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No more buying crude oil from Russia - US President Joe Biden announces action

  • As Russia's onslaught continues, Ukrainian President Selensky has called on the United States and the West to suspend imports. In this context, US President Joe Biden has announced that he will no longer buy crude oil from Russia.
  • Joe Biden has also announced a ban on Russian crude oil, gas and coal imports into US ports.
  • Meanwhile, the United States has rejected a Polish proposal to supply Russian-made warplanes to Ukraine.
India Japan joint military exercise
  • Currently, with the 'X Dharma Guardian 2022' program in Belgaum, the joint military exercise started ten days ago at the Overseas Training Terminal in Belgaum.
  • The exercise was jointly conducted by the 15th Indian Maratha Infantry and the 30th Infantry Infantry of Japan.
  • During the training, the two countries exchanged views on how to deal with a difficult situation.
  • During the exercise, they were involved in a number of exercises, including attacks on terrorists lurking in the suburbs and unarmed fighting. The training will last for two more days.
Does not join NATO - Ukrainian President's sudden announcement
  • NATO has been voicing support for Ukraine as Russia has been waging war on Ukraine for the past few days. It was thus stated that Ukraine had decided to internet with NATO countries and submitted an application for the same.
  • In this case, the President of Ukraine has taken a drastic decision. He has stated that he has given up his desire to become a member of NATO and has stated categorically that he will fight alone to the end and will not submit to Russia under any circumstances.
World Bank raises Rs. 5,578 crore allocation
  • The World Bank has approved $ 72.3 billion (approximately Rs. 5,578 crore) in relief aid to Ukraine, which has been hit by Russian forces.
  • The loan and aid to Ukraine include $ 13.4 billion (approximately Rs. 1,034 crore) from Britain, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.
World Cup Sniper - India tops with 4 gold
  • The World Cup sniper tournament was held in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. A total of 60 countries and athletes participated in this World Cup. India topped the list with four gold medals.
  • Rhythm Sangwan and Anish Panwala of India won the gold medal in the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Mixed Team event.
  • Similarly, in the men's 25m pistol category, India's Anish Panwala, Gurpreet Singh and Bhavesh Shekhawat advanced to the final and lost to Germany. Thus India won the silver medal.
  • Overall, the Indian team won four gold, two silver and one bronze medal in the World Cup and topped the medal table.
  • Next to India, Norway is second with 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze and France is third with 3 gold medals. This achievement of the Indian soldiers has been highly praised by the Sniper Association.
Announcement of the highest international award for the President of Ukraine
  • There is a fierce conflict between the Ukrainian forces and the Russian forces. Ukrainian President Zhelensky has released a video of himself staying in the capital, Kiev. Has been encouraging players.
  • In this context, the sympathetic President of Russia, the Czech President Milos Zeman, has announced the highest government award for the brave Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky facing the Russian invasion.
Mr. Ahandem Bimol Singh has been appointed as the Judge of Manipur High Court
  • Mr. Ahandem Bimol Singh has been appointed as the Judge of Manipur High Court. He was an additional judge of this Court and was appointed by the President as a Judge after consultation with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • As per the notification dated 08.03.2022, the Judicial Appointments Division of the Union Ministry of Law and Justice has announced that he will act as a Judge from the date of taking charge.

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