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Uttarakhand BJP chief Tirath Singh Rawat resigns

  • He must be elected as an MLA within 6 months of taking office as Chief Minister. He should take office by next September. Currently the Gangotri constituency and the Holtwani constituency are vacant. Of these, the party had decided to field Tirath Singh Rawat in the Gangotri constituency.
  • But elections to the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly will be held next year. The rule is that by-elections to the Legislative Assembly do not take place as there is only one year to the term of the Assembly. Therefore, it seems that the party has asked the top to resign Deerath Singh Rawat. He has since resigned.
State-of-the-art small bridges built locally are connected to the Indian Army
  • It was decided to build the bridges locally under the 'Independent India' project and the work has been in full swing for more than a year. Accordingly, 10 m long bridges jointly constructed by DRDO and L&T were incorporated into the Indian Army. In the first phase, 12 bridges were handed over to the Army. Its value is Rs 492 crore.
  • The bridging ceremony was held in Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narawane said, “The Indian Army has a number of small bridges of 15 meters in length.
Chief Minister speaks at the State Development Policy Committee meeting to make Tamil Nadu an independent state in India in development
  • All parts of Tamil Nadu should become uniformly developed areas. Tamil Nadu must achieve five years, ten years but unsustainable, sustainable development so that there should be no backward community, no backward people.
  • Appropriate planning is needed in every field. Moreover, Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen lauded the growth of Tamil Nadu, saying that it was because of economic development and social welfare programs that went hand in hand.
  • The development of Tamil Nadu is not only about exports and imports. Finance is not capital. Growth should be the growth of people from all walks of life. The State Development Policy Committee should be a beacon for the Government of Tamil Nadu. To show the good way for the development of the state. Thus spoke.
The first Indian athlete to be selected in the swimming category in Olympic history
  • Indian swimmer Mana Patel has been selected for the Tokyo Olympics. With this, Mana Patel became the first woman and third swimmer to qualify for the 2021 Olympics at the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Mana Patel is a backstroke swimmer from Ahmedabad. 21-year-old Mana Patel has won gold medals at the National Games in the 50 and 200 meter backstroke. Won gold in the 100m backstroke at the 60th National School Games.
Discovery of 13th century conservation inscriptions at Pudukkottai
  • In the Pudukkottai district at the beginning of the 13th century, in the context of the demise of the stable integrated system of government, most landowners acted as petty monarchs. They appointed security guards for the people under their administration, their possessions, and the merchants and merchants who traded from abroad.
  • Such 'teacher' inscriptions announcing the conservation work have been newly identified at Thirumayam Vattam Thevarmalai, Melappanaiyur and Malayadipatti. Among them, a 14th century inscription found at Melappanaiyur mentions the right to administer the Panaiyur Kulamangalam as' Swasti.
  • A 16th century ruined inscription found at the foothills of the Thirumayam Circle mentions the 'Ponnamaravathi Nadu Sevvalur Evaviruttariyars Asuriyam' as a declaration of responsibility for the protection of the area where the inscription was planted.
  • Furthermore, out of the 67 inscriptions found in Tamil Nadu so far, there are various expressions such as aasiriyam, asuriyam, asriyam, asrayam, asrayam. Only in 3 inscriptions is the word asrayam and asrayam handled.
Kontagai excavation also found a balanced skeleton
  • Phase 7 excavations have been underway since February 13 in the Lower, Agaram, Manalu and Kontagai areas. Excavations so far have revealed that Kontakai was an Emak forest in ancient times.
  • Numerous elderly miners and skeletons have been found in the pits dug here. The entire skeleton has been found in equilibrium in the area over the past few days. Another equilibrium skeleton has been found near the equilibrium skeleton already found in the same excavation pit. Archaeologists say the gender of the 3.5-foot-long skeleton will be known later.
Launch of project to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel
  • Humans can develop diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity if they consume products made using the same oil more than once in restaurants and desserts.
  • So in the district, the first phase will see the use of disposable oil from 50 restaurants and desserts at a cost of Rs. 25 to Rs. 30.
  • The Food Safety and Quality Agency has given permission to Roco to collect used oil from four districts including Perambalur, Trichy, Pudukottai and Dindigul.
  • The company plans to send used oil from 4 districts to the Bangalore Oil Refinery for refining as biodiesel and supply it to other oil companies for automotive use.
Post-Corona Wellness Center
  • The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on July 01 inaugurated the "Post-Coronation Wellness Center and International Vaccination Center" (post-COVID care clinic and international vaccination center for yellow fever) at King Special Hospital, Guindy.
  • The center has been administering the yellow fever vaccine and polio vaccine to travelers to Africa and South America since 1948, and has been certified by the World Health Organization as accredited by the World Health Organization.
Water, Climate Adaptation Center
  • The International Water and Climate Adaptation Center has been set up at IIT Chennai with the assistance of the German Academic Exchange Service, a German government agency.
"Crop Insurance Week": July 01-07
  • On behalf of the Union Ministry of Agriculture, a week from July 1 to Crop 7 has been ordered to be observed as Crop Insurance Week. July 01 is observed as Crop Insurance Day.
July 01: Chartered Accountants' (CA) day
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was established on 01 July 1949. July 01 is Chartered Accountants' Day every year.

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