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Ban on Kerala's Media One news channel lifted - Supreme Court verdict
  • The case related to Media One news channel was heard yesterday by the Supreme Court Chief Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Hima Koli. Judges activities then: Government policies and criticism of Media One channel cannot be considered as anti-national. Freedom of the press is essential to a vibrant democracy.
  • The order of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting which refused to renew the broadcasting license of Media One channel due to lack of security clearance is set aside.
  • People's rights cannot be denied on the pretext of national security. In this case, the Central Home Department has acted apathetically. Therefore, the decision of the Kerala Court is set aside accepting the decision of the Central Government.
  • The central government has not produced any factual evidence to justify its decision to impose a ban on Media One.
  • The position of the ruling government that the press should support government activities cannot be tolerated. Criticism of the government alone cannot be grounds for cancellation of franchise of a television channel.
  • The report filed by the Central Government in a sealed cover violates the principles of natural justice and transparent justice.
  • It is not acceptable for the government to cover up and use this as a tool to disclose information to the opposing party in court proceedings. All investigation reports cannot be treated as confidential. Because they affect the rights and liberties of citizens. This is what the judges say in their verdict.
1 lakh government school students under 'IITM for All' program at IIT Chennai: Chief Minister M.K.Stalin
  • IITM program for all was launched by the Minister of School Education on 5.1.2023 at the IIT Chennai campus and from that date till 8.2.2023 500 teachers from 250 schools were trained in 6 phases.
  • As part of this programme, around 250 students from government schools were given a week-long residential training in basic mathematics and science at IIT Chennai last year.
  • 500 science teachers from 250 government schools have been trained through Chennai IIT and the electronic training schools prepared to benefit 1 lakh students were presented yesterday in Chennai. At that time, an MoU was signed between Chennai-IIT and School Education Department in the presence of Chief Minister M.K.Stalin.
  • Through this, 1 lakh students in 250 government schools will be benefited by receiving electronic vocational training. In continuation of these schemes, the Chief Minister also announced a new scheme called 'Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Aptitude Test'.
The longest train journey in the world
  • If you thought the world's longest train journey would be completed in two or four, you'd be wrong. It takes 7 days 20 hours 25 minutes to complete that journey. Yes! This is the travel time of the train that ran from Moscow, Russia to Pyongyang, North Korea.
  • The journey from Moscow to Pyongyang is the longest train journey in the world. The Trans-Siberian Railway starts from Moscow, Russia and covers a distance of 10,214 kilometers to Pyongyang, North Korea. The train passes through 16 major rivers and 87 cities on this long route.

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