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Missile test destroys tankers

  • It has been reported that the Indian Air Force base in Jammu and Kashmir was recently attacked by a drone. As a result, the federal government is intensifying security measures.
  • As a part of it, a small type missile against domestically produced military tanks is currently being successfully tested.
  • This small type of missile is capable of hitting enemy tanks with precision. The DRDO also said it was lightweight.
Success of Akash-NG missile test capable of striking air targets from the ground
  • The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has successfully tested a new generation Akash-NG missile capable of striking air targets from the ground from an integrated test site near the coast of Odisha.
  • Once integrated into the Indian Air Force, Akash-NG's operations will be to increase its strength. Manufacturing agencies such as Bharat Electronics Limited and Bharat Dynamics Limited also participated in the test.
Karnataka is the first state in the country to provide one per cent reservation for transgender people
  • Karnataka is the first state in India to offer reservation to third genders in government jobs. That is, according to the government order issued on July 6, one percent reservation will be given to transgender people in all government jobs, both in the public sector and in other sectors. Accordingly, the 'Others' section should be included in the male and female sections of government job related applications.
  • The ordinance also states that there should be no discrimination against transgender people in the selection process. It has been clarified that transgender people can be offered to men or women in the same category if no one is applying for the job.
Discovery of the first three-row brick wall near the bottom
  • Archaeological excavations are being carried out by the Archaeological Survey of Tamil Nadu at 4 places near Keelathi, Agaram, Kondagai and Manalur near Thiruppuvanam in Sivagangai district.
  • So far only double-walled, brick-built, canal-like, bottomless wells have been found in the alphabet. Now for the first time in the alphabet a three-tiered brick wall has been found. The brick found at the bottom was of length and width. But literally the bricks are square in shape.
  • These seem to belong to a later period than the bricks used below. The building is built by stacking three rows of bricks one on top of the other. They have used smooth clay for the handle. Some bricks have been found piled up in a nearby dilapidated condition. Eight pits have been dug so far in the alphabet.
  • A brick wall was found near the pit where the borehole was found. The borehole is likely to be in the shape of a building with the two together in a pit and a wall.
Twice as fast as sound - Russia's new warplane
  • Russia has introduced a sophisticated new fighter that can travel twice as fast as sound. For the first time Russia has introduced its sophisticated warplane to the world.
  • The fifth generation sophisticated fighter aircraft manufactured by Sukhoi is named Checkmate. The lightweight aircraft is said to be able to travel and fight with energy in all climates. The aircraft will be in the Russian Air Force from 2023
2032 Olympics in Brisbane, Australia - IOC
  • The IOC Executive Committee proposed last June to host the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane. It was announced that board members would vote on the issue at the IOC 138th Session in Tokyo.
  • In this context, the 138th session of the IOC was held in Tokyo on Wednesday. IOC members voted. The IOC has released the results of the referendum. Accordingly, 80 ballot papers have been issued.
  • 77 votes were cast. Votes were not recorded at 3 p.m. Thus, with a majority of 39 votes, 72 people voted 'yes' to host the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane. Only 5 people answered ‘no’.
The high-strength titanium alloy was developed by TRDO
  • In beta titanium alloys vanadium, iron and aluminum are mixed with titanium. This alloy is light weight. At the same time, the compound also has high strength.
  • This alloy, developed by TRDO, can be used to make tools used in warplanes. By making tools with this alloy, the weight of items, including fighter jets, can be greatly reduced by up to 40 percent.
  • Tools are currently being manufactured by mixing nickel, chromium and molybdenum with steel. Tools made of steel corrode quickly. The corrosion resistance of beta titanium alloys is lower than that of steel.
Terrorist financing environment in India - Postponement of study
  • The FATF Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has postponed a study on measures being taken in India to curb financial fraud and the financing of terrorist organizations until 2022.
  • The Paris-based FATF is conducting surveillance operations to prevent terrorist organizations and terrorists from receiving funding. The organization conducts surveys in many countries and classifies countries accordingly.
  • Currently, North Korea and Iran are blacklisted by the FATF. Chakra IAS academy Countries including Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, Mauritius, Cambodia are on the "Gray" list. Countries placed on this list cannot receive funding from international organizations, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.
  • The FATF last conducted a survey in India in 2010. It is noteworthy that at the time, the organization said that India was doing well in the fight against terrorism financing.
Victory torch that came to Trichy
  • Many officials, academics and the general public paid their respects to Vetri Jyoti at the Trichy NCC Headquarters. India won a historic victory in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war. It was this war that led to the formation of Bangladesh.

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