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Central Government Agreement with Mahindra

  • In our country, the Central Government is constantly engaged in efforts to promote the 'Autonomous India' program. It is advised to give priority to domestic products.
  • In this context, the Central Government has decided to purchase Airport Surveillance Radar Systems from Mahindra Telephonics Integrated Systems Limited.
  • The agreement was signed between the Ministry of Defense and Mahindra Telephonics. Under the agreement, 11 surveillance radar systems are to be procured for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard.
  • 323.47 crore has been allocated for this. These surveillance radar systems manufactured by Mahindra Telephonics are more accurate than conventional radar systems.
The KSRTC name belongs to Kerala
  • 'The name KSRTC should henceforth be used by the Kerala State Transport Corporation,' the trademark registration department has ordered in the case filed against Karnataka.
  • The Government of Kerala 'Kerala State Road Transport Corporation' is abbreviated as 'KSRTC'.
  • All Kerala government buses are marked with these letters. However, the same letters are engraved on the buses of the Karnataka State Transport Corporation. Thus, confusion ensued.
  • Thus, Anthony Sacco, the then managing director of the Kerala Transport Corporation, sued the Central Government-controlled trademark registration department.
  • Judgment was given in this case which has been going on for the last 7 years. In it, it was ordered that the letter 'KSRTC' should be used only by the Kerala Transport Corporation.
Agreement to purchase 30 crore dose of 2nd locally developed vaccine Biological-e
  • The Central Government has entered into an agreement with Hyderabad-based Biological-E to procure 30 crore doses of the vaccine.
  • The central government has to pay an advance of Rs 1,500 crore to the company. It is learned that an advance of Rs 40 crore has been given for the first phase.
Kalaignar Birthday - Chief Minister launches five projects Stalin
  • On the occasion of the birthday of the late former Chief Minister Karunanidhi, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin announced.
  • A Rs 250 crore multi-purpose specialty hospital will be set up at the King Institute campus in South Chennai.
  • With a capacity of 16,000 tonnes in 10 areas in Thiruvarur, paddy storage depots and dry fields will be set up at a cost of Rs 30 crore.
  • The Karunanidhi Memorial Library will be set up in Madurai on an area of ​​2 lakh square feet at a cost of Rs. 70 crore.
  • City buses also offer free travel for transgender and disabled people.
  • The Literary Mamani Award will be created to promote and highlight Tamil writers. Three Tamil writers earn Rs. The award will be presented with a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh.
  • Awards will be given to writers who receive state awards, such as Jnanpith and Sahitya Akademi.
  • An incentive of Rs.5000 will be given to 1,17,184 policemen ranging from second class policemen to inspectors who served in the field during the Corona period.
  • Recipients of National Awards such as the Sahitya Akademi, State Literary Awards, and awards from prestigious global organizations, such as the Sahitya Akademi, will be housed by the Government of Tamil Nadu in the district where they live or in the district of their choice
  • The award is given on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu to artists who excel in science, music and drama. As well as promoting and honoring Tamil writers, the "Literary Mamani" award has been created and the award is given annually to three writers who have enriched Tamil literature. The awardees will be given a certificate of appreciation and five lakh rupees in cash
  • The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has announced a plan to provide Rs. 2,000 as the second installment of the Corona Relief Fund. Stalin began.
  • A scheme to provide 14 groceries in rations as a corona relief aid has started in Tamil Nadu.
  • A scheme to provide Rs. 4,000 scholarships to priests, priestesses and temple workers has started in Tamil Nadu. Rs. 4,000 will be provided to about 14,000 people working in 12,959 temples without a monthly salary. 10 kg of rice along with Rs. 4,000 and 15 types of groceries are given to the priests and priestesses.
  • Chief Minister pays tribute to the family of the front line workers killed by Corona. Stalin sponsored. The family of the doctor, paramedic, guard and judge who died by Corona was given financial assistance of Rs 25 lakh. Rs 10 lakh financial assistance was given to the family of a journalist who died by Corona.
  • The government provided benefits to 10 beneficiaries under the 'Chief in your constituency' scheme.
New Tamil font registration on government office computer
  • Tamil was typed in government department offices and computers across Tamil Nadu using the rainbow and avvaiyar fonts.
  • At present, it has been ordered to download and use the Tamil Unicode fonts created by the Tamil Internet Education Corporation (Tamil Virtual Academy) instead.
Transformation of Certificate of Eligibility for Teachers into Lifetime Evidence
  • The Central government has ordered that the 7-year certificate issued to those who pass the Teacher Qualification Examination be valid as a lifetime certificate.
  • The Right to Education Act, introduced by the federal government in 2009, stipulates that those who wish to work as teachers in government schools must pass a teacher qualification test.
  • Previously, the Central Government conducted a national qualifying examination for teachers recruited in schools operating under the Central Government.
  • Similarly, since 2010, teachers have been recruited in other states by conducting teacher qualification examinations.
International Eni Award 2020
  • Scientist & Professor C.N.R.Rao has been nominated for Italy's International Eni Award 2020 (also known as the 'Energy Frontier Award 2020') for his research on renewable energy sources and energy storage.
  • The award is also considered the Nobel Prize for Energy Research. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 2013.
  • C.N.R.Rao is the third scientist to receive the Bharat Ratna award after Sir CV Raman and ABJ Abdul Kalam. Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, Sardar in Gujarat
India ranks 105th in football rankings
  • The Indian men's football team is ranked 105th in the FIFA Football Rankings. Meanwhile, the Indian team is ranked 57th in the women's category.
  • Belgium, France, Brazil, England and Portugal are ranked 1st to 5th respectively.
Narendran elected new president of CII
  • TV Narendran has been elected as the new President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). He is the CEO and Managing Director of Tatar Steel.
Production of key sectors increased by 56.1%
  • Production in eight key sectors rose by 56.1 per cent in April, according to data released by the central government.
  • Production in the country's eight major sectors, crude oil, natural gas, coal, refining products, fertilizers, steel, cement and electricity, fell by 37.9 per cent in April 2020 due to a general freeze.
June 01 - World Milk Day
  • World Milk Day is observed on behalf of the UN, on the 1st of June. India produces tons of milk per year and is the world's largest milk producer.
  • Tamil Nadu produces 206 lakh liters of milk per day, ranking fourth in India.
  • Dr. Varghese Kurien laid the foundation for the development of milk and dairy products in India. He is known as the father of the White Revolution for his excellent implementation of milk production.

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