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Cabinet approves coal companies to supply coal through general e-auction window instead of departmental auctions

  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the following
  • Issuance of all unbound coal by Coal Companies through e-auction window of Coal India Limited (CIL) / Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL). This e-auction will serve the unregulated sector including the power sector and traders.
  • This will depend on whether CIL and SCCL meet the coal connection requirements. It does not affect the current connections for electricity and non-electricity consumers.
  • Coal supplied through a single e-auction window should be portable. However, at no extra charge or discount to the coal companies, consumers can take the coal by road / other means of their choice.
  • Long-term coal allocation by CIL / SCCL will be allowed to own gas plants at a price determined by the Coal Company, without affecting the supply of existing coal connections. However, taxes, royalties, etc. will be paid by the coal companies at the declared price of coal for the power sector.
Government of Tamil Nadu approves construction of India's first sea cow sanctuary at a cost of Rs 5 crore in the Gulf of Mannar and the Bagh Strait
  • The Gulf of Mannar and the Bagh Strait are home to hundreds of species of coral reefs, 200 species of marine plants, conchs, sea turtles, seahorses, and sea creatures. Seagulls and dolphins, especially mammals, are found in the area.
  • The Gulf of Mannar and the Bagh Strait used to have large numbers of sea cows. At present they are greatly reduced. According to a recent report by the Wildlife Institute of India, there are only 200 sea cows in the Indian Ocean.
  • In this context, action has been taken on behalf of the Forest Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu to set up a Rs. Rs 25 lakh has been allocated for the first phase.
  • Sea cow fishermen call it Aulia. The sea cow is white to gray. Maximum length of 4 meters, up to a thousand kilograms of weight. Can live up to 70 years.
  • Sea cows, which can go up to 30 feet deep in the ocean and graze on seagrass, come to the top of the ocean every half hour and breathe. The gestation period of the sea cow is one year. Often there is only one calf.
  • Because sea beef has medicinal properties, it is widely hunted. In addition, its skin is used to make expensive clothing, bone products, and ointments.
Cabinet approves Rs 1,600 crore Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission project for five years
  • The National Health Authority has launched a pilot health insurance scheme called Ayushman Bharat Digital on a trial basis in six Union Territories including Pondicherry, Ladakh and Chandigarh. Following the success of the project there, the Union Cabinet has approved to expand it across the country.
  • The Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the implementation of the Rs. The National Health Authority will be the implementing agency for the project.
  • Under the AYUSHMAN BHARAT Digital Operations Program, people can create their own AAB (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) numbers. You can also attach their digital health records to it.
  • It will also help improve the ability of health care providers to make clinically based decisions. This work will promote equal access to quality health care by encouraging the use of technologies such as telemedicine and facilitating the massive convenience of health services across the country.
The United States has supplied $ 350 million worth of weapons to Ukraine
  • As the Ukraine-Russia conflict escalates, various countries have been providing arms and financial assistance to Ukraine. Following this, US President Joe Biden has ordered the US to supply US $ 350 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine.
  • In addition, Russian banks operating in the United States, including businesses, have had their licenses revoked.
Operation Ganga
  • Suffice it to say that the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia has caused a stir around the world. The Russian military continues to infiltrate Ukraine and seize cities.
  • Ukraine's health ministry says 198 people have been killed in a third day of Russian offensive in Ukraine. In this situation, the central and state governments are involved in the effort to rescue Indian students stranded in Ukraine.
  • The 219 Indians rescued from Ukraine arrived at Mumbai airport from Romania on an Air India flight. In this context, the plan to rescue Indians from Ukraine has been dubbed "Operation Ganga" on behalf of the Central Government.
LIC IPO Federal Government approves policy amendment to allow foreign direct investment
  • On Saturday, February 26, 2022, the Cabinet of India approved a policy amendment to allow up to 20% foreign direct investment in Life Insurance Corp of India.
  • Foreign investment in LIC is not allowed under the Special Parliament Act, while 74% foreign direct investment is allowed in other private insurance companies.

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