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"Swing Magazine" for students, "Dream Teacher" magazine for teachers - Government publication

  • Swing Magazine for Elementary Students and Thanchittu Magazine for High School Students will be published twice a month in Tamil and English to promote students' reading ability and express their innate creative abilities.
  • In addition, the monthly magazine Dream Teacher will be published to create a creative platform for teachers and exchange best learning and teaching methods.
  • Minister Anbil Mahesh had announced during the school education department grant request for the year 2022-2023 that the project would be implemented at an estimated cost of about Rs 7 crore.
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered and funded the publication of "Swing Magazine" for primary and secondary students twice a month in Tamil and English, "Then Sittu" magazine for upper class students and "Dream Teacher" magazine for teachers.
Parameswaran Iyer has been appointed as the Chairman of the Finance Commission
  • Amitabh Kant, who is currently the head of the Finance Commission, will complete his term on the 30th of this month. Following that, Parameswaran Iyer has been appointed to his post.
  • He served as an IAS officer for 17 years and retired voluntarily in 2009. He then worked in the Water and Sanitation Division of the World Bank. From 2016 to 2020 he served as Secretary in the Department under the Ministry of Jal Shakti.
  • Has over 25 years of international experience in drinking water and sanitation. Served in Vietnam, China, Egypt and Lebanon.
VL - SRSAM type missile test success
  • The VL-SRSAM-type missile, developed by the Army Research and Development Agency, is a precision-guided anti-aircraft missile.
  • The missile was successfully tested yesterday from a warship in the Chandipur sea area of ​​Odisha state. Authorities said the missile hit the target with precision at a specific time. This type of missile is capable of protecting our ship from attack by air and other warships.
List of best cities to live in 2022
  • The Economist, a British magazine based in Europe, has published a list of the best cities in the world to live in. 172 cities have been selected on the basis of political, social stability, crime, education and health.
  • Vienna, the capital of the European country of Austria, topped the list. Auckland, New Zealand, which was in the first place, has been pushed to the 38th place. Copenhagen, the Danish capital of Europe, is second on the list, followed by Zurich, Switzerland, and Geneva, sixth.
  • Frankfurt, Germany, ranked 7th. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is ranked 9th. The cities of Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto in the North American country of Canada are ranked 3rd, 5th and 8th respectively.
  • 10th place is shared by Osaka, Japan, a South Asian country, and Melbourne, Australia. Damascus, the capital of the western nation of Syria, ranks last on the list. Pakistan's Karachi and Bangladesh's capital Dhaka are also in the final list.
U.S. Supreme Court overturns abortion rights
  • The Supreme Court ruled in the United States in a landmark case between Rowe and Wade in 1973 that abortion was a woman's personal right. The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution gave women that right.
  • Echoing this ruling, the U.S. states were unable to legislate to ban abortion. In this case, the Supreme Court has overturned the 50-year-old Ro vs Wade case.
  • The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution did not provide women with the right to perform abortions and that the judgment in the Roe & Wade case should be quashed. The Supreme Court has ruled that the right to regulate abortion is vested in the people's representatives.
  • Following this ruling, US governments have the right to legislate to ban abortion. Using this right, 13 states in the United States immediately enacted anti-abortion laws. Many more provinces are said to be likely to pass the law.
Fifth Meeting of the Central Advisory Committee on the Handicapped
  • A meeting of the Central Advisory Committee for the Disabled on behalf of the Union Ministry of Disability was held at the Science Pavilion, New Delhi, chaired by the Hon'ble Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Dr. Virender Kumar, in the presence of the Hon'ble Associate Minister, Kumari Pratima Bhumika.
  • Minister of Social Welfare and Women's Rights Geetha Jeevan addressed the gathering on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
Appointment of new Chairman for IB
  • Arvind Kumar is the head of an intelligence agency called IB. Their term ends on the 30th of next month. In this context, the Central Cabinet Appointments Committee has approved the appointment of Thapan Kumar Deha as the Special Director in IB. It has been announced that he will be in office for two years from the day of his inauguration.
  • The Central Cabinet Appointments Committee has approved the extension of the tenure of Samantha Goyal, a 1984 batch Punjab cadre IPS officer who heads 'Ra', till June 30, 2023.
  • The tenure of Amitabh Gandhi, who was the CEO of Nidi Ayog, has come to an end. Following this, former IAS officer Parameswaran has been appointed to the post.

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