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TNPSC குரூப் 2 துணைப் பதிவாளர் பதவி விவரங்கள் / TNPSC GROUP 2 SUB REGISTRAR POST DETAILS

TNPSC குரூப் 2 துணைப் பதிவாளர் பதவி விவரங்கள் / TNPSC GROUP 2 SUB REGISTRAR POST DETAILS

Sub Registrar, Grade-II Post Details

Nature of Work

  • Independent nature 
  • very high power
  • No one can question them with reference to their right action (even head of the department (I.A.S)) subjected to their actions according to rules and regulations of the Registration department. 
  • Answerable to none except court if any dispute arises.
  • Respectable status among public. 


  • very hectic work
  • have to spend almost 10 to 14hrs in a office depending upon the size of the jurisdiction
  • stress nature, not suitable for people who want to study further.
  • but can study well during 2 years of probation period, later work is going to be a be very hectic but can study 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Register the documents relating to movable and immovable properties within the limits of his jurisdiction. 
  • He is acting a Marriage Registrar.
  • Registration of Documents Granting certified copies & Encumbrance Certificates
  • Solemnization & Registration of Special Marriage
  • Granting Extract of Birth & Death
  • Ex-Officio stamp Vendor 

Place of Work

  • Across Tamilnadu 

Expected Salary

  • 40,000+ (POV)one of the departments where you don’t need to depend the monthly salary)


  • Joining as a non-registration (administrative) post before the age of 25 provides a promotional opportunity to become an Assistant Inspector General of Registration (AIG).
  • Opting for the Regular Sub Registrar position opens the career path to advance up to the role of District Registrar. 

Chance for Preparation

  • The Registration Department now works on Saturdays.
  • Registration offices are also open on auspicious days, such as Adiperukku, for important holidays.
  • If you are dedicated to preparing for the Group 1 and UPSC exams, this schedule may work for you

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