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World Health Organization approves Covovax vaccine

  • Covovax Corona vaccine is manufactured by the US-based company Novavax. Novavex last year entered into an agreement with India's Serum Company to manufacture the vaccine in large quantities and distribute it to poor countries.
  • The Directorate of Pharmaceutical Quality Control of India (DCGI) last May approved the production of the Covovax vaccine by Serum. In this case, the World Health Organization has approved the use of this vaccine for emergency use.
Chief Minister MK Stalin's announcement as the state anthem of the Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Chief Minister M.K. Stalin ordered. The Chief Minister has issued an order directing everyone to stand up while the Tamils ​​greet. Manonmaniyam Sundaranar's song 'Neerarung Kadaludutta' should be sung in 55 seconds in Mullaipani raga in the 3rd style.
  • Only the able-bodied are exempted from standing up during the Tamiltai Vazhthu film. For the first time in 1913 the song 'Neerarung Kadalutta' was featured in the Tamil Sangam. They have been singing this song in Karanthai Tamil Sangam since 1914.
  • Following that, in 1970, the then Chief Minister Karunanidhi had said that the Tamiltai greeting song would definitely be in the upcoming state ceremonies. It is noteworthy that in the famous play Manonmaniyam, published in 1891, we sing an excerpt from the collection 'Tamil Deiva Vanakkam' as Tamil Thai Greetings.
Mohit Jain elected President of the Indian Press Association
  • The 82nd Annual General Body Meeting of the Press Association of India (INS) was held in Chennai. The meeting was attended by members via video conferencing. Among them, Mohit Jain of the Economic Times was elected INS President for the year 2021-22.
Future company deal terminated - Amazon pays Rs. 202 crore fine
  • The Competition Regulatory Commission of India (CCI) has canceled the approval of Amazon's 2019 contract with Future Coupons, a division of Future Retail Limited.
  • It also fined Amazon Rs 202 crore for withholding full investment information. With Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL) Rs. The announcement comes after a heated legal battle between Amazon and Future Group over a Rs 24,713 crore deal.
All India Mayors Conference 2021
  • All India Mayors Conference on behalf of the Department of Urban Development was held in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The conference, titled New Urban India, was attended by mayors from various states of India, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the Minister of Central Urban Development.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the All India Mayors' Conference with a video presentation.
International Leading IT Anand Eeswaran from India has been appointed as the CEO of the company
  • In some of the world's leading companies, Indians hold top leadership positions. It is set to add pride to India in the international arena.
  • Tamil Nadu-based Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Alphabet, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Arvind Krishna of IBM, Chandanu Narayan of Adobe Inc. and Barack Agarwal of Twitter are some of the notable CEOs.
  • Anand Eeswaran, 46, a native of India, joins the ranks. He was today appointed CEO of IT company Weem. Prior to that, he was the Head of Business Division at Microsoft.
Bhutan announces highest award for Prime Minister Modi
  • Bhutan is celebrating its 114th National Day. To this end, the government is presenting awards to those who excel in various fields.
  • In this context, the Government of Bhutan has announced that Prime Minister Modi will be presented with the prestigious 'Nakadak Bel G Corlo' award. Sharing this, Prime Minister Lode Shering said he was pleased to be nominated for the Modi name award.
Weaving Heritage Park in Nagore - Funded by Government of Tamil Nadu
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has allocated funds to set up a Weaving Heritage Park to highlight the living environment, lifestyle, food, art and culture of the people of Nagai District.
  • The park will be set up on an area of ​​3.06 hectares at a cost of Rs 2 crore to reflect the culture of the ancient Tamils. The Tamil Nadu government has said that palm huts, coral reefs, pearl sculptures and bamboo caves will be set up in the weaving heritage park.
2021 Paralympic Games Awards
  • The 2021 Paralympic Games Awards have been announced. The biennial awards ceremony will feature athletes who have excelled at the Paralympic Games. Awards are usually presented in five categories. Avani Legra, a 20-year-old Indian sniper, has won the Best Debut Award this time.
  • He won a gold and a bronze medal at this year's Paralympic Games in Tokyo. She was the first woman from India to win a gold medal at the Paralympics. Adem Pesca, a Paralympic gold medalist from the Czech Republic, was selected as the best debutant (male). Dutch tennis player Dade de Groot was named the best female athlete.
  • Marcel Hugh of Switzerland was named the best male athlete. He has won four gold medals at four Paralympic Games this year. The England rugby team was selected as the best team. Notably, they also won gold at the Tokyo Paralympics.
  • German team doctor Anja Hirschmller was also selected as the best officer. He received the award the moment he saved the life of Belgian tennis player Joachim Gerard.
'Kim Jong Un' Father's Day - North Korea bans people from laughing for 11 days
  • It is noteworthy that Kim Jong Il passed away on December 17, 2011. The government has banned North Koreans from drinking alcohol, shopping for groceries, shopping and engaging in recreational activities.
  • Violators of the government ban will be prosecuted. It is also said that in the past, when such restrictions were in force, arrests were made of those who violated them. No one even knows what the status of those arrested is.
Djokovic wins International Tennis Federation title
  • Djokovic rules the world of tennis with his racket. The 34-year-old from Serbia has won the International Tennis Federation's title this year. He won the award in the men's singles category. He is the only player to win the award 7 times in the singles category as 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021.
  • The award has been presented annually by the International Tennis Federation since 1978 to players who have excelled in one year. Djokovic has won three Grand Slam titles this year alone, the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open. He has been given this award because of that.
  • In the women's singles, Ashley Party, Croatia's Nikola Mekdik and Matt Pavic, and in the women's doubles, Barbora Gryzhikova and Katarina Siniakova were announced as champions.
Bio-baths developed by TRDO
  • The bio toilet developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has the following 3 main features. The process by which bacterial aggregates absorb human waste in the absence of oxygen
  • Different types of bio-toilets have been developed for use in different geo-seasonal environments.
  • Cow dung is used to enrich the bacterial population. There are 4 types of bacteria in this package - Hydrolase, Acetogenesis, Acetogenase & Methogens
  • DRDO has provided this technology to about 60 industry organizations across the country. These factories have installed bio-composting equipment across the country.

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