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Gas will be sold only in rubles to non-aligned countries - Russian President Putin announces action

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that gas will be sold only in rubles to friendly countries. Ukraine - Various countries have imposed sanctions on Russia in support of Ukraine in the Russian war.
  • As a result, the Russian ruble depreciated sharply against the dollar. Putin's new announcement is likely to hit European countries hard.
President orders appointment of N. Mala and S. Soundar as judges of Chennai High Court
  • Last month, the Supreme Court collegium had recommended to the Central Government and the President to appoint six persons, namely N. Mala, S. Saundar, Sundarmohan, K. Kumareshbabu, Abdul Hameed and R. Jansathyan, who are serving as government and non-government lawyers, to fill the vacant posts of judges in the Chennai High Court.
  • Accordingly, in the first phase, President Ramnath Govind has appointed N. Mala and S. Saunders as additional judges of the Chennai High Court. Both are due to take over as additional judges soon.
The Lok Sabha approved the allocation of the federal budget
  • On February 1, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget for 2022-2023. There was a discussion about departmental grant requests.
  • The federal budget includes two sections. A separate bill will be tabled to approve grant allocations to departments.
  • The finance bill, which includes tax collection, will be filed separately. Since these are both cash bills, it is enough if they are passed in the Lok Sabha. These will only be debated in the Rajya Sabha. It does not require the approval of the Rajya Sabha.
  • Accordingly, Nirmala Sitharaman tabled a bill in the Lok Sabha on March 24 for allocation of grants to departments.
  • Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. They were rejected and the bill was finally passed by voice vote. As a result, two-thirds of the federal budget has been spent.
Retired Judge Pushpa Satyanarayana has been appointed as a member of the National Green Tribunal
  • Chennai High Court Judge Pushpa Satyanarayana, who retired last month, has been appointed a member of the National Green Tribunal. The order was issued by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests. Accordingly, Judge Pushpa Satyanarayana has been appointed as a Judicial Member of the National Green Tribunal for 4 years.
The bill for Tamils ​​living outside Tamil Nadu was passed
  • Ginger Mastan, Minister for Minority Welfare and Overseas Tamil Welfare, introduced a bill in the Assembly in 2011 to amend the Tamil Welfare Act for Tamils ​​living outside Tamil Nadu. In it, it was decided in 2011 to set up a welfare board to ensure the welfare of Tamils ​​who do not live in Tamil Nadu and to provide relief for other benefits including pensions.
  • Accordingly, the Welfare of Tamils ​​Outside Tamil Nadu Act was enacted to promote co-operative societies or other institutions for the benefit of Tamils ​​not living in Tamil Nadu. Now that the association has been transformed into a board, the posts in it will be changed to chairman and member accordingly.
  • It has also been decided to increase the number of board members from 13 to 15. The government has also proposed that the Commissioner for Rehabilitation and Welfare of Tamils ​​not residing in Tamil Nadu be appointed as the Member Secretary of the Board.
  • Accordingly, it has been informed that this amendment bill will be tabled to facilitate these changes.

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