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Become A Guest Author At TNPSCSHOUTERS, Now a days, one of the key for the growth is the awesome guest authors that have submitted guest posts. As a matter of fact you too can become those awesome people. Here at TNPSCSHOUTERS we are always looking for the people who are able to write for us or what we call as Guest Post. It is a great way to build audience, increase your blog's or website's traffic. It is also a great way to promote your online presence and content.

Reasons Why You May Want To Write A Guest Post:
  •  Expand Your Audience Online
  •  You Will Generate Traffic And Backlinks
  •  You Will Help People Through Your Post
  • Peoples find Updated Study Material
What Type Of Topics Are We Looking For?
We are looking for a high-quality posts useful for our readers and fit the theme of this blog. It can be related to:

  1. TNPSC Examination Related Posts, Notifications, Notes, Books and Mock Test
  2. TRB Examination Related Posts, Notifications, Notes, Books and Mock Test
  3. TET Examination Related Posts, Notifications, Notes, Books and Mock Test
Guidelines For Guest Post
  • Your article must be original, unique and well researched.
  • Your article must match with the topic that we're looking for.
  • Your article must have minimum 800 words. Split it into several paragraphs with several sub headings.
  • Please attach at-least one relevant picture to the topic (And include image credits when necessary)
  • No affiliate links and unrelated links.
  • Please add byline at the end of your article.
  •  Subscribe to post's comments via email. We do expect you to promptly come back to reply to comments. It will increase discussion and benefits you the most.
Required By Author
  1. Full name / First name — Depending upon what you prefer to be known as.
  2. Website URL — If you don't have one it will be nice to show more things about you.
  3. Bio — (20-40 words) a short piece of text describing who are you and what do you do.
  4. Email — Your preferred email.
  5. Picture — Your picture (it is used in bio section).
  6. Social Media — Link to your personal social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. If you have and if you wish to show them on your separate Author page.
What Do We Provide
We facilitate our Guest Authors in much better way. If you submit a post here at TNPSC Shouters We'll maintain a page with Author's Bio and posts. We'll also give a link to your website and social media profiles there. 
We'll share your post on our social networking sites and you'll be able to get lots of visitors to your blog as well. We'll insure that you'll be benefited by your article at TNPSC Shouters along with us.
Submit Your Guest Post

If you have a post that meets the above guidelines, you can send your email with subject as "Guest Post" to our E-Mail id : tnpscshouters@gmail.com

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  1. ஐயா எனது community certificate DNCஆனால் MBC என tnpsc group 2 apply செய்துவிட்டேன் அதனால் certificate verification ல reject பனிருவாங்கலா sir

    1. Less chance for rejection of your application due to both MBC & DNC comes under same reservation category



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