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Presidential Approval for OBC Act - Publication in the Gazette

  • The OBC, at the end of the ongoing Parliament. After debate, the bill was passed in both houses. Following this, it was sent to the President for approval. In this context, President Ramnath Govind has approved the bill. Following this, the 127th Amendment was published in the Gazette.
'Heads up Tamil Nadu - One Hundred Days in the Direction of the Century': Chief Minister MK Stalin Unveils Special Flower of Tamil Nadu Magazine
  • Chief Minister MK Stalin on Thursday released a special edition of the Tamil Nadu Magazine titled 'Heads up Tamil Nadu - One Hundred Days in the Direction of the Century' at the Chief Minister's Secretariat on Thursday, compiling the public welfare work done by the Government of Tamil Nadu under the leadership of Chief Minister MK Stalin for 100 days. The first copy was sent to Chief Secretary V. Received piety.
New technology in warplanes - DRDO product to defend against missile attack
  • Accurate anti-aircraft missiles have come into use around the world. In this context, the DRDO has developed jets for the Indian Air Force capable of diverting missiles from enemy countries.
  • The aircraft were manufactured at the DRDO laboratory in Jodhpur, Rajasthan using SAF technology. Aircraft can be used to steer missiles using two technologies. For one, planes with Flare technology can escape missiles and emit large amounts of fire.
  • In this way, the missiles that chase the aircraft using the heat will be diverted. However, these cannot escape from missiles that chase aircraft using aluminum, except for heat.
  • Therefore, SAF technology is considered to be a more advanced technology than this. The DRDO said that SAF technology jets are being integrated into the Air Force as they have successfully completed various tests.
Insurance subsidy of Rs. 1248.92 crore released to farmers who have insured samba paddy - Government of Tamil Nadu
  • The crop insurance scheme will be implemented in 37 districts comprising 14 packages in 2021-22 with an allocation of about Rs. 2,327 crore. The share of the state government has increased significantly as the U.S. government has reduced its share of the insurance premium for the program.
  • Also, the insurance companies have not come forward to implement the scheme this year as the scheme has provided high compensation in the last 5 years. However, due to the great efforts of the Government of Tamil Nadu, both the Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India (General Insurance Company) and Ipco-Tokyo were finalized.
  • However, compensation will be provided by the State Disaster Fund to the affected farmers in case of non-insured crops mainly affected by natural calamities of paddy during the Caribbean season.
  • Also during the special season and the rabi season (October to March) all the declared crops will be insured. Caribbean has disbursed Rs.107. Following this, the Government of Tamil Nadu has released an insurance premium subsidy of Rs.1248.92
New frog species found in Arunachal Pradesh
  • The frog has been found in the foothills of Adi in Arunachal Pradesh by the Indian Wildlife Institute and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It is named as Adi Falls Frog as it was discovered from the foothills of Adi. The discovery of the Adi frog has been published in the London Journal of Natural History.
Golden visa for Mammootty, Mohanlal: UAE honors
  • The Golden Visa, issued on behalf of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is valid for 10 years. The country has been issuing and honoring these visas to entrepreneurs and investors alike. Holders of these visas are usually considered equivalent to citizens of the United States.
  • In this case, the famous actors Mammootty and Mohanlal have been honored with this Golden Visa by the United Arab Emirates. This is the first time that this visa has been issued to a Malayalam actor.
A clay seal found in the Alphabet excavation
  • Phase 6 excavation near the turnpike has been going on since February 19 last. The excavation work has been extended to the lower and 4 locations of Agaram, Kondagai and Manalur and the work is progressing fast.
  • Among them are found antiques, including brick construction, double walls, animal bones, human bones, clay pots, tiles, and small kilns. Six pits are being dug in the alphabet.
  • Elliptical green algae have already been found here. Currently, a clay seal has been found in the area.
Junior Wrestling - 6 medals for India
  • India won one silver and five bronze medals in the men's event at the World Junior Wrestling Championships in Russia. In the men's 61kg final, India's Ravinder defeated Iran's Rahman Amasat Galili to win the silver medal.
ASEAN's 5 point solution to the Myanmar issue
  • India has welcomed the five-point consensus (ASEAN) proposed by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to bring peace to Myanmar, where tensions have risen over the implementation of military rule.
U-20 World Track Championship - Bronze for Indian Mixed Relay Team
  • The Indian mixed team won the bronze medal in the 4x400m relay at the U-20 World Athletics Championships in Kenya. This is the 5th medal India has won in the history of the competition.

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