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Coca-Cola has suffered a loss of Rs 29,000 crore

  • Portugal, the defending champions of the Euro Cup, face Hungary. Ronaldo, who had previously attended a press conference, saw Coca-Cola cold bottles on the table. Ronaldo immediately removed the bottles, put the water bottle on the table and said "Aqua". "Aqua" in Portuguese means water.
  • Ronaldo's move to skip soft drinks and drink water hashtags Ronaldo and Drink Water have become a trend on Twitter to resonate on social media. The affair also had a major impact on Coca-Cola's corporate market value. The market value of the company plummeted.
  • As a result, the company suffered a loss of over $ 29 billion, valued at $ 4 billion in India. Coca -cola's share of the stock market fell 1.6%.
Vivatech Digital Conference 2021
  • Vivatech Digital Conference for Startup and Technology Companies. It is very popular in European countries. The conference has been held in Paris since 2016. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the occasion:
  • India and France are working together in various fields. Important among these are technology and digital technologies. The technical relationship between the two countries needs to be further strengthened in the current era. This will not only benefit India and France.
  • Would benefit the whole world. India-based Infosys shares information technology. Similarly, the French company Ados has provided India with the fastest supercomputer.
  • Similarly, companies including Francine CapGemini, India's TCS and Wipro are pioneers in information technology sharing. The biggest challenge of this century for the nations of the world is the corona infection. Information technology and modern medicine have helped us to face this crisis.
  • We can understand how far innovation practices have helped us in the pre-corona environment and in the post-corona environment. Adar, which was created through technology, was instrumental in providing financial assistance to people digitally.
  • During the corona epidemic in India, there was a shortage of various medical equipment, including face shields. The activity of start-ups and private companies during this period was very significant.
Appointment of ambassadors Biden - Putin decision
  • US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Geneva, Switzerland. Biden met Putin for the first time since taking office as US president. After a four-hour talk, the two leaders met with reporters. Biden said, "The talks went very smoothly. There was no word from either side to provoke anger or resentment."
Appointed US Judge of Indian Descent Sarala Vidya Nagala
  • Sarala Vidya Nagala, who is of Indian descent, has been working as an Indo-US civil rights lawyer. He has been appointed by U.S. President Biden as the District Judge of the State of Connecticut.
  • Sarala will become the first South Asian woman judge to serve on the Connecticut District Court if her appointment is approved by the US Senate. Sarala, who joined the U.S. Attorney's Office in 2012, has held various positions.
Ronaldo scores the most goals in the Euro Series
  • Portugal-Hungary clash in Group F of the current Euro Series. With 2 goals in the match, Ronaldo topped the list of highest scorers in the Euro Cup Finals, overtaking Frenchman Michael Platini (9 goals) with 11 goals.
  • Ronaldo (106 goals) is the second highest goalscorer in the world at home, with 3 more goals needed to equal the record set by Iran's Ali Dai (109).
TNPSC President Uma Maheshwari appointed
  • Following the appointment of Nandakumar as the Commissioner of School Education, who was the Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Civil Service Selection Board, the post of Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Civil Service Selection Board became vacant.
  • Following this, with the permission of the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Pudukottai District Collector Umamageswari has been appointed as president and Kiren Kurala as the Controller of Examinations.

DAP Fertilizer Subsidy Increased to 700 - Union Cabinet Approval
  • Next to urea, D-ammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer is the most widely used in the country. Last year a bundle of 50 kg of this fertilizer was sold for 1700. Of this, 500 were awarded as grants.
  • Thus, as much as 1,200 bundles to farmers, the manufacturing companies were selling it. Last month, a high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to increase the subsidy for DAP fertilizer by 140 per cent.
  • In this context, the Union Cabinet meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Modi. Of this, it was approved to increase the subsidy for DAP fertilizer to Rs.700 per bundle. The increase in fertilizer subsidy is said to cost the government an additional Rs 14,775 crore. Already, 900 is being subsidized for urea.
  • The 'Deep Sea Project' is to be developed to identify the resources in the deep sea and develop technologies for its use. The Union Cabinet also approved this yesterday. Under this project, explorations are to be carried out to find mineral resources at a depth of 6,000 meters in the ocean.
Rs 5 lakh deposit scheme for helpless children - Chief Minister launched
  • To protect the future of children who have lost their parents due to Govt, those children will be given a deposit of Rs 5 lakh each. A deposit of Rs. 3 lakhs will be made to the father or mother who has a child who has lost his mother or father and the amount will be paid to the child with interest on attaining the age of 18 years.
  • In this context, Chief Minister Stalin inaugurated the scheme of paying a deposit of Rs. 5 lakhs to the children who lost their parents in Kovil at a function held at the General Secretariat.

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