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The Cabinet has approved the implementation of the Prime Minister's Agricultural Irrigation Scheme for 2021-26
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, approved the implementation of the Prime Minister's Agricultural Irrigation Plan for 2021-26 with an allocation of Rs 93,068 crore.
  • The Cabinet also approved Rs 37,454 crore in central assistance to the states. During the Prime Minister's Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, the Central Government has approved a loan of Rs. 20,434.56 crore for irrigation development in 2016-21.
  • The Accelerated Irrigation Scheme, a special scheme of the Central Government, aims to provide financial assistance. An additional 13.88 lakh hectares will be irrigated under this scheme during 2021-26.
Cabinet approves India-Poland agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters
  • The Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved an India-Poland agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. The aim is to expand the two countries' capabilities and intensity in prosecuting and prosecuting crimes, including those related to terrorism, through mutual legal assistance.
  • Gazette notifications will be issued under the relevant sections of the Penal Code of 1973 to implement the features of this Agreement in India.
India's first and largest green hydrogen microgrid project in the world
  • NTPC has set up a stand-alone fuel-cell based micro-grid project with hydrogen production using an electrolyzer at the NTPC Guest House in Simhatri (near Visakhapatnam).
  • It is India's first green hydrogen based energy saving project. It will be a precursor to large-scale hydrogen energy storage projects and will also be useful for installing multiple microgridges in various key locations across the country.
  • Hydrogen will be produced using an advanced 240 kW solid oxide electrolyser that will take input fuel from a nearby floating solar power plant.
  • The hydrogen produced during sunlight exposure is stored at high pressure and electrified using a 50 kW solid oxide fuel cell. The system will operate individually from 5 pm to 7 am.
MLA Constituency Development Fund Release - Government of Tamil Nadu Government
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has released 50% of the Assembly constituency development fund for the year 2021-22. Accordingly, 352 crore rupees has been released for the year 2021-22 and the government has released it.
Durga Puja on the World Heritage List
  • During the months of September and October in Kolkata, huge Durga statues will be consecrated and the Durga idols will be dissolved in the river at the end of the 10th day.
Chennai Port record in cargo handling
  • The MVOP Eden arrived at the Port of Chennai last Saturday to load cargo. The ship loaded 38,079 metric tons of barite in a single day (24 hours).
  • Is the maximum amount handled in a single day. The previous record was set on Oct. 4, 2020, when 35,671 metric tons of barite was handled on board the MV Bila.
NASA spacecraft 'touching' the sun
  • For the first time in history a spacecraft has 'touched' the sun. NASA's Bocca spacecraft has entered the upper part of the solar atmosphere and collected various new information.
  • It was only after the first humans landed on the moon that many details about it became known to the scientific world. Similarly, the Pokmon spacecraft's entry into the Sun's atmosphere has made great strides in related research.
  • According to the NASA website, the Pokmon spacecraft has penetrated the Sun's atmosphere and detected facts that could not be known by other spacecraft from a long distance.
  • The spacecraft was designed by the Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. The spacecraft is named after Eugene Poker, 91, a scientist who discovered the facts about the solar wind in 1958.
Rs 76,000 crore incentive scheme to increase 'semiconductor' production
  • The Central Government is planning to make India a manufacturing hub for electronic devices. The demand for semiconductors used in electronic devices is increasing.
  • Subsequently, the Union Cabinet has approved an incentive of Rs 76,000 crore over the next six years to increase semiconductor design and productivity. With this, an investment of Rs 1.70 lakh crore will be available in this sector.
RuPay Debit Card, Gift for BHIM UPI Digital Transaction - Federal Government
  • The Union Cabinet has approved to provide incentives for small-scale digital transactions through Rupay Debit Card, BHIM UPI. Rs 1,300 crore has been earmarked for incentives for small-scale digital transactions.
  • The Minister said that the Cabinet has approved the Productivity Promotion Project (PLI) for semiconductors with the aim of making the country an electronics hub as the shortage of microchips will affect industrial production.
Indian woman nominated as CEO of Chanel, France
  • Indian woman Lena Nair has been appointed CEO of Chanel, a world - renowned French fashion retailer. Born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Leena Nair has won a gold medal in human resources at the XLRI Institute of Education in Jamshedpur.
Green Tamil Nadu Project
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has directed to implement the ambitious 'Green Tamil Nadu' project of Tamil Nadu with the objective of increasing the forest and tree cover from 23.98% to 33% in the next 10 years. Tamil Nadu covers an area of ​​1,30,060 sq km.
  • Under the scheme, it was decided to plant native saplings in government lands in urban areas, farms, educational institutions, temple lands, industrial areas and bed areas. From the current year 2030 - 31, it is planned to plant 265 crore native saplings in public places to increase the forest cover.
  • Accordingly, 47 lakh saplings are to be planted in 12 thousand 350 acres of land this year. 21 crore has been allotted for creating saplings and planting them. 17.80 crore has been allotted for planting 1.30 crore saplings in 12 thousand 350 acres of land in the next financial year.

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