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Retired Judge Chandru submits report to Chief Minister MK Stalin on banning online rummy

  • In Tamil Nadu, the general public, especially those from middle and poor families, were involved in internet based games like online rummy and lost a lot of money. Thus various socio-economic crimes and suicides were brought to the attention of the state by various social organizations.
  • Following this, Chennai High Court Judge K. Chandru, who retired on the 10th of last month, will look into the potential risk of financial loss and suicide, including online rummy games, and examine the impact of these games with relevant data, as well as the impact of games-promoting advertisements on the community, and appropriate action. Chief Minister MK Stalin directed to set up a committee to control and make appropriate recommendations to the government on the steps to be taken.
  • In this group I.I.T. Dr. Sankararaman, a technical expert, Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar, Founder and Psychologist of the Sneha organization, and ADGP Vinith Dev Wankade were present. The committee presented its report to Chief Minister MK Stalin at the General Secretariat.
Emergency law to ban online rummy - Tamil Nadu cabinet meeting
  • The panel was set up on June 10 under the chairmanship of retired Chennai High Court Judge K. Chandru. The team included IIT technician Sankararaman, Sneha founder and psychologist Lakshmi Vijayakumar and police additional DGP Vinith Dev Wankade.
  • The committee submitted its report to Chief Secretary MK Stalin at the General Secretariat. Accordingly, the Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister MK Stalin began at the General Secretariat.
  • Ministers including Thuraimurugan and Nehru, Chief Secretary V. Irayanpu, Finance Secretary Na. Muruganantham and Industry Secretary S. Krishnan also participated. At this meeting, the report of the committee set up to ban the online rummy game was discussed and a decision was taken regarding the emergency law to ban the game.
  • Subsequently, approvals were also given for grants and permits to new businesses applying to start businesses in Tamil Nadu.
Invest in Green Technology - Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls on G7 countries
  • The G-7 summit, which includes the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, is being held at the oldest Scholes Elma Hotel in the mountains of southern Elma.
  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholes has invited our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend as a guest. Accepting this, Prime Minister Modi has left for Germany on a two-day visit.
  • In the meantime, the Prime Minister went to the Scholes Elma Star Hotel where the conference will be held. He was greeted by German Chancellor Olab Scholes. Like Modi, leaders from Argentina, Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa also attended the G-7 summit as guests.
  • At the conference, the leaders of the G-7 countries discussed setting a maximum price for Russian oil imports and imposing further sanctions on Russia. The issue of Ukraine was discussed in detail at the conference. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zhelensky held talks with the leaders of the G-7 countries via video conference.
  • Prime Minister Modi said: India has achieved 40 per cent of the target for environmentally friendly green energy technology, nine years ahead of schedule. In petrol, we have already reached the target of 10 per cent ethanol blend 5 months in advance.
  • Absolutely, India has the world's first solar-powered airport. While a large country like India shows such growth, other developing countries are also inspired. I hope the G-7 countries will support India's efforts. In India, the largest market for green energy technology is emerging.
  • The G-7 countries should invest in research, innovation and production. Key principles of the revolving economy are an integral part of Indian culture and way of life. Last year, at an environmental conference in Glasgow, Scotland, a European country, I called for the launch of the Movement for the Environment lifestyle.
  • We have put that movement into action on this year's World Environment Day. The aim of the movement is to promote a lifestyle that does not pollute the environment. Those who live such a life should be called 'pro-earth people'. We should try to increase the number of like-minded people in our country. This will be our greatest contribution to future generations.
Athletics - Gold for Dhanalakshmi
  • S. Dhanalakshmi, an Indian from Tamil Nadu, won a gold medal in the women's 200m at the Kazanov Memorial Athletics Meet in Kazakhstan. He reached the finish line in 22.89 seconds, setting his new personal best. Dutty Chand, another Indian who saw the field in the same category, came in 23.60 seconds and finished 3rd.
National Award for taking small, medium and micro enterprises on the path of growth
  • The federal government's "Nidi Ayog" organization surveyed districts in several states of the country, from which 112 backward districts were selected. Prime Minister Modi launched the district plan in 2018 to improve them. Of these, Virudhunagar district was selected.
  • Virudhunagar district has been selected for the National Award for its contribution to the development of small, medium and micro enterprises by providing basic infrastructure facilities.

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