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Chief Minister orders appointment of Shanthi Rabindranath as a member of the Social Justice Monitoring Committee

  • Chief Minister MK Stalin has appointed Dr. Shanthi Rabindranath as a member of the newly constituted Social Justice Monitoring Committee on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
Sunil Paliwal takes over as Chennai port chief
  • Raveendran, who has been the chairman of the Chennai Port Authority, last Sept. Transferred to Railway Department on 29th. Following this, Sunil Paliwal, who had been the Port Chairman and Managing Director of Ennu Kamaraj, took over the additional responsibility of the Chairman of the Chennai Port Authority.
  • In this situation, Sunil Paliwal was appointed as the Chairman of the Chennai Port Authority for the next five years. Following this, the port chief duly accepted the responsibility.
Discovery of an inscription from 1339 near Krishnagiri
  • Analyst Sadananda Krishnakumar, who has found many rock paintings in Krishnagiri district, has found an inscription on a large rock at the foot of the Balakonrayathurgam Perumal Temple, also known as BG Durgam, in the Melumalai Panchayat near Krishnagiri.
  • Large scale portraits are shown at the beginning of the inscription found in the BG Durgam area. In the middle is the wheel, on the left is a humanoid bird, and on the right is a tiger. Nearby are the umbrella, the samaram, the sun and the moon. At the end of the inscription, the full moon and the candlesticks are shown.
  • At the beginning of this inscription, there is an excerpt from the Third Almighty's Glory. The area was ruled by Singaiyya Nayakkar and his brother Vallappa Tennayakkar during the reign of the emperor. The inscription dates back to 1339. The temple of Tirupati was donated to the monastery about 700 years ago, and one can see that Tirupati was famous at that time.
India's largest aromatic garden in Uttarakhand
  • India's largest aromatic garden is located in the state of Uttarakhand. A large aromatic garden of 140 species of plants has been set up on 3 acres in Lalguan, Nainital District.
  • It boasts of being the largest aromatic garden in India. The place was chosen for the aromatic garden because of the toxicity and stench caused by the paper mills.
  • 20 varieties of tulsi plants are grown here including Rama tulsi, Shyam tulsi, Vana tulsi, Kapoor tulsi. Also, lemon, rosemary, mint and a variety of other flowers bloom here. Also, trees including sandalwood, teak and neem are grown here.
Picasso's paintings auctioned for Rs 800 crore
  • The works, owned by MGM Resorts, were on display at the Picasso Restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel. The company has said it will enhance the diversity of works of art through auctions.
  • The auction featured nine paintings by Picasso, a Spanish artist who died in 1973, and two ceramic works. These works were created over a period of about 50 years.
  • The 1938 painting "Woman in a Red-Orange Beret" by Picasso was auctioned for a maximum price of 280 crores. It features Picasso's girlfriend, Mary Thorce Walter.
  • Another masterpiece, "Man and Child", sold for about 150 crore rupees. The six-foot-tall painting, painted in 1959, is a prime example of Picasso's career, according to auction house Sotheby's.
  • Another work of art, "Life with a Basket and Flowers" by Picasso during the Nazi occupation of Paris in 1942, sold for 110 crores. The highest price ever paid for a Picasso painting is Rs 1250 crore. This price was paid for the 2015 work Algiers Women.
Training Program for Trainers on Fragility and Bankruptcy - Conducted by IPPI
  • As part of the Amrit Mahotsav celebrations of liberation, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Board of India (IPPI) conducted a 2-day training for trainers in association with the UK Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).
  • The use of alternative dispute resolution techniques to assist in the practice of resolving bankruptcy issues ”was discussed online on the 22nd and 23rd. The training program focused on the capacity building and development of bankruptcy structures in India.
  • Participants were explained about looking at controversies in a different way, the potential of the compromise program, and the benefits of moderate ratings. This training is expected to enhance the skills of the participants.
  • IPPI Full Time Member Dr. Thirumiku Mukulita Vijaya Varghese delivered the keynote address. He also spoke about the benefits of alternative technologies for dispute resolution.
The first training unit of the Indian Navy is on a 4 day voyage to Sri Lanka
  • Indian Navy ships Sujatha, Makar, Sardul, Sudarshini, Tarangini and Coast Guard vessel Vikram, the first training units of the Indian Navy, will make a four-day voyage to Sri Lanka from October 24 to 28. These ships have gone abroad for the 100th and 101st integrated training of naval officers.
  • The ships are headed by Vice Admiral AK Chawla, Commanding Officer, Southern Control Center, Indian Navy. During this 4 day voyage to Sri Lanka, the Indian Navy ships Makar and Sardul leave for Colombo with the 101st Training Division.
  •  Sujatha, Sudarshini, Tarangini and Coast Guard ship Vikram leave for Trincomalee with the 100th training unit. A variety of exercises are planned to enhance the efficiency of the two navies.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah has launched various development projects in Jammu
  • Union Minister Amit Shah, who is touring Jammu and Kashmir, laid the foundation stone for various development projects during his 2nd day visit. The IIT has built a new campus in Jammu at a cost of Rs 210 crore.
  • Many development projects have been launched in Kashmir today. There are currently 7 new medical colleges in Jammu and Kashmir. 2,000 students are studying MBBS.

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