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Rajasthan govt signs new Rs 36,000 crore investment

  • Rajasthan Investors Conference is being held in January. In turn, an investor seminar is being held across the country on behalf of the industry in Rajasthan to come forward to start a business.
  • The seminar was held in Chennai. Rajasthan Industry Minister Shakuntala Rawat and Food and Food Supply Minister Pratap Singh Kachariavas were also present.
  • Discussions were held with representatives of industries in the state of Rajasthan in Tamil Nadu. They also described the opportunities in Rajasthan and the concessions offered by the government. At the end of the seminar, six Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) worth Rs 36,820 crore were signed and letters of approval from five companies were received.
Appointment of Deputy National Security Adviser
  • Vikram Misri has been appointed Deputy National Security Adviser to the National Security Council Secretariat, following the appointment of Pradeep Kumar Rawat as the new Ambassador to China.
  • It is noteworthy that Vikram Misri served as India's ambassador to China at a time when major border issues with China, including the Kalwan attack, were at their peak. She served as Chinese ambassador for three years.
  • Vikram Misri, who belongs to the 1989 Division of the Indian Foreign Service, has held various responsibilities in the Ministry of External Affairs and the Prime Minister's Office. He has also worked in various Indian embassies in Europe, North America and Africa.
Israel launches 4th installment of vaccine test
  • Israel is a world leader in corona vaccination. Of the 93 lakh population, 63 per cent have been vaccinated twice. 45% have been vaccinated with FISA / Bioentech for the third time. In this case, the country has begun the 4th installment of the vaccine test.
  • A fourth installment of the vaccine was given to 150 paramedics at a hospital in the Tel Aviv area. All of them were vaccinated with the booster installment last August. Also, those with low immunity.
For the first time, a real estate conference has signed a Rs 19,000 crore deal to build a house and a hotel in Kashmir
  • The law granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir was repealed on August 5, 2019. Following this, the Jammu and Kashmir Land Owners Act was amended to enable people from all parts of the country to buy land there.
  • In this context, the first ever Real Estate Conference was held in Jammu to promote the real estate industry in Kashmir. The conference was co-hosted by the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in association with the Real Estate Organization.
  • Of these, 39 real estate companies have entered into agreements with the government to build and sell buildings, including houses and hotels, in Kashmir. Contracts worth Rs 18,300 crore have been signed.
Rs 28,197 crore development projects in Himachal laid by Prime Minister Modi
  • Prime Minister Modi attended the inauguration ceremony of government projects in Himachal Pradesh. Prime Minister Modi has launched 287 investment projects worth Rs 28,197 crore.
  • Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for the Renukaji Dam project, which has been pending for the last 30 years. The project is expected to cost around Rs 6,700 crore.
  • The Prime Minister also inaugurated the Lugri Hydroelectric Project, the Daulasit Hydroelectric Project and the Chawra-Kuttu Hydroelectric Project. The three hydropower projects, valued at Rs 11,281 crore, are aimed at harnessing the region's hydropower potential.
Discovery of water management inscriptions from the Chola and Vijayanagara Nayak period near Sengam
  • Gunavaran Ambalavan Mathevan from Maniyakkal has constructed a lake well and created arable lands. Asking them to protect them, the painkiller has given the lake its name.
  • The large arable land in that irrigated land is called by his name Gunavaran Madhavi. For the use of the army, he has given the land called Kizhaipatti, east of the well, to Ambalatharayan, who is in the army, with a flower watering can.
  • The word kilamaipatti means the right thing. The right side of the first 3 lines of this inscription is slightly distorted. The maniyakal mentioned in it may be the present manikkal village. Punnathur is now known as Melpennathur.
  • Further, an examination of the inscription on the Gandhinagar Lake of the town confirms that the inscription is from the Vijayanagara period in 40 lines on two large rocks near the lake. This inscription was carved in the year 1538 during the reign of King Achutha Devamakarayar of Vijayanagar.
  • According to the donation given by Anna Nadu Taniyur Thiruvannamalai Maligai Mudaliar to Devappa Nayakkar, the son of Manjunayakkar, the son of Tuluva Nayak, who lives in Sengandapattu, North Adaiyur Nadu.
  • Also, the lake has become like a jungle as it has become steep and broken for a long time. Therefore, the inscription mentions the details of the donation of land and its four outer boundaries to the Turks who cut the lake and repaired the breaks and dug the well.
Vice Admiral Puneet K Pahal assumes charge of Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala
  • Vice Admiral Puneet K. Pahal assumed charge of the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala on December 26, 2021. A Cadaquasla student, he joined the Indian Navy in 1984 and studied at the Defense Services College in Wellington and the Naval Warfare College in Mumbai.
  • He has served on INS Garuda, INS Rajali, AFS Yelahanka and CGAS 700, as well as the ships INS Vikrant, Patwa, Godavari, Sujatha and Porbandar.
Border Road Organization Annual Conference - Inaugurated by Secretary of Defense
  • The Border Road Organization held its annual conference on Chief Engineers and Equipment Management in New Delhi. The three-day conference was inaugurated by Defense Secretary Dr. Ajay Kumar. Officials, including Lieutenant General Rajiv Chaudhry, the director general of the Border Road organization, were present.
  • The conference provides an opportunity to discuss important issues to be addressed in road infrastructure development, application of new technology, etc. in the border area.

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