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Announcement by MK Stalin of the appointment of the Chairman and members of the Social Justice Monitoring Committee

  • The first MK Stalin had already announced that the Government of Tamil Nadu would set up a Social Justice Monitoring Committee to monitor the full implementation of the social justice criteria and to monitor the implementation of social justice in employment and promotions.
  • In order to implement this announcement, the first MK Stalin has issued the chairman and members of the Social Justice Monitoring Committee.
  • Suba Veerapandian, Chairman, Dravida Movement Tamil Assembly, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Social Justice Monitoring Committee. Retired IAS Officer K. Dhanavel, Prof. Muniva Swaminathan Devadas, Writer and Poet Manushyaputhiran, Adithravidha and Jayson, who was well versed in tribal law, Prof. A. Rajendran, Co-Chairman of the All India Backward Classes Federation.
Prime Minister Modi discusses with vaccine manufacturers
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with vaccine manufacturers, including Adar Poonawala, the head of the serum company, as the record of one billion corona vaccines has been paid across the country.
  • The meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister, was also attended by Union Health Minister Mansuk Mandavia and Joint Minister Bharathi Praveen Pawar.
Appointment of new Chairman to the Pollution Control Board
  • Supriya Saku IAS, Secretary, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Forests, Government of Tamil Nadu, has been given the additional responsibility of Chairperson, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.
  • In this context, Uthayan IPS has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.
Boat race from Kochi to Goa ahead of the Amrit festival as part of the commemorative activities
  • As part of the commemorative activities at the Amrit Festival, the Indian Navy is conducting a coastal boat race from Kochi to Goa under the auspices of the Indian Naval Boating Association.
  • Six Indian naval vessels - Mahadeo, Tarini, Bulbul, Neelkanth, Sea Dove and Hariyal - are participating in the event.
  • The competition, which will be held for about five days from 24 October 2021, will be approximately 360 nautical miles from the naval base in Kochi to Goa. The boat race is aimed at developing a sense of adventure and sea rowing for the participating group.
  • Boats belonging to the Indian Sailing Boats Association will also take part in the competition. Participants have been training for the event for the past one month and have also received capsule training in Kochi to hone their skills.
  • Captain Vipul Meherishi, Captain Atul Sinha, Lieutenant Commander K Bednaker and Lieutenant Commander Boyle Gupta are among the medal winners at various national events.
  • Maritime sailing is a very difficult adventure sport, thereby fostering a sense of Indian naval adventure, while at the same time improving essential maritime skills such as navigation, communication, technical functions of engines, operation of Inmarsat equipment, logistics planning. This improves the efficiency of the Indian Navy.
India's first IVF Banni buffalo is born
  • India's first Banni buffalo has been born through IVF fertilization. With this, the country’s livestock artificial breeding technology has reached the next level. The incident took place at the house of Vinay L Wala, a farmer from Susila Agro Farms in Tanej in Gujarat's Somnath district.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited Kutch in Gujarat on December 15, 2020, spoke on the buffalo breed. The next day, a buffalo buffalo was scheduled for IVF fertilization. Scientists plan to subject 3 buffaloes belonging to Vinay El Wala's Susila Agro Farms to an IVF fertilization attempt. The first buffalo calf is now born after various stages.
  • The government and scientists expect huge potential for artificial insemination of buffaloes. This will increase the number of livestock in the country.

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