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'Techno 2022' Award for Amirthanjan

  • Amirthanjan Healthcare is a 128 year old company. The company has been awarded the 'Techno 2022' Award for Best Corporate by the All India Manufacturers Association (AIMO) for its outstanding performance and sustainable improvement during the corona vulnerability period.
  • S. Sambu Prasad, Chairman and Managing Director, Amirthanjan Healthcare, received the award from Chief Minister MK Stalin.
60,939 crore fertilizer subsidy for Caribbean season - Cabinet approves
  • The Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Modi was held in Delhi. As per the recommendation of the Union Fertilizer Department, a nutritional subsidy of Rs 60,939 crore has been approved for phosphate and potash fertilizers during the Caribbean season (April to September 2022).
  • A grant of Rs 57,150 crore was given in the last financial year. Based on this, the subsidy for a bag of DAP fertilizer has been increased to Rs. 2,501. Therefore, farmers can continue to buy DAP fertilizer at Rs. 1,350 per bundle. The grant has increased from Rs.512 in 2020-21 to Rs.2,501 now.
  • As the price of fertilizers on the world market continues to rise sharply, the United States government continues to take steps to avoid imposing that burden on farmers.
Humanitarian Deportation - Agreement on UN President, Putin Talks
  • UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has arrived in the Russian capital, Moscow, to negotiate a ceasefire. There he met with the Russian Foreign Minister. He met with President Putin yesterday. At the time, Russia's military operation in Ukraine was a blatant violation.
  • Antonio Guterres has called on Putin to allow civilians trapped in the plant at the iron ore factory in Mariupol. Subsequently, Putin agreed with Antonio Guterres to expel civilians on humanitarian grounds.
Gas shutdown for Poland, Bulgaria - Russia in action
  • The government has ordered that the amount of gas purchased from us must be paid in rubles.
  • However, gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria have been suspended since Wednesday. The embargo will continue until those countries pay in rubles for the gas they have already received.
  • Poland and Bulgaria should not take piped gas for other countries without permission.
  • The report warns that if they do, fuel supplies to other countries will be reduced to the extent that they are taken.
  • In this context, Gazpom has now announced that it will suspend the supply of that fuel to Poland and Bulgaria, which are heavily dependent on Russian gas.
Raisina International Conference on six key issues, including climate change
  • The Raisina International Conference was held in the capital Delhi. Climate change Six key issues were discussed, including the war in Ukraine. The conference, chaired by India this year, was attended by political representatives from 90 countries, including Poland, as well as many ministers.
  • On the final day of the conference, issues including the war in Ukraine were discussed. At the time, some European countries indicated that India was in favor of Russia and spoke in favor of taking a pro-Ukrainian stance.
  • Responding, Union Foreign Minister Jaishankar said, "Everyone knows what happened in Afghanistan last year. None of us have forgotten what the people of that country worked for. The current situation in Ukraine is similar.
  • It may even be a challenge to European countries. Where did European countries go when countries like Afghanistan faced a crisis in Asia? There is no alternative to ending Russia's war on Ukraine. The two countries can stop the war and find a solution through negotiations.
  • We need to find ways to stop what is happening in Ukraine immediately. The nations of the world must press for an end to the war. Western nations pressured India to take a specific position on the Ukraine issue. India, however, took a non-aligned position on both sides.
Approval to lend up to Rs 8,100 crore to roadside traders - Central Government
  • The move is aimed at boosting low-interest loans, increasing digital transactions and the holistic socio-economic development of roadside traders and their families. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Through this scheme, low interest free collateral loans are provided to roadside traders. The Cabinet also approved an increase in the loan amount from Rs 5,000 crore to Rs 8,100 crore.
  • It also provides capital for roadside vendors to further expand their business and make them more self-sufficient.
  • The budget amount has also been increased to encourage digital transactions, including cashback for sellers. This is expected to benefit 1.2 crore people living in urban areas. Significant achievements have already been made under the Prime Minister's Roadside Traders' Self-Employment Fund.
  • As on April 25, 31.9 lakh loans were sanctioned, out of which Rs 2,931 crore was disbursed to 29.6 lakh people. As for the 2nd loan, 2.3 lakh loans have been sanctioned and loans of Rs 385 crore have been given to 1.9 lakh people.
  • Beneficiary roadside vendors have been given cashback of Rs 10 crore on digital transactions worth over Rs 13.5 crore. 51 crore has been paid as interest subsidy
Cabinet approves revised estimates for setting up India Post Payment Bank
  • The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved a revised estimate of Rs 1,435 crore to Rs 2,255 crore for setting up the India Post Payment Bank for use in the bank's regulatory requirements.
  • The Cabinet has also given in-principle approval to provide up to Rs. 500 crore as future capital of the Bank for regulatory requirements and technical development.
Cabinet approves opening of Indian Embassy in Lithuania
  • The Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the opening of the Indian Embassy in Lithuania in 2022. This decision is a step forward in pursuing our national priority of uniting all and rising above all.
  • Expansion of India's diplomatic relations will enable Indian companies to gain market access and increase exports of goods and services. This embassy will serve the Indian community in Lithuania well and protect their interests.
Cabinet approves signing of Memorandum of Understanding between India and Chile in the field of Disability
  • The Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between India and Chile on cooperation in the field of persons with disabilities.
  • The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two countries in the field of transgender persons will encourage them to empower themselves through joint efforts between India and Chile. This will further strengthen the bilateral relations between India and Chile.
  • A joint agreement was signed between the two countries expressing their desire to cooperate in the field of persons with disabilities, especially in the following areas:
  • Formulate policies for the disabled and share information on service delivery.
  • Exchange of information and knowledge.
  • Collaboration in assistive technology.
  • Development of projects of mutual interest in the field of transgender people.
  • Early detection of disability and prevention of it.
  • Communication of experts, academics and other administrative staff.
  • Based on this, the Memorandum of Understanding seeks to obtain the necessary funding to cover the costs of the activities carried out. The costs of such activities will be determined by both parties on the basis of the activities subject to the availability of funds and resources.
  • It has been decided that the cost of international travel / accommodation for joint activities will be borne by the visiting country, while the cost of hosting the meeting will be borne by the host country.
  • India-Chile relations are based on a common view on various issues. 2019-20 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Cabinet approves upgrading of 2G mobile services to 4G in safe areas of left-wing extremism
  • The Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the All Service Liability Fund to upgrade 2G mobile services to 4G in safe havens in areas of left-wing extremism.
  • The first phase is estimated to cost Rs 1,884.59 crore (excluding taxes and levies) to upgrade 2,343 seats. BSNL will maintain these seats at its own expense for the next five years. This task has been assigned to BSNL as these sites are owned by BSNL.
  • The five-year contract for operations and maintenance in areas with left-wing extremism is estimated to cost Rs 541.80 crore. This has also been approved by the Union Cabinet. The extension will be for 12 months from the date of Cabinet approval or from the launch of 4G services.
The Cabinet has approved the 540 MW Quar Funnel project
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the Rs 4,526.12 crore 540 MW Quarter Funnel Project across the Senab River in Kishtwar District of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • It will be implemented by the National Funnel Power Corporation, the Jammu and Kashmir State Power Generation Development Corporation and a private company for the Senap Valley Power Generation Project.
  • Of this, 51 per cent will be contributed by the private sector and 49 per cent by the public sector. The project will generate 1975.54 million units of electricity per year.
  • The Central Government is providing a grant of Rs. 69.80 crore for the basic infrastructure cost of the project. In addition, a grant of Rs 655.08 crore will be provided to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The power project will be operational in 54 months.

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