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Call, Internet usage data to be stored for 2 years - Federal Government order for telecom companies

  • For the benefit of the subscribers, for security reasons there was a rule that the data of their phone calls and internet usage should be stored up to one year in advance. The rule now comes into effect that this must be changed and stored for at least 2 years. The license issued for this purpose has been amended on the 20th.
  • Companies licensed to provide telecommunications services must keep a record of all business calls and call details for at least 2 years. As well as the websites used by the subscribers, the log-in and log-out details should be stored.
MIG-21 Indian Air Force-owned MiG-21 crashes
  • A MiG-21 fighter jet belonging to the Indian Air Force was in training at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan last evening. Then, at 8:30 pm, the plane crashed in the desert national park area. The pilot of the plane, Wing Commander Harshit Sinha, was killed on the spot.
  • Mic aircraft were incorporated into the Indian Army in 1963. 874 Mic aircraft are attached to the Army. Of these, 400 planes have crashed. Of these, 200 pilots were killed. This year alone, 5 MiG-21s have crashed, killing three pilots.
Retirement for INS Kukri ship
  • INS, produced by Masakan Toke Ship Builders The Kukri warship joined the Indian Navy on Aug. 23, 1989. The ship has traveled 6 lakh 44 thousand 897 nautical miles so far. The ship has 28 commanders on board. 
  • The retirement ceremony after its 32 years of service took place in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The Indian Navy's INS Kukri has retired after 32 years of service.
Chief Minister Stalin receives the "Ambedkar Sudar" award
  • The award ceremony on behalf of the Liberation Leopards Party was held at the Periyar Stadium in Chennai Vepery. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin was presented with the Ambedkar Sudar Award at the ceremony.
  • Accompanying the award was the presentation of the Constitution of India, handwritten by the Attorney General of India, Ambedkar. Following this, the Periyar Light Award was presented to Madhimuga General Secretary Vaiko.
  • Nellai Kannan was awarded the Kamaraj Kadir Award, PV Kariyamal the Ayodhya Das Athavan Award, Gaide Millat Pirai Award for Basheer Ahmed and Ramasamy the Classical Sunday Award.
Maharashtra Legislative Assembly passes amendment to death penalty for rape
  • The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly has passed a bill to amend the Criminal Code to provide for the death penalty for rapists of women and children. This bill carries a severe penalty and a maximum death penalty if it is proven that someone was involved in the rape. Features are included in this bill.
Ministry of AYUSH gives biggest impetus to medical facilities in Uttar Pradesh: Rs 553.36 crore to be invested under National AYUSH Scheme
  • The Ministry of AYUSH has announced several important measures to promote health facilities in Uttar Pradesh. A total of Rs 553.36 crore has been released to Uttar Pradesh under the National AYUSH Scheme.
  • These important announcements were made by Central AYUSH Minister Mr. Sarpanch Sono in the presence of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
  • In an effort to create sustainable, effective, and affordable medical infrastructure in the country, 8 new 50-bed AYUSH hospitals were launched at a cost of Rs 72 crore. 500 new AYUSH Health and Wellness Centers have been launched in various parts of the state.
  • AYUSH Education Centers to be set up in Ayodhya at a cost of Rs 49.83 crore. 250 new AYUSH hospitals will be set up in various districts of the country.
Approval for Rs. 164.03 crore drinking water supply project under Jaljeevan Movement in Uttarakhand
  • In Uttarakhand, a Rs. 164.03 crore drinking water supply project under the Jaljivan Movement has been approved by the State Level Project Approval Committee at its meeting held on 23.12.20201.
  • The 8 drinking water projects that have been approved are those that will benefit many villages. The scheme is categorized to provide piped drinking water connection to more than 9,200 households in rural areas.
  • 140 villages in Dehradun, Nainital, Uttarakhand, Almora, Bhageswar districts will benefit from the scheme and it is expected that the drinking water problem of these villages, which are facing severe shortage of drinking water in summer, will be resolved by December 2022.
Mr. Parshotham Rupala visits the artificial insemination center which created the country's first artificial bunny calf
  • Central Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Minister Mr. Parshotham Rupala, JK in Pune. Visited the Artificial Fertility Center of the Foundation today (24.12.2021). It was at this center that the country's first bunny calf was bred.

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