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Tamil Nadu is number one in electronics' exports
  • In the current financial year, from April to October, the state-wise data related to electronics exports from India has been released. During this period, Tamil Nadu topped the country by exporting electronics worth Rs 39,600 crore.
  • Tamil Nadu's share in total exports is 31 percent. Tamil Nadu's exports are double that of the second ranked state. In the current full financial year, the export value of Tamil Nadu's electronics products is estimated to be Rs 66,400 crore. It was Rs 44,500 crore in the previous year. 
  • Due to Tamil government policies, skilled workforce and strong infrastructure, exports have increased. Tamil Nadu's development path in electronics exports is not just a statistic, it is a proof of the state's growing ecosystem. Thus it is said. 
  • In the current financial year till October, the value of India's electronics exports is 1.28 lakh crore rupees. Out of which, UP is in the second place with a value of Rs 21,400 crore; Karnataka is also at the third position with Rs 19,000 crore.
International Fund approves more loans to Sri Lanka
  • Our neighboring country, Sri Lanka, got into a major financial crisis early last year. As a result, the cost of essential commodities increased and the government's finances were poor as they could not be procured from abroad. 
  • Sri Lanka sought help from the International Fund to revive the economy and recover from debts. Accepting this, studies were going on to provide a loan of 3,000 crore rupees to Sri Lanka to rehabilitate the debts.
  • Following this, an agreement has been made to repay this loan in 48 months. The International Fund has come forward to lend a total of 24,000 crore rupees to Sri Lanka. 
  • 52 percent of Sri Lanka's total debt is from China. Talks were going on between Sri Lanka and China regarding the repayment of the debt. Due to the prolonged stalemate, the International Fund delayed the granting of loans to Sri Lanka. 
  • According to this new agreement, Rs 3,000 crore is to be given to Sri Lanka. In addition to this, the International Fund has disbursed a total of Rs 5,500 crore to Sri Lanka.
Reducing Fossil Fuel Use - 200 Nations Agree on Climate Change Conference
  • The 28th UN Climate Change Conference was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the last 2 weeks. This resulted in the first international agreement to reduce the use of coal for energy.
  • According to the agreement, steps will be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and for this, eight-point programs will be implemented, including reduction of fossil fuel consumption.
  • This is seen as a setback for countries like India and China that use coal for energy.
Asian Development Bank lends 200 million dollars for Clean India project
  • Asian Development Bank funding will be earmarked to improve waste management facilities including composting plants, material extraction facilities, and plastic waste processing facilities.
  • Swachh India aims to introduce international best practices in solid waste management, integration of new technologies, handling of climate and disaster preparedness, improvement of waste management facilities in 100 cities across 8 states, involvement of private sector in sanitation work and strengthening of women's participation. It is also reported that the project aims to
  • Additionally, this funding will benefit the construction of toilets for community use and the Asian Development Bank will provide an additional amount of 3.15 million (31.50 lakh) dollars apart from the loan.
  • With this, the Asian Development Bank hopes that the Clean India program will lead to making all cities garbage-free by 2026.
Union Minister Mr. Arjun Munda inaugurated the ASEAN-India Small Grains Festival
  • Union Minister of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Tribal Welfare Mr. Arjun Munda inaugurated the ASEAN-India Small Grains Festival in New Delhi today. 
  • Union Ministers of State for Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Kailash Chaudhary, Sushri Shoba Karandalaje, Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Secretary Manoj Ahuja and others participated in the event. 
  • Ahead of the International Year of Small Grains, the festival aims to raise awareness and establish a larger market for small grains and small grain-based products.
  • Addressing the delegates from India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, Union Minister Mr. Arjun Munda highlighted the government's policies and market innovations to improve the production and consumption of grains.
Rajya Sabha passes Central Universities (Amendment) Bill 2023 to set up Central Tribal University at Sammakka Charaka in Telangana
  • The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2023 to further amend the Central Universities Act, 2009 to establish the Sammakka Charaka Central Tribal University at Muluku in the State of Telangana was passed by the Rajya Sabha on 13 December 2023. The Bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha.
  • The university will be set up at a cost of Rs.889.07 crore. The university has undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level courses under 5 schools with 11 departments. 
  • A total of 2790 undergraduate and postgraduate students are expected to serve in the first seven years of this tribal university. The establishment of this university will generate direct employment in teaching and non-teaching positions. 
  • Besides, job opportunities will be created on posting/contract basis. Through this the surrounding areas will be developed through various services and commercial activities and indirect employment will be generated.
  • The university is named "Sammakka Sarakka Central Tribal University" in honor of the mother and daughter, Sammakka and Saralamma (commonly known as Sarakka), who are believed to be manifestations of Adi Parasakthi sent to protect the tribal communities of Telangana.

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