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1.06 lakh crore to 23 states through special reform measures

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that 23 states have received an additional Rs 1.06 lakh crore through special reform measures. According to him on the topic of regular reforms and incentives, 23 states were eligible for Rs 2.14 lakh crore. These have received an additional Rs 1.06 lakh crore from the central government.
  • He said it was an expression of improved relations between the central and state governments. The allocation is based on a self-help economic program called Atmanirbharat introduced by the Central Government.
  • State governments will be allowed to receive 2 percent more than the gross domestic product. One per cent of that is to force some of the economic reforms implemented by the central government.
  • All such reform measures are aimed at improving the lives of the poor and enabling them to lead a peaceful life. Financial stability is the second aspect of this. A quarter percent incentive will be provided for each reform measure.
  • The first measure introduced by the Central Government was the 'One Nation, One Ration' card. All ration cards should be linked to the Aadhaar card and all ration shops should carry out electronic transactions.
  • Ration items can be purchased in any part of the country under this scheme. Next, create an environment conducive to starting businesses in the states. Accordingly, state governments should simplify the issuance of licenses.
  • 7 Procedures should be executable automatically. This means that there must be no impediment to simply paying the fee and obtaining permission.
  • Third, state governments are to regulate property taxes and sewerage charges. This includes reducing stamp duty. The fourth reform is to transfer the electricity bill subsidy directly to the user's bank account.
Kerala High Court stays order issued by Praful Koda Patel in Lakshadweep
  • Lakshadweep, a Union Territory of India, is located in the Arabian Sea, about 200 km off the coast of Kerala. Praful Koda Patel, who has been appointed as an administrator in Lakshadweep, has caused a great deal of controversy over the action taken by Praful Patel against the people there.
  • Praful Koda Patel has taken arbitrary action, including banning beef in Lakshadweep, a Muslim-majority area, banning non-vegetarian food in schools, allowing liquor sales, appointing civil servants in his favor and ordering the removal of fishermen's huts to widen roads.
  • A case related to this came up for hearing in the Kerala High Court. The High Court had then issued an interim injunction restraining the two orders, including ban on beef in schools and closure of dairy farms, issued by Praful Koda Patel.
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University 3rd place in India
  • According to a study conducted by Education World, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is ranked first among the Agricultural Universities in Coimbatore South India and third in India.
  • Qualification and teaching skills of teachers working in educational institutions, the well-being and development of teachers in educational institutions, the use of new types of research projects and innovations, syllabi and quality new teaching methods, memorandums of understanding with curriculum-based industries, increasing college-based employment; Education World Magazine has published a list of educational institutions across India based on quality and campus infrastructure development, globalization, leadership qualities and management promotion, and curricula over time.
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore is ranked first among the South Indian Agricultural Universities, third among 63 Agricultural Universities in India and 53rd out of 150 overall universities in India, said Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.
The Supreme Court has approved the CBSE Plus 2 score calculation system
  • The Supreme Court has approved the CBSE assessment system which gives marks to Plus-2 students on the basis of marks obtained in Classes 10, 11 and 12. Also, the Supreme Court has dismissed the petitions against the cancellation of the CBSE Plus 2 exam.
  • The apex court opined that the CBSE exams were canceled after various consultations and did not want to interfere in the decision of the CBSE Board. Similarly, the Central Government has put forward its opinion during the trial of the case.

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