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The United States rejected the resolution that Israel brought to the UN to stop the war with Hamas
  • The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on since October 7. The attack killed 1,147 people in Israel. Also 247 people from Israel were taken as hostages to Gaza. More than 17,000 people were killed in Gaza in the war by Israel. And lakhs of people have lost their homes and are living in camps. Children, women and the elderly were the worst hit. They were deprived of even the essentials.
  • Meanwhile, the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas announced a 4-day ceasefire. In these 4 days Hamas has approved the release of hostages. Similarly, the Israeli side also agreed to the terms of the Hamas organization. 
  • The 4-day ceasefire was extended by two more days as both sides observed it respectively. Accordingly, 105 people were released by Hamas during the 6-day ceasefire. Of these, 81 were Israelis, 23 were from Thailand and one was from the Philippines. 
  • At the same time, another 137 people are being held hostage by Hamas. Meanwhile, the temporary ceasefire ended at 7 am on December 1.
  • Countries including Qatar and the United States held talks with both sides to extend the ceasefire. But because no agreement was reached in the negotiations, the Hamas group did not properly follow the terms of the ceasefire, and because of the attack by the Hamas group on the border, Israel started the war again, the Israeli army said. As a result, Israel is attacking Gaza again.
  • While the war between Israel and Hamal has been going on for 3 months, the world is urging to end it. Meanwhile, a resolution to end the war was brought in the UN Assembly yesterday. 13 countries voted in favor of the resolution. England did not participate in this resolution. However, the US used its veto power to reject this resolution.
Lashmipath Singhania Award to Dr. V. Mohan
  • The IIM Lucknow National Leadership Awards 2022-23 organized by IIM Lucknow and JK Organization, an industry joint venture in New Delhi, was held yesterday at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. President Drabupati Murmu attended the function and presented the awards.
  • In this, Dr. V. Mohan, President of Dr. Mohan Diabetes Center and Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, was selected for the Lashmipath Singhania Award in the category of 'Leadership in Science and Technology'. He was felicitated with the Lashmipat Singhania Award by President Draupadi Murmu. Dr. Mohan is also the second Indian doctor to receive the award in this category.
Mijam flood relief announcement
  • A consultative meeting regarding the provision of relief assistance to the people affected by rains and floods was held at the Chief Secretariat today (9-12-2023) by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Led by Stalin.
  • The meeting was attended by ministers, chief secretary and other high officials. The consultation meeting discussed the flood damage and the amount of compensation to be provided.
  • Based on this, Chief Minister M.K. has given Rs. Stalin ordered them. The chief minister has ordered that the relief amount be distributed in cash through the fair price shops in the affected areas.
  • Apart from that, increase the amount of compensation from Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh to the families of those who died due to storm and flood; He has also issued an order to increase the already given amount of Rs 5 thousand to Rs 8 thousand for the damaged huts.
  • Increase from Rs.13,500/- to Rs.17 thousand per hectare for irrigated crops including paddy affected by rain (33 percent and above); Increase compensation from Rs.18,000/- to Rs.22,500/- per hectare for perennial crops and trees (33% and above);
  • Increase from Rs.7,410/- to Rs.8,500/- per hectare for rainfed crops (33 percent and above); Increase the amount of Rs.30,000/- to Rs.37,500/- as compensation for loss of life of cattle including oxen and cows;
  • Increase Rs.3,000/- to Rs.4,000/- as compensation for loss of life of goats and sheep; In respect of relief assistance for damaged boats and nets, Rs.32,000/- to Rs.50,000/- for fully damaged structures (including fishing nets), from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/- for partially damaged structures and for fully damaged Vallam type boats is Rs. 75,000 to Rs.100,000, the maximum amount of subsidy from Rs.5,000 to Rs.7.50,000 for fully damaged motorboats, and the compensation for damaged nets from Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000; Chief Minister M.K. Stalin ordered.

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