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UN Guterres is back as General Secretary

  • UN Antonio Guterres has been re-appointed to the post of General Secretary. He said his second term would begin on January 1, 2022 and end on December 31, 2026. Following this, Bosco administered the oath of office to Guterres at the UN General Assembly.
Order of the National Green Tribunal to dissolve the case study committee related to the Cloud Dam
  • 'A petition has been filed with the Ministry of Environment and Forests on behalf of the Government of Karnataka seeking permission to build a dam at Megathattu. The petition filed by the Tamil Nadu government regarding the dam issue is pending in the Supreme Court. Therefore, it would be confusing to hear this case in the Green Tribunal. Therefore, this case should be closed '.
  • Accepting this, the chairman of the session dissolved the committee already set up to study the cloud dam and closed the case.
Indian as Supreme Court Judge of Canada
  • Rosalie Silberman Abella, a Supreme Court judge in the North American country of Canada, is about to retire. I am pleased to appoint Mahmoud Jamal, Ontario State Court of Appeals Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada. Jamal is the first Indian to be appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of Canada.
GST exemption for lunch program
  • The Central Government has announced that under the Lunch Scheme, schools and Anganwadi catering establishments will be exempted from GST. Goods and services tax, also known as GST, is levied on companies that distribute food to schools under the lunch program, with donations from government grants and institutions.
  • It has been decided to exempt schools, primary schools and Anganwadis from GST under the Lunch Scheme, with donations from government grants and institutions.
  • In addition, various services, including fees charged by the Central and State Board of Education for examinations and entrance examinations for educational institutions, are exempt from GST.
Central Bank buys PMC bank caught in financial malpractice complaint - RBI approves start of finance bank
  • As on March 31, 2020, BMC Bank had a total deposit of Rs 10,727.12 crore and a total lending of Rs 4,472.78 crore. BMC Bank had on November 3 last year announced that those interested in buying the bank could apply.
  • Centrum Financial Services had applied on February 1 last year. In this context, Senram Financial Services has approved the Reserve Bank's policy to start a small finance bank.
India-EU Naval Joint Exercise
  • The Indian pirate ship INS Trikand, which is engaged in anti-piracy operations, along with the navies of the European Union countries of Spain, Italy and France began joint pope exercises on Friday. The exercise takes place over two days in the Gulf of Aden. 5 ships from 4 countries have participated in this.
  • The Italian naval vessel IDS Carabinieri, the Spanish naval vessel ESPS Navarra, the French navy's 2 pirate ships FS Tannery and FS Schaff are involved in the exercise.
  • This includes a variety of pope exercises, including air defense, submarine attack training, rescue and search operations, and maritime security operations. In this way, the navies of these 4 countries will act as a combined force and improve their capabilities, peace, security and stability in the sea area.
  • The European Union and the Indian Navy are currently working together on a number of missions, including anti-piracy missions. These provide protection for ships under the UN Food Security Program. These have enhanced the integration between the Indian Navy and the European Union Navy.
Green fungal disease in Madhya Pradesh
  • Survivors from Corona in Madhya Pradesh are the first in the country to be infected with green fungus. Green is an infectious "aspergillosis". The disease, which is very rare, can also affect the lungs.
  • Black fungus affects the face, nose, eyes or brain. This can lead to vision loss and spread to the lungs. The disease is called by the name of the colors to distinguish which part of the body is affected by the fungal disease
The Arctic glacier began to melt
  • Marcus Rex, head of a research team, has warned that the Arctic ice cap is beginning to melt due to global warming. At the North Pole of the Arctic, 300 scientists from 20 countries conducted research led by Professor Rex.
Rajagopal Eechambadi appointed President of American University
  • Rajagopal Ichchambadi is the first Indian to take charge as the President of this 131 year old and world renowned Technical University in the United States and he has brought global pride not only to the Tamils ​​and Tamil Nadu but also to the Indian subcontinent.

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