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New Evidence for Water on Mars Discovered
  • Space exploration centers including NASA are actively working on the possibility of taking humans to Mars. In this regard, the China Aerospace Exploration Agency recently sent the Jurong rover to Mars in 2021.
  • Meanwhile, the spacecraft's Jurong rover discovered that the surface layer of the salt dunes is rich in hydrated sulfates, hydrated silicon, iron oxide minerals, and chlorides. By doing so, they discovered that conditions exist for human life on Mars.
  • Chinese scientists have also said that scientists have long believed that Mars has a climate similar to Earth's, and that an ocean flowed on its surface 3 billion years ago.
GST collection in April 2023
  • In the month of April 2023, Rs 1,87,035 crore has been collected as GST revenue, according to the Union Finance Ministry. This is 12% higher than the GST revenue for the same month last year.
  • For the first time, total GST collection has crossed ₹1.75 lakh crore. In March 2023, a total of 9 crore e-way bills were reported to have been generated, which is 11% more than the previous month.
  • Similarly, on April 20, the highest ever tax collection was recorded in a single day. 68,228 crore was paid through 9.8 lakh transactions on the day. Last year (on the same date), the highest single-day transaction was ₹ 57,846 crore with 9.6 lakh transactions.
  • Out of total GST collection, CGST accounts for Rs. 38,440 crore and through SGST Rs. 47,412 crore and through IGST Rs. 89,158 crore and through cess tax Rs. 34,972 crore has also been received.
  • 11,559 crore has been collected from Tamil Nadu in April. This is 19 percent higher than the same month last year. In Puducherry, Rs.218 crore was collected. This is 6 percent higher than the same month last year.
First test of a new low-cost star sensor built from off-the-shelf components
  • A low-cost star sensor developed by astronomers was recently launched by ISRO on PSLV C-55. In its maiden space trial, the sensor, mounted on the PSLV Orbital Test Area (POEM), performed well. Designed to quickly calculate where a satellite is pointing, this low-cost sensor is being tested in space for the first time.
  • For any space mission, it is important to know where the satellite is pointing at any given time. Although there are many ways to know this, this star sensor provides the most accurate information.
  • While the main objective was to evaluate its performance in space, the tests were carried out at the MGK Menon Laboratory for Space Science, located at the Indian Astrophysical Institute's CREST campus in Hosakot.
Domestic coal production to touch record 73.02 million tonnes in April 2023
  • India's coal production recorded a record high of 8.67% growth at 73.02 million tonnes in April 2023. The Coal Ministry has led to a 17.52% increase in coal production to 9.88 MT on April 23.
  • Total coal exports registered a growth of 11.76% from 71.99 MT in Apr-22 to 80.45 MT in Apr-23. This is an important reason why the Ministry's efforts to increase rail connectivity infrastructure to all major mines under the Prime Minister's Express Power will ensure speedy evacuation.
  • With an aim to increase coal production, the Ministry of Coal has signed 29 agreements. This will reduce dependence on imports and save substantial foreign exchange.

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