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Various Concessions for New Enterprises Receiving Government Contracts Under Rs. 20 Lakhs - Government of Tamil Nadu Announcement

  • If the government gives priority to awarding contracts to new companies in Tamil Nadu, more jobs will be created. After considering this, the Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to offer new incentives to companies participating in contracts of less than Rs. 20 lakhs.
  • Accordingly, companies participating in the contract are exempted from contract point fee, submission amount, previous turnover showing and previous business experience.
  • Contracts may be obtained from public sector entities, public sector entities, corporations, localities, cooperatives, universities, and government-created associations.
  • These companies must be Dansim or a new business entity registered with the Department of Industry and Local Business Promotion (DPIIT), registered in Tamil Nadu.
Tamil Nadu tops in non-wasteful handling of vaccine: Central Government
  • 41 lakh additional doses have been extracted from vials and used by various states. Tamil Nadu was able to take 5.88 lakh additional doses. West Bengal paid Rs 4.87 lakh and Gujarat Rs 4.62 lakh as additional doses.
  • A maximum of 1.26 lakh vaccines were wasted in Bihar. This is half of what is wasted in the country. With a budget of Rs 35,000 crore for the Govt vaccination program, Rs. 8071 crore and Rs. 9725.15 crore has been spent so far as operational expenditure.
  • Orders have been placed to deliver 100.6 crore doses by December 2021. We expect to vaccinate people 18 years of age and older by December 2021.
Appointment of Vice Chancellors for 12 Union Universities including Thiruvarur University - Announcement by President Ramnath Govind
  • There are 22 Vice Chancellor posts vacant in Union Universities operating across the country. President Ramnath Govind has appointed Vice Chancellors for 12 of these universities.
  • In South Bihar, new Vice Chancellors have been appointed to Gaya Union University, Manipur, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Northeastern State University, Guru Kashidas University and Bilaspur Union University.
  • Muthugalingan Krishnan has been appointed as the Vice Chancellor of the Union University, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. Haryana-Thangeshwar Kumar, Himachal-Prakash Bansal, Jammu-Sanjeev Jain, Jharkhand-Kishidij Bhushan Das, Karnataka-Pattu Satyanarayana, Hyderabad-Pasudkar J Rao have been appointed as Vice Chancellors.
Can be paid for children between the ages of 12 and 17 - Europe approves Moderna vaccine
  • The European Drug Watchdog has approved the use of Moderna's corona virus vaccine for children between the ages of 12 and 17. It is the second most widely used vaccine for adolescents on the European continent.
  • "The use of the Spikevax vaccine in children between the ages of 12 and 17 is similar to that used for those 18 and older," said European Pharmaceuticals (EMA), using the brand name Modernka (Spikevax).
Inscription from the time of the first Paranthakan
  • Parakesari Paragerivarman I was the first Parantaka Chola who ruled from 907 AD to 958 AD. The inscription dates back to the 35th year of his reign. In that sense, the inscription dates back to 942
  • The true glory of the first Paranthaka Chola is 'Kopparakesari with Madurai'. During his reign this area known as Sathanur was ruled by Chitrarasan Kumaran. Today, the town is known as Ramasamudram. There is a large lake about 1 km from the place where this inscription is located.
  • The word ocean refers to a large body of water. The term was used extensively during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire. Information about the 'tax' is included following the consonant.
  • The word 'Kadi' is used in Tanjore. In our parts of the throat region it is called ‘pot’. If a pot of paddy is produced ... tax should be paid for the maintenance of the lake at the rate of one gram of paddy.
  • That is, if about 96 steps of paddy is produced, it is mentioned that one step of paddy should be taxed for the maintenance of the lake. And that I should worship at the feet of those who follow this; The inscription written by the Chitrarasana states that those who do not follow this Dharma will go to the sins of all the people between Ganga and Kumari. "
$ 5 trillion economy is possible for India by 2030 - DPS forecast
  • The federal government has set a target of turning India into a $ 5 trillion economy by 2025. However, DPS predicts that this target will be reached by 2030. India has stated that it will be possible to achieve this goal only by 2030.
  • Economically, the dollar-based GDP is expected to remain at seven percent by 2030. For that the value of the rupee should be uniform. Inflation should be around three percent. Only then will real growth (Real Growth) be around 4 percent. $ 5 trillion is only possible in 2030 if these are possible for the next few years.

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