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Rafale fighter test flight from Vikrant warship

  • India has agreed to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets from France. Of these, 35 aircraft have arrived in India. Currently, the Navy is purchasing new fighter jets. Raphael M., who goes from the sea towards the specific target and launches the attack. The test of the fighter took place on board the INS Vikrant aircraft carrier.
  • Vikrant, weighing 40,000 tons, was built in India. He is scheduled to join the Navy next August. Its test run is taking place in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.
  • In this case, the test of the Raphael M. Fighter aircraft on the Vikrant ship was successful. The government has decided to purchase 26 fighter jets for the Indian Navy in the first phase.
  • In it, Raphael M. of France. Or any of the American-made Super Hornets the Navy is about to buy a corporate fighter jet. The test of the Super Hornet fighter aircraft will take place next month at INS Hansa.
India lends Rs 3,750 crore to Sri Lanka for petrol purchases - Indian Foreign Minister approves
  • Sri Lanka has been facing a severe foreign exchange deficit for the past few months. As a result, the prices of essential commodities that people buy every day are rising sharply.
  • As a result, petrol and diesel cannot be procured and there is a shortage of electricity. The state's power sector is in trouble for not being able to supply the required electricity.
  • Following this, Power Minister Gamini Lokuge held talks with Lanka Indian Oil, a subsidiary of Indian Oil, which operates in Sri Lanka.
  • Following this, the Sri Lankan Cabinet approved the purchase of 40,000 MT each of petrol and diesel from India. India has offered to provide a loan for this.
  • Sri Lankan Foreign Minister GL Peiris Contacting Peiris, Union Foreign Minister Jaishankar agreed to provide a loan of Rs 3,750 crore to the Sri Lankan government for the purchase of petrol. The agreement was signed between the two countries.
International significance for the two wetlands
  • Convention held 1971 Feb. Happened in 2. To mark this, Pip every year. The 2nd is celebrated as World Swamp Day. This is followed by the identification of protected marshes around the world and the declaration of them as sites of international importance.
  • In this category 47 swamps in our country have been identified under the Ramsar Conference. The Kijadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat and the Bakira Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh have been recognized as internationally important wetlands under the Ramsar Convention.
  • The announcement was made by Union Environment Minister Bhubaneswar Yadav. As a result, the number of places identified under the Ramsar Conference has increased to 49 in our country.
The 'Collegium' recommended the appointment of six new judges to the Delhi High Court
  • The Supreme Court and High Court judges are selected by a panel of judges called the Collegium, headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The total number of judges in the Delhi High Court is 60. At present, only 30 judges serve.
  • In this context, the Supreme Court collegium has recommended to the Central Government to appoint six persons serving as District Judges as Delhi High Court Judges. The collegium also recommended the appointment of 12 judges to the Telangana High Court and one to the Patna High Court.
The longest lightning in the world
  • The longest lightning strike between the US states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas was recorded on April 29, 2020. 768.8 km The report said that the lightning strike was the longest ever recorded in the world.
Competitiveness Commission of India (CCI) approves Kubota Corporation to acquire additional stake in Escorts
  • The Competitiveness Authority of India (CCI) has approved the acquisition of an additional stake in Escorts by Kupota under Section 32 of the Competition Act, 2002. According to Indian Stock and Exchange Board Regulations 2011, Kuboda will acquire an additional stake in Escorts through a preferential allotment and a mandatory tender offer.
  • Kubota is a Japanese company founded in 1890. The company manufactures and sells agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters and planters. Also provides agricultural related engineering technologies including water conservation.
  • Escorts is an Indian company. The company is also involved in the sale of machinery and railway equipment. In addition, Escorts, through its subsidiaries and joint ventures, is involved in agricultural sector related solutions, finance and stock trading.
Achievement activities of the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) during the month of January
  • The National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC), India's largest iron ore producer under the Ministry of Steel, produced 4.56 metric tonnes in January 2022 and sold 4.24 metric tonnes of iron ore.
  • Production grew by 18.15 per cent and sales by 13.4 per cent over the same period last year. In addition, production and sales of iron ore reached an all-time high in January this year since the company was launched.
  • During the first ten months of the financial year 2022 up to January 2022, the production of the National Mineral Development Corporation was 32.88 MT and the sales were 32.60 MT.
  • Production grew by 28.14 per cent and sales by 25.34 per cent compared to the same period last year. Moreover, the production and sale of iron ore has reached an all-time high of ten months.

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