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India successfully tests BrahMos missile

  • The BrahMos supersonic missile, India's most powerful missile, was successfully tested from the Indian naval vessel INS Visakhapatnam. According to the Indian Navy, the missile was tested in the West Coast. The BrahMos missile destroyed the precision target.
Stalin laid the foundation stone for the Rs 99 crore Artist Memorial Library in Madurai
  • Chief Minister Stalin laid the foundation stone for the Rs 99 crore Artist Memorial Library to be built in Madurai through a 'video conference'. Accordingly, an eight-storey artist's library is to be set up on 2.70 acres of land at a cost of Rs. 99 crore, covering an area of ​​2.13 lakh sq. Ft.
Pig heart for man is a new achievement in the medical field
  • David Bennett, 57, a worker admitted to a Maryland medical center in the United States, had to have an immediate replacement heart fitted. But his health was not good enough to accept the transplant. So the doctors told me about the test that would fit a pig's heart into a human.
  • With only one chance of survival, David and his family agreed to this clinical trial. Thus the heart of the genetically modified pig was fitted to him. Three days after the operation, the new heart begins to function.
People's Bank of Sri Lanka released from blacklist - China
  • The Chinese embassy in Colombo took steps to blacklist the People's Bank last October. China had blacklisted the People's Bank due to a problem with compost brought to Sri Lanka from China.
  • The case between the Chinese company and the parties who imported the fertilizer in Sri Lanka was heard in the Colombo Commercial High Court. After the two sides came to an agreement in that case, the case was dismissed. Following this, the People's Bank paid $ 6.9 million to the Chinese Fertilizer Company on the 7th.
  • The payment came a day before Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Sri Lanka. Following the conclusion of the Chinese Foreign Minister's visit to Sri Lanka, China relaxed its ban on the People's Bank.
Kazakhstan appoints new Prime Minister
  • Kazakhstan, one of the Central Asian countries, was one of the countries formed during the fall of the Soviet Union. It has been reported that the government is raising fuel prices in the highly oil-rich country.
  • This caused great unrest among the people of that country. The people's struggle against the government's order soon turned violent. As the situation worsened day by day, the Joint Defense Joint Agreement (CSTO) was convened last week to control the situation.
  • These CSTO forces were created by the countries that emerged from the Soviet Union. This is the first time that CSTO forces have been deployed to solve a domestic problem in a country.
  • It is in this context that Alikhan Smilo has been appointed the new Prime Minister of the country by Qasim-Jomar Tokayev. Ali Khan Smilo, 49, was the first deputy prime minister of the previous government.
BCCI signs agreement with Tata Group to sponsor IPL
  • According to IPL officials, the Tata Group has been selected as the title sponsor for the current 2022 season and the 2023 season. The contract has been awarded by the BCCI and the IPL Board of Directors, as the Tata Group operates under various companies at home and abroad.
  • Vodafone Idea decides to give 35.8% stake to Central Government. Vodafone has a debt burden of over Rs 1.95 lakh crore. So far Rs 7,854 crore has been paid to the government.
  • There is still Rs 50,000 crore to be paid. In this case, the executive committee meeting of Vodafone Idea took place. At this meeting, it was decided to convert the full interest on spectrum auctions and the amount due to the Government into equity.
  • The market value of this stock, which is about 35.8 per cent, is Rs 16,000 crore. This must be approved by the Federal Ministry of Information and Telecommunications. It will be followed by Vodafone with 28.5 per cent and Aditya Birla Group with 17.8 per cent.
The new director of IIT Chennai is V.S. Appointment of Kamakoti
  • Kamkodi, who has been working in the computer department at Chennai IIT, has been appointed to the post following the completion of the two-year tenure of Bhaskar Ramamurthy as the Director of Chennai IIT.
  • Kamkodi led a team that developed a microprocessor called Shakti made in India. Kamkodi, who has won various awards, is also a member of the National Security Advisory Board of the Central Government.
CCI approves Corel Blue Investment Pvt Ltd to acquire stake in Sutherland Global Holdings
  • CCI has been approved by the Competition Commission of India to acquire a stake in Sutherland Global Holdings by Corel Blue Investment Pvt. A joint proposal was made by Corel Blue Investment Pvt.

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