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Transfer of Railway Guard Positions to 'Rail Manager'

  • The railway administration has decided that in general and by-laws it is proper to refer to a railway Guard as the manager of that train.
  • The so-called Assistant Guard will henceforth be called the Assistant Passenger Train Manager and the so-called Goods Guard Manager.
  • Similarly, the senior goods Guard is called the senior train manager, the so-called senior passenger card is called the senior passenger train manager, and the so-called express train manager is called the express train manager.
Jan. 16 will be celebrated as National Start-up Day - Prime Minister's announcement
  • The U.S. government launched the 'Start Up' program in 2015 to encourage new entrepreneurs.
  • In this context, Prime Minister Modi held a video conference with new entrepreneurs emerging under the Start-up Project.
  • Then he said: 100 years after the independence of the country, the role of start-up entrepreneurs will be important. Find out for India. Find out from India. Entrepreneurs and innovators have been facing problems including delays due to government administrative practices.
  • The government has taken various steps to eliminate these problems and to encourage new innovations. New entrepreneurs are about to become the backbone of the new India. Start-ups not only innovate, but also contribute to job creation.
  • For entrepreneurs this year, various new opportunities will be created. From now on, 'National Startup Day' will be celebrated on January 16 every year. Thus he spoke.
Discovery of 4 thousand year old rock paintings near Sivagangai
  • Pandya Nadu Cultural Center historians Meenakshi Sundaram, Tamaraikkannan and schoolboy Taruneswaran discovered the rock formations in the Ariyur area near Sivagangai, which are about 4,000 years old.
  • A saffron human figure from the same period is painted on a rock in the Akasapparai area on the south side of the Ariyur hill near Sivagangai. Rock paintings have been made from the 7th century BC to the 3rd century BC. Inside a cave where ancient man lived, paintings are found in saffron.
  • Here is the cave where the superman lived, with rock paintings and more than 10 pits. These pits are somewhat smaller. Herbs found in the mountains may have been dumped in these pits and treated. It can also be considered as a symbol of the life of the Jains.
Statue in England for Pennick who built the Mulla Periyar Dam
  • I am pleased to announce on his birthday January 15 that the new statue of 'Colonel John Pennick', erected at his own expense in the midst of many obstacles to the Mullai Periyar Dam, the lifeblood of southern Tamil Nadu, will be erected on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu in his hometown of Kemberley City Central Park.
  • Attempts have been made by all London Tamils ​​to erect a new statue of Colonel John Pennick in his hometown of London-Camberley city center, and the statue has been approved by St. Peter's Church under UK law.
National Security Policy issued by Pac., Prime Minister
  • Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has unveiled a new national security policy. Previous governments have failed to strengthen Pakistan's economy. The now published 100-page National Security Policy has been prepared with a focus on public welfare and economic security.
  • So far, the national security policy has focused solely on military strength. The new security policy aims to promote peace, economy and trade with its neighbors.
Republic Day celebrations will now begin on January 23 - Federal Government announcement
  • It is a well - known fact that every year on January 26th, Republic Day is celebrated with much fanfare, and the federal government begins its celebrations on January 24th.
  • In this context, the federal government has announced that the start date of the Republic Day celebrations will be changed from this year to January 24, a day earlier than Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's birthday.
National Startup Awards 2021 - Union Minister Mr. Presented by Piyush Goyal
  • The National Startup Awards 2021 were won by 46 start-ups. The award was presented by the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Shri. Piyush Goyal attended and spoke.
The Indian Army celebrates the 74th Army Day
  • The Indian Army celebrated the 74th Army Day today. From Sir FRR Butcher, the last British Commander-in-Chief, General K.M. Every year, January 15 is celebrated as Army Day in honor of Kariyappa (Field Marshal) who became the first Indian Commander-in-Chief of independent India.
  • The theme of the Indian Army 2022 is "Journey with the Future". This is in recognition of the increasing role of new technologies in modern warfare. The Army Day celebrations began with a tribute to the Commanders of the 3rd Battalion with wreaths at the National War Memorial in Delhi.
  • The Army Commander also accepted the honor of the Army Day Parade held at the Kariyappa Parade Ground, Delhi Cantonment. He also presented 15 Army medals to the best performing soldiers.
  • This year's Army Day parade showcased the various weapons available to the Indian Army. New and modern weapons were on display. Internationally acclaimed athletes also took part in the parade. New uniforms for the military were also introduced.

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