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IPL broadcasting license auctioned for Rs 44,000 crore - Viacom 18 seizes digital license

  • The BCCI is in the process of bidding for the five-year broadcasting rights of the IPL T20 cricket series from 2023 to 2027 in four categories. Disney's Star Sports Group acquired the television broadcasting rights for the Asian subcontinent alone for Rs 23,575 crore on the second day of the electronic auction yesterday.
  • Digital license for Rs. Reliance's Viacom 18 has been auctioned for Rs 20,500 crore. The BCCI will earn Rs 44,075 crore from these units. A total of 410 matches are to be played in the IPL series over a period of 5 years. Its television license is Rs. 23,575 crore has been auctioned.
  • Only one game in this category has been auctioned for Rs 57.5 crore. At the same time the digital license is given for Rs 50 crore per game. In total, the BCCI is expected to generate revenue of Rs 107.5 crore through the broadcasting license of a match between the two divisions.
Jayanthi appointed as the Chairman of the Pollution Control Board - Order of the Secretary, Tamil Nadu Forest and Environment Department
  • In Tamil Nadu, 51 IAS officers, including government secretaries and district collectors, have been transferred. 19 District Revenue Officers have been transferred across Tamil Nadu. In this situation, 7 officers of the Indian Forest Service have been transferred.
  • A. Udayan, who was the Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, has been appointed as the Director of the Modern Wildlife Conservation Center at Vandalur.
  • M. Jayanthi, who was the Special Secretary of the Environment and Climate Change Division at the General Secretariat, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Pollution Control Board.
  • Mita Banerjee, who was the Additional Chief Chief Forest Officer of the Forest and Wildlife Crime Prevention Division, has been promoted to Chief Chief Forest Officer and has been appointed as the Chief Chief Forest Officer of the Forest Research and Education Division.
  • P. Rajeswari, former Director, Department of Environment and Climate Change, has been appointed Additional Chief Chief Forest Officer, Forest and Wildlife Crime Prevention Division.
  • Deepak S. Bilki, who was the Director of the Srivilliputhur Meghamalai Tiger Reserve, has been appointed as the Director of the Environment Department.
  • PC Archana Kalyani, who was the Project Director of the Integrated Coastal Management Project, has been appointed Special Secretary, Environment and Climate Change Division at the General Secretariat.
  • Seva Singh, who was the Director of the Modern Wildlife Conservation Center in Vandalur, has been appointed as the Director of the Tamil Nadu Forest College in Coimbatore.
Rs 10,790 crore power supply infrastructure in Tamil Nadu - Central Government approval
  • The federal government has launched a restructured power project. Accordingly, it is planned to distribute electricity evenly across the country and reduce the power loss during transmission to zero. For this, Rs 3.03 lakh crore has been allocated.
  • In this situation, the Central Government has given approval to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board to carry out some basic infrastructure works at a cost of Rs. 10,790 crore.
  • Of this, Rs 8,600 crore will be loaned on behalf of the central government. In addition, if the project is completed within 5 years, 60 per cent of the loan amount provided by the Central Government will be subsidized. Just paying the balance is enough.
  • Under the rehabilitated power project, work will be carried out on Tamil Nadu including installation of meters and installation of new power lines on existing power lines. These activities will be carried out with a target set for each year.
  • 26,300 power supply transformers are to be installed in areas where power demand is increasing this year. In addition, power lines will be set up. It has been decided to spend Rs 2,050 crore for these works.
Farewell to Internet Explorer with the coming 15th
  • In the early days the browser was only Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer browser was launched on August 16, 1995. Internet Explorer was first released in 1995 as an additional package for Windows 95. Later, the company began offering Internet Explorer for free.
  • The Internet Explorer service peaked at 95% usage in 2003. But, it could not maintain its status. The number of users began to decline dramatically. As users began to use other services, its service began to decline significantly among users.
  • That is, Internet Explorer has announced that it will discontinue its service from the 15th, as there are currently strong competitors such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Thus, it is noteworthy that the 27-year history ends on the 15th.
Education is the key to improving the quality of life - Chief Minister MK Stalin has launched the 'Counting and Writing' program
  • Schools in Tamil Nadu have been closed for more than a year and a half due to the spread of the corona virus. Thus, various measures are being taken on behalf of the school education department to reduce the huge gap in students' learning.
  • Accordingly, the 'Counting and Writing' program has been launched to ensure that government and government-aided school students under the age of 8 under 20 years of age can read and write with basic mathematical skills without error.
  • Chief Minister MK Stalin, who inaugurated the project yesterday at the Alinjivakkam Panchayat Union Middle School in Tiruvallur district, released a video, mobile processor and project song related to the 'Counting and Writing' project.
  • Students and teachers were provided with 'Counting and Writing' project textbooks, learning and teaching equipment, including a teacher's manual and a certificate.
Announcement of 'International Water Award' for Chennai IIT Professor Group
  • The late Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia inaugurated the International Science Award on October 21, 2002. The award is presented twice a year. The award is presented in various categories. With this award, Rs. 2 crore prize gold medal, trophy and certificate will be awarded.
  • In this regard, the 'Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz International Water Award', which will be presented under the International Science Award, will be presented by Prof. D.K. Reported to Pradeep. The award is announced in the Creativity category, which promotes new discoveries in aquatic research.
  • Prof. D. The award is given to Pradeep's research team for developing nanoscale materials that remove arsenic from drinking water quickly and at an affordable price without harming the environment.
  • The award ceremony will be held on Sept. It will take place on the 12th at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The award will be presented to Prof. D. Pradeep and his team members Aula Anil Kumar, Sennu Sudhak, Sreedama Mukherjee, Anshoop and Mohan Udayasanga.
Pakistan-China military approves enhancement of cooperation
  • Commander of the Pakistan Army Com Javed Bajwa, who is on a visit to China, met with the country's military officials. Officers from the Pakistan Troops were also present during the meeting.
  • 'The international and regional security environment was discussed during the meeting. The officials expressed satisfaction over the existing security cooperation between the two countries.
  • Security between the two countries in a challenging environment was pledged to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation. The officials also pledged to enhance the existing cooperation in training, technology and counter-terrorism at the troop level.

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