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Global warming target of 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030 - Leaders approve G20 summit

  • The 16th Summit of the G-20, a group of 20 of the world's economic powers, kicked off in Rome, Italy. It was decided at the conference that net zero greenhouse gas emissions or accelerate efforts to achieve the carbon balance target by 205.
  • The G-20 leaders agreed to suspend funding for new thermal power plants to generate electricity overseas by 2021. The past commitment to rich countries raising $ 100 billion (approximately Rs. 7.5 trillion) annually to help poor countries cope with climate change was reaffirmed.
  • The leaders of the G-20 countries have reaffirmed their commitment to abide by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which aims to keep the global average temperature below 2 degrees Celsius.
  • In it, the participating leaders agreed to halve global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030, in accordance with an agreement reached at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015. They have pledged to take action to bring carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The main reason for carbon emissions is the use of coal.
International corporate tax - approved by 'G20' countries
  • Companies operating in one country invest large sums of their profits in another country for tax breaks; Through this they are also involved in tax evasion. It is planned to develop a new practice to prevent corporate tax evasion and thus prevent the black money available by investing in other countries and making high profits.
  • Accordingly, it was decided to impose a minimum corporate tax on businesses in all countries. At the G-20 Finance Ministers' Conference in July, it was decided to impose a tax of at least 15 percent in all countries.
Handover to the domestically made warship Navy
  • Under the 15B project, 4 warships were contracted in 2011 to be built by Mumbai-based shipbuilder Maskan Docs Limited (MTL). The major cities of the country are Visakhapatnam, Marmukova, Imphal and Surat.
  • The ship 127Y12704 (Visakhapatnam) was completed and handed over to the Indian Navy on the 28th. The design of this warship was developed by the Design Directorate of the Indian Navy and manufactured by MTL in Mumbai.
  • The warship is 163 meters long and will travel at a speed of 30 knots. About 75 percent of the ship's products are locally made. The ship is equipped with Bangalore Bell-made ground-to-air missiles, BrahMos missiles, Mumbai L&T submarine-launched torpedo missiles, rocket launchers and Harithwar Bell-made 76mm Super Rabbit.
'Vilakku Award' for 2020
  • The "Vilakku Award" is presented each year on behalf of the American Tamils ​​Cultural Organization in memory of the author's innovation. Accordingly Vilakku Award for the year 2020 has been announced for the poet Sukirtarani and the writer Stalin Rajangam.

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