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Russia's withdrawal from the international agreement overseeing military organizations

  • More than 35 countries, including the United States, Russia and Europe, have signed the treaty. The agreement came into force in 2002. So far more than 1,500 aircraft have monitored military structures in the countries concerned.
  • Through this, transparency in military affairs was maintained. But the administration, led by US President Donald Trump, which last year accused Russia of violating the agreement, announced its withdrawal from the agreement.
  • Russia has said it will reopen the agreement, led by President Joe Biden. Russia has said it will withdraw from the international agreement, although the United States has not made any decision on the issue.
  • The bill was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This has created an environment in which Russia's military structures cannot be monitored by other countries.
To promote the Indian MSME sector, Rs. 3,650 crore project - World Bank approval
  • The Government of India has announced a national plan to revive the small, medium and micro enterprises that have been severely affected by the Corona general freeze.
  • To help with this, Rs. The Rs 3,650 crore project has been approved by the World Bank's Executive Committee. The scheme will help improve the performance of 5,55,000 micro, small and medium enterprises in India.
  • In addition, the central government has announced Rs. 24,820 crore as part of the Rs. It is expected to help raise Rs 1,13,150 crore.
  • This is the second assistance program provided by the World Bank to Indian micro, small and medium enterprises. Already, under the MSME Emergency Assistance Scheme, Rs. The World Bank approved the Rs 5,475 crore project.
  • As a result, 50 lakh micro and small enterprises are getting loans from the government and taking steps to improve the industry.
  • With the newly approved approval, the MSME sector has increased its productivity to Rs. 9,125 crore has been approved by the World Bank.
Free vaccine for everyone over 18 - Modi
  • Indian Prime Minister Modi is currently addressing the nation. Most importantly, everyone over the age of 18 will be vaccinated. That means everyone over the age of 18 will get the free corona vaccine from the 21st.
  • In addition, vaccine shortages in the country are being addressed. He said the vaccine would be distributed free of cost to all states from June 21. He said families below the poverty line would be given free food grains till Diwali.
Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid has been elected as the new President of the United Nations General Assembly
  • Volken Boskir of Turmanistan is the 75th President of the United Nations General Assembly. Voting took place after his tenure to elect a new leader.
  • Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid and Afghan Foreign Minister Jalmay Rasool also contested.
  • In the 193-member General Assembly, 191 members voted in favor. Abdullah Shahid received 143 votes. Following this, the UN. Elected 76th Speaker of the General Assembly. Shahid will inaugurate the 76th General Assembly in September.
160 crore incentive for contract employees in government and local government sector - Government of Tamil Nadu approves
  • Rs.160 crore has been approved for incentives for government and local government employees engaged in Govt related work for the months of April, May and June.
  • An order has been issued to provide incentives to civil servants on contract pay, contract employees and employees working under government and local bodies who have been engaged in Govt related work for the last three months of April, May and June.
Release from INS Sandayak Shipping on June 04
  • The domestically designed and built INS Sandhayak joined the Indian Navy on February 26, 1981.
  • For the past 40 years, the Indian Navy has provided significant work for sea level, marine resources, pollution and hydrographic survey ship. Chakra IAS academy The ship was the first of the Chandayak type ships and later became the forerunner of various ships built by India.
  • The ship has not only made significant contributions to hydrographic exploration activities but also to various major.
  • Especially in 1987 he assisted the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka. The ship has made significant contributions to operations such as Operation Sarong, Operation Rainbow and various humanitarian operations.
International Booker Prize 2021
  • French novelist David Diop has been nominated for the 2021 International Booker Prize for his novel At Night All Blood is Black. DAVID DIOP was the first French novelist to receive this award.
  • This book has been translated into English by Anna Moschovakis.
June 03 - World Bicycle Day
  • World Bicycle Day is celebrated annually on June 03. In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared this day as International Day.

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