 percent.
  • Agriculture fell by 3 percent. It was 3.3 per cent in the last financial year.
A total of Rs 86,912 crore GST relief has been released to various states including Tamil Nadu
  • Meanwhile, the central government has released a total of Rs 86,912 crore in GST compensation to various states, including Tamil Nadu. Of this, Rs. 9,602 crore GST compensation has been released.
  • Rs. 14,145 crore and Rs. 8,633 crore to Uttar Pradesh and Rs. 8,874, to Delhi for Rs. 8,012 crore has been released. Similarly, Rs. 5,693 crore and Rs. 6,591 crore to Puducherry and Rs. 576 crore to 21 states for a total of Rs. 86,912 crore has been released.
  • The Ministry of Finance has released all GST compensation till May 31 today.
  • With only Rs 25,000 crore in the GST compensation fund, the Government of India has released the full amount of compensation. The remaining Rs 61,912 crore will be released through additional tax collection by the central government.
  • Of this, the balance due to the states in April and May 2022 is Rs. 17,973 crore. The balance for February and March was Rs. 21,322 crore. Compensation balance up to January 2022 is Rs. 47,617 crore. A total of Rs 86,912 crore.
Government of Gujarat enters into Memorandum of Understanding with 'Save the Soil' movement as the first state in India
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in the presence of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Bhupendrabai Patel and Satguru in association with the 'Let's Save the Soil' movement to restore soil fertility in the State of Gujarat.
  • As a result, Gujarat became the first Indian state to join hands with the international environmental movement 'Soil Conservation'.
NTPC has published a policy on biodiversity conservation
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), India's largest integrated power generation company, has announced the revised Biodiversity Policy 2022. This will help to create a comprehensive vision that will enhance and protect biodiversity.
  • Biodiversity Policy NTPC is an integral part of the Ecological Policy. Its purpose is to establish environmental and sustainable policies.
  • NTPC has always been vigilant about avoiding activities in areas with high biodiversity and reasonably selecting project sites.
  • The company is currently making efforts to avoid loss of biodiversity on all existing platforms.
  • NTPC is the first public sector company to issue a biodiversity policy in 2018. In the same year, NTPC became a member of the Indian Business and Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI).
  • The signing of a five-year agreement with the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department to protect the Olive Ridley turtles is a major initiative by NTPC.
  • In the Andhra coastal region, With a financial contribution of Rs 4.6 crore, turtle hatching activities have increased 2.25 times since the NTPC deal.

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