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Mithali's breakthrough to international cricket run tally

  • India captain Mithali Raj, who scored 75 not out in the 3rd ODI against England, has topped the list of highest run scorers in women's international cricket. Mittal topped the list of highest run-scorers in international cricket, overtaking England's Charlotte Edwards (10,273).
  • He has so far scored 7304 runs (average 52.80) in 217 ODIs, 669 runs (average 44.60) in 11 Tests and 2364 runs (average 37.52) in 89 T20s for a total of 10,337 runs. Sachin Tendulkar (34,357) and Mitali Raj (10,337) are the top two cricketers in the world.
  • Also, the fact that both Sachin and Mithali made their debut in international cricket at the same age (16 years, 205 days) is a rare resemblance.
Life-saving equipment must be fitted on all electrical connections
  • In Tamil Nadu, RCDs are designed to reduce electrical accidents caused by electrical repairs and leakage and to prevent casualties caused by such electrical accidents. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TERC) has enacted new rules in the Power Distribution Regulations to make it mandatory to fit a Residual Current Device (RCD) life-saving device in all electrical connections.
  • Its ability to detect electrical leakage must not exceed 30 milliamperes in order to save human lives without electric shock.
Sirisha Bandla, a woman of Indian descent going into space
  • British billionaire Richard Branson runs a space agency in the United States called the Virgin Galactic. The company is launching the Unity 22 spacecraft as part of a test effort.
  • The five-member team, including Richard Branson, the company's chairman, will travel to space on the 11th. Sirisha Bandla, Beth Moses and Colin Bennett are set to travel to space with France.
  • Sirisha Bandla is the Vice President of Government Affairs and Research at Virgin Galactic. Andhra Pradesh native Sirisha Bandala has become the 2nd woman of Indian descent to travel to space.
CoWin's International Conference
  • The 'Co-Win International Conference' on behalf of the Federal Department of Health and the State Department took place yesterday via video. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the conference:
  • Corona virus has killed many people around the world. I extend my deepest condolences to their families. We have not experienced such a major epidemic in the last 100 years.
  • We have experienced that no country can fight the corona virus alone.
  • At this critical juncture the need has arisen for the whole world to work together for the good of mankind. All countries can follow the best practice in any country in preventing the spread of the virus.
  • We have been sharing India's experiences and expertise with all countries since the early days of the Corona virus outbreak. We are helping the nations of the world as much as we can medically and technically.
  • Technology plays a vital role in the fight against corona virus. We first introduced the Health Setu processor to prevent the spread of the virus. 20 crore people use this processor.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to share India's technology with all countries on Go-Vin's digital platform, Arok Kiya Sethu Processor. No country can fight the corona virus alone. Corona can be cured by following the 'One Earth, One Well-Being' approach at this critical time.
  • The world is amazed at India's technological prowess and strategy in the fight against the corona virus. More than 50 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Panama, Nigeria and Uganda, have asked India to help develop similar digital platforms.
New plan to submit paperless budget to assembly
  • For the first time, a paperless 'e-budget' is to be tabled in the Tamil Nadu Assembly. Arrangements have been made to train all MLAs in connection with the new scheme.
  • The Assembly Rules Committee meeting, chaired by Speaker Appavu, was held at the General Secretariat. Chief Minister Stalin and Deputy Speaker Pichandi were also present.
Amazon's new CEO takes office
  • Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon in 1994, has transformed it into the world's leading online trading company. Bezos, who has been the CEO of Amazon for $ 120 trillion for 27 years, recently announced his resignation on July 5.
  • Bezos has appointed Andy Jose, who was in charge of Amazon's e-services, to the post. Accordingly, Bezos resigned yesterday, with Andy Jose taking over as the new CEO.
China launches world's first weather satellite
  • China has successfully launched the world's first weather satellite to ensure the accuracy of weather forecasts and communications. The satellite, which has been in operation for 8 years, was launched yesterday from the Jiuquan satellite launch pad with 11 automatic payloads.
  • It can monitor weather information including environmental temperature, humidity, disaster caused by heavy rains, floods, storms, hurricanes, etc., climate change caused by snow cover, sea level climate, natural disaster and ecology. In addition, it can monitor ionospheric data, space environment, and the sun needed to obtain space climate and related services.
James Anderson's record of 1,000 wickets in first-class cricket
  • James Anderson holds the record for taking 1,000 wickets in first-class cricket. Anderson holds the record for taking 1,000 wickets in first-class cricket, with Kun taking the wicket. Anderson is the only fast bowler to take more than 600 wickets in international Test cricket.
Launch of ‘Nipun Bharat Project’ to impart literacy to all
  • Launched under the Central Government's 'Samakra Siksha' program, this expert Bharat project is being implemented as an O movement. The study also found that 72.8 per cent of 2nd class children in the country are illiterate and 71.9 per cent of 3rd class children are illiterate.
  • The aim of the Nipun Bharat movement is to cater to the learning needs of children between the ages of 3 and 9 in the country. Teachers should focus on developing the basic language of the children.
  • Reading with comprehension can develop children into better readers and writers through literacy and numeracy skills. This is why a complete learning experience that combines pleasure, enjoyment and engagement at this basic stage has been developed in the expert Bharat project movement.
  • The 2020 National Education Policy states that access to basic literacy and numeracy for all children should be an immediate national task. It is with this in mind that the Department of School Education and Literacy of the Central Department of Education has developed the Expert Bharat Program with comprehensive guidance. The project is being implemented in collaboration with dedicated partners, experts and consultants.
  • It is implemented at the national-state-district-regional-school level. To implement this, the base level for 2021-22 will be Rs. 2,688.18 crore has already been sanctioned by the Central Government to the States and Union Territories under the Integrated Siksha Scheme.

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