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Joker: the most mysterious character in the history of online casino card games


The only card that does not belong to any suit or numerical value. Always alone. It comes out when you least expect it. What it is? The Joker, of course! It is featured in most online casino card games like https://bettiltindia.in/ but how much do you know about it? Let's find out where this mysterious and different card from all comes from and what it is needed for.

The origins

There are several versions of the origin of the Joker. Interestingly, he is not associated with the word joke. Some researchers believe that this type with a bright and non-standard appearance was present in the

Tarot fortune card deck in the form of a funny devil or a court jester. Others believe that Joker is a mispronunciation of the word joker, the name of a German card game that had a similar image. Others think that the name comes from the word "poker". It is therefore impossible to establish exactly when this card appeared, in the Middle Ages or at the end of the 19th century.

Usually he is depicted as a jovial, buffoon, jester, but in some decks there is also the opposite image: he is a grim and sinister character. This symbolizes man's dual nature: even the most positive people have flaws and secrets.

In the deck with which you play at the online casino there are two cards of this type. One image is often in color, as a symbol of day, and the other is in black and white, as a symbol of night. There are decks in which there are three Jokers and they are depicted in female form.

How to compare hands with Joker

Basically, the rules of playing poker with Joker in an online casino are similar to classic disciplines, but a special feature is the comparison of combinations between players. Preference is given to hands that have been able to make a strong hand without a special card.

If a pair of players has made a Straight in a different sequence, the comparison will be made according to the usual scenario – the highest card. If the cards are identical, the player who does not have a joker wins. The same situation occurs with the flush hand: the player with a clean hand wins.

Melds composed of the same rank without the Wild card will be stronger than those with the Wild card. Hands made up of different denominations will be compared according to the usual poker rules – by seniority.


In which games Joker occupies an important place 

It is possible to find Joker not only in an online casino, but also in other games, including:

  • - Different varieties of the game of poker with Joker;
  • - Joker Solitaire;
  • - The club's card game of the same name;
  • - Japanese game “Missed Joker”.

The life of a card character outside the deck of cards

The joker is sometimes used not only in online casino card games, but also in others:

  • It is the name of an extra chip in mahjong;
  • In Scrabble it is allowed to replace a missing letter;
  • In the board game Rummikub it is also used to complete a winning combination.

No card has inspired more characters or been used more than the Joker. In the second half of the 19th century, Joker, buffoon or clown. Many characters were also used and the card began to be used in a large number of areas.

In the 20th century, the Joker became an inspiration for the Batman character in the 1940s comics. Later, the Joker was portrayed as an infamous character in various films. In 2006, Joker, portrayed in ferociously humorous fashion, was ranked number one on Wizard Magazine's "Greatest Villains of All Time" list. For people who collect cards, Joker has gained the greatest popularity due to the variety of styles and incarnations.

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