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Mulla Hassan Hassan Akund becomes caretaker Prime Minister of Afghanistan

  • As US forces announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban seized power there. A week after US forces withdrew completely at the end of last month, the Taliban announced representatives for an interim government.
  • Rather than being a religious leader, Hassan Akund, better known as an army commander, is currently the head of a key decision-making Taliban group.
  • Mulla Abdul Ghani Bharat, who is expected to be the Prime Minister, has been appointed as the first Deputy Prime Minister. Mulla Abdul Ghani Bhardwar was the one who negotiated with the US and signed the agreement for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.
  • Second, Mullah Abdul Salam has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Mullah Mohammad Yaqub, son of Mullah Omar, has been appointed Minister of Defense. Sirajuddin Haqqani, who has been appointed Home Secretary, has been arrested by the US FBI. It is noteworthy that the person has been declared a wanted person by the organization.
Writing Award in the Name of Kalaigar
  • The Minister said that the best journalist will be given the 'Kalaigar Writing Award' annually and a certificate of appreciation along with a prize of Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • He said a welfare board for journalists would be set up and young journalists would be funded to pursue higher education and training at journalism-based educational institutions such as the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communications and the Asian College of Journalism in India.
Rajnath Singh released the Financial Authority Policy for the Three Forces
  • Financial authority has been vested in various high-ranking officials to procure military equipment, including spare parts for weapons. Also, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has unveiled a new policy to expand this to the Air Force and Navy.
  • tnpsc-7th-september-2021-ca-english
  • There is an arms procurement committee headed by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to procure arms and ammunition for the army. In addition, a policy was introduced in 2016 authorizing military superiors to purchase spare parts and ammunition for those tracks.
  • Currently this power is further expanded and the new policy, Rajnath Singh unveiled yesterday. Accordingly, this financial authority is vested in the Deputy Commander-in-Chief.
  • The existing financial power has been raised to 10 per cent. At the same time, a maximum of Rs 500 crore can be spent. In addition, the powers of the Air Force and Navy have been expanded.
  • 'This new policy will enable Army Commanders to make immediate decisions based on emergencies and field conditions
Prime Minister Modi's Introduction Sign Language Dictionary for the Deaf, Audio Book for the Deaf
  • In line with the global learning model, Prime Minister Modi has launched various programs in the field of education, including the Indian Sign Language Dictionary (sign language video for the deaf) and speech books (audio books for the visually impaired) and teacher training program.
  • The launch of the project, dubbed 'Shikshok Parve', took place via video. In that sense audio books and talking books have become an integral part of education today.
  • Indian Sign Language has been included in the school curriculum for the first time. Significantly, 10 thousand words are explained in sign language in the Indian Sign Language Dictionary.

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