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The bill to increase the pension of judges was passed

  • The Rajya Sabha passed a bill amending the Pay and Service Conditional Act for Judges to increase the pensions of Supreme Court and High Court judges.
  • All parties unanimously supported. The Lok Sabha recently passed a bill to amend the Pay and Service Condition Act to increase the pensions of Supreme Court and High Court judges.
Success of a submarine-assisted anti-submarine missile test
  • The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a domestic technology for turbid-assisted supersonic missiles to strike and destroy submarines.
  • The missile can travel at a speed of 650 km. Launched from a ship, the missile will launch a turbo system with the help of a parachute. The bomb-equipped turbido system can accurately detect and attack an underwater submarine under the sea.
  • The test of the missile took place on Abdulkalam Island in Balasore, Orissa. In this, the DRDO said that the missile launched from the ground successfully hit the target.
Miss Universe title 2021
  • The cosmic beauty pageant was held in the Israeli tourist city of Eilat. It was attended by about 80 beauties from different countries. In this competition, Harnas Chandu of India has won the title of 'Miss Universe' for the current year.
  • About 21 years after Laura Datuk's, Prime Minister Modi has tweeted congratulations to Harnas Chandu on winning the Miss Universe title.
Dubai's record of becoming the first government in the world not to use paper for government work
  • Dubai has become a 100% paper-free government that does not use paper for government work.
  • All domestic and foreign transactions, government transactions and services of the Government of Dubai have all gone digital. This was announced by Prince Sheikh Hamdan.
  • With this, Dubai has lifted 336 million paper applications. In Dubai it was completed in 5 phases. At each stage, every department of the Dubai government was completely exempted from the use of paper.
  • Eventually paperless digital practices were successfully implemented in all 45 government departments. These sectors provide 1800 important digital services and 10,500 important transactions.
The Prime Minister inaugurated the Sri Kasi Vishwanathar Temple Complex in Varanasi
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the Rs 339 crore Kasi Vishwanathar Temple Complex-1 project in Varanasi. Following this, on March 8, 2019, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone.
  • 300 small shops were acquired for this project. The campus has been set up to talk to 1400 shopkeepers, offer compensation and seize seats. The first phase of the project has been completed.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin inaugurated the state conference of the Kiradai organization in Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin inaugurated the state conference of the Kiradai organization in Chennai. He said that it is possible to know that our Tamil community was growing 3000 years ago through excavations below. Sep. In the month alone, he said, he had earned Rs 5,973 crore from house and land securities.
World Tamil Economic Conference
  • The 8th World Tamil Economic Conference will be held in Chennai for three consecutive days from December 27 to 29. On the last day of the conference, the top 10 Tamil activists will be given the "World Tamil Mamani Award".
ICC Player of the Month Award for David Warner & Halle Mathews
  • Australia's David Warner won West Indies' Halle Mathews won the Player of the Month award.
  • The award was given to Warner, Australia's opener, for his key role in Australia winning the T20 World Cup for the first time. It is noteworthy that Warner was also selected as the best player of the World Cup.
  • On the other hand, the award was given to West Indies' Halle Mathews for her outstanding performance in the all-round one-day series against Pakistan.
3rd gold for India at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships
  • India's Ajay Singh won gold in the men's 81kg category at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships. This is the 3rd gold medal for India in this competition.
  • Ajay Singh topped his weight category with a total weight of 322 kg with 147 kg in snatch and 175 kg in clean & jock. The weightlifting event is a national record in the snatch category.
  • Ajay Singh, along with Jeremy Lalrinunga (67kg) and Asintha Shiuli (73kg), who have already won gold in the tournament, are currently qualifying directly for the Commonwealth Games.
  • Meanwhile, in the women's 59 kg category, India's Bobby Hazarika won silver in the snatch category with a total weight of 84 kg and 105 kg in the clean & joke category with a total weight of 189 kg.
Indian Lokpal Chief Justice Binaki Chandrakos launches 'Lokpal Online' digital platform for complaints management
  • The Lokpal Online Digital Platform for Complaints Management was launched by the President of the Lokpal of India, Judge Binaki Chandrakos. All citizens of the country can file complaints on this site from anywhere, anytime.

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