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Ismail Sabri Jacob is Prime Minister of  Malaysia

  • Muhaidin Yassin has been prime minister of Malaysia for 18 months. He recently resigned due to confusion in the coalition.
  • Thus the rule came to an end. In this context, King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has called on Ismail Sabri Yacoub, 61, a member of the United Malay National Party and former Deputy Prime Minister, to come to power.
India's Sykov D - the world's first DNA corona vaccine
  • The Directorate General of Drug Control of India (DCGI) has approved the emergency use of the DNA-based corona vaccine by the pharmaceutical company Cidus Ketila in India.
  • It is noteworthy that Psycho D is the first corona vaccine in the world to be made based on DNA genes.
12th Indian Film Festival
  • The 12th Indian Film Festival is taking place in Melbourne, Australia. The film was selected as the best film in India. Surya, who starred in it, was selected as the best actor.
  • The film was produced by Surya. Sudha Kongara was the driver. Surya played the role of Captain Gopinath who directed the low cost passenger plane.
  • Vidya Balan won the Best Actress award for her performance in the Hindi film Shorny. In this film he played a Catillaca officer who fights the social enemies who are destroying the forest.
  • Nimisha Sajayan won Best Actress for her performance in The Great Indian Kitchen. Samantha was nominated for Best Web Series Actress. She played the Sri Lankan human bomb woman in the web series The Family Man 2.
  • Mirzapur 2 was selected as the best web series. A special award was presented to Pankaj Tripathi for his performance. The Best Director award went to Anurag Basu, who directed the Hindi film Ludo.
World Table Tennis Sathyan, Manika Champion
  • The World Table Tennis Championship Series ended in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. In the mixed doubles, Tamil Nadu's Sathyan Gnanasekaran and Manika Bhadra advanced to the final. Sathyan and Manika won the set 3-1 in the final & clinched the co-championship.
Declining population approves of China's new plan
  • Birth rates throughout China, the world's most populous country, have plummeted. The ruling Communist Party of China has introduced a three-child program to increase the population. In this case, the project has been approved by the Chinese National Parliament.
  • According to an amendment to the Population and Family Planning Act, Chinese are allowed to have up to three children. The amendment has been passed by the Parliamentary Standing Committee.
  • Having more than two children made the Chinese reluctant to look at the cost of raising them. To address this the legislation seeks to provide social and economic assistance to Chinese who have more than two children.
  • The law states that benefits will be provided in a number of areas, including finance, taxes, insurance, education, housing, and employment. Thus, the cost of raising children is mentioned in the law.
India's record in agricultural and processed food exports
  • Despite Corona's second wave restrictions, India's exports of agriculture and processed food items grew by 44.3 per cent in the first quarter of fiscal 2021-22.
  • Since the last financial year 2020-21, growth in exports of agricultural and processed food items has continued to increase. India is ranked 9th in the World Trade Organization list.
Rajiv Gandhi Award - Announcement by the Government of Maharashtra
  • The Maharashtra government has announced that the Information Technology (IT) Award will be presented in the name of the late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The announcement was made on the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi's birthday.
  • The award recognizes the contribution of information technology and IT companies to the development of the state of Maharashtra. The award is also given to new entrepreneurs and start-ups. Awards will be given in 5 categories in total. The award is presented annually on Rajiv Gandhi's birthday, August 20.

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