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Red Flag 2024 Exercise
  • The Indian Air Force team participated in Exercise Red Flag 2024 conducted at Eelson Air Force Base, Alaska by the US Air Force from June 04 to June 14. This is the second edition of Red Flag 2024, an advanced air combat exercise. 
  • It is held four times a year by the US Air Force. The Indian Air Force, the Republic of Singapore Air Force, the Royal Air Force of England, the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the German Luftwaffe and the United States Air Force (USAF) participated in the exercise.
  • A squadron of Indian Air Force participated along with the Rafale aircraft and crews, technicians, engineers, controllers and field experts.
  • Red Flag is a multi-variety air combat exercise designed to provide realistic combat settings. Forces are demarcated to simulate the desired environment, with the red force simulating air defense elements. Navy Assault simulates mixed elements.
  • This is the first time that IAF Rafale aircraft of the Indian Air Force have participated in the Red Flag exercise. Despite the challenging weather and near-zero temperatures, the IAF maintenance crew worked diligently to ensure the serviceability of all aircraft throughout the duration of the exercise.
Nagasthira 1 drone inducted into Indian Army
  • Nagpur-based Solar Industries Economics Explosives (EEEL) has developed the 'Nagasthira-1' drone. The first batch of indigenously developed 'Nagasthira-1' drone was formally handed over to the Indian Army. Nagastira-1, a suicide drone that perfectly attacks and destroys enemy targets, has been inducted into the Indian Army.
  • Nagastira-1 drones are capable of precision strikes on enemy training camps, launch sites and infiltrations. So it will reduce the risk to soldiers. Indian Army has ordered 480 drones from EEEL. Of these, 120 Nagastra-1 drones have been delivered to the Army's ammunition depot, defense officials said.
  • Nagastira-1 is a military drone that can be easily manned. Nagastira drone weighs 9 kg and can fly for up to 30 minutes in the sky. Nagastira drones are designed to attack and destroy targets up to a distance of 30 km and can easily fly up to 200 meters in the sky.
Ramaphosa re-elected as South African president
  • The current President Cyril Ramaphosa has been re-elected as the President of South Africa. Elections for the 400-member South African Parliament were held on the 29th of last month.
  • ANC got only 159 seats in this election. With this, the party that led the country from apartheid under the leadership of Nelson Mandela lost its majority for the first time in 30 years.
  • As other parties also did not get the required 201 seats to form the government, the formation of the new government continued to drag on. In this context, an agreement to form a government of national unity was made on Friday between the Democratic Front, which came second in the polls with 87 seats, and the ANC. 
  • Subsequently, Cyril Ramaphosa has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of the country. In this regard, he got 283 votes in the poll held in Parliament on Friday night. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party leader, Julius Malema, who competed against him, got only 44 votes. 
  • After that, Ramaphosa will be re-elected for a second term as the country's president. His Democratic Front, which has mostly white MPs, will be joined by the Indian Independence Party (IFP), which came fifth in the polls, and the minority party, the Patriotic Front (PF).
Ukraine Peace Conference 2024
  • A Ukraine peace conference involving more than 100 countries kicked off in Switzerland on Saturday. Although President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that history will be created in this conference, it is considered that this conference will not make a big change in the field situation as Russia is not participating in it.
  • An international conference to discuss the more than 2-year-old war between Russia and Ukraine began on Saturday at the Pakenstock tourist resort in Switzerland's Nidwalden region. Representatives from around 100 countries are participating.

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