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Nalam 365 YouTube channel specially created in Tamil Nadu - Minister M. Subramanian launches

  • Minister of Medicine and Public Welfare M. Subramanian launched a YouTube channel 'Nalam 365' specially created for Tamil Nadu People's Welfare Department at the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Chennai Thenampet TMS Complex.
  • MLA Mr. Ezhilan Naganathan, Principal Secretary Senthilkumar, Director of Tamil Nadu Health Program Mr. Uma, Director of Medical Department Selvavinayagam and departmental officers were present in this event.
Online Gaming - New Regulations Release
  • Online gaming continues to grow in popularity worldwide. Especially when the Corona pandemic kept everyone at home, online gaming reached its peak. In this context, the central government has released draft regulations regarding online gaming.
  • In the draft online gaming rules published today, self-regulatory controls are proposed. It also said mandatory verification of online players and mandatory Indian address for online gaming companies.
  • In 2021, new information technology rules were published for social networking sites, and it has been said that the rules will apply to online gaming companies as well.
  • Online gaming sites must operate within the laws of India. It states that these gaming companies must adhere to India's laws regarding gambling, betting or minimum age.
  • The notice said, "These draft amendments will ensure the growth of the online gaming industry while providing necessary reforms or restrictions to the industry. Online gaming companies that do not comply with Indian law will not be allowed to operate here."
  • All online games registered by this self-regulatory body must display the registration mark. It also states that the terms and conditions of depositing and withdrawing money should be made clear to the users.
  • Also, the central government has also said that all kinds of information like how the prize money will be paid, what are the additional charges, user verification should be explained in it.
  • These self-regulatory bodies will be registered under the Ministry of IT. It also said that these self-regulatory bodies would address complaints received from users. It has been said that while the central government has released these detailed draft regulations, the public can comment on it till January 17.
Supreme Court verdict on Demonetisation
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation on November 8, 2016 to eradicate black money and facilitate digital transactions. Since then Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes were demonetised. However, it was announced that new currency notes can be obtained by submitting these currency notes to banks.
  • 58 petitions were filed in the Supreme Court against the central government's demonetisation move. The court announced that all these petitions will be heard by a 5-judge constitutional bench.
  • Accordingly, the case was taken up for hearing before the bench of Justices SA Naseer, PR Kawai, AS Bopanna, V. Ramasubramanian and PV Nagaratna.
  • After hearing all the arguments, the judges said, 'The investigation in this case is over. Judgment is deferred. The central government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should file the documents related to this case,' they said.
  • Accordingly, affidavits were filed by the Central Government and the Reserve Bank of India. After all the arguments in the court were over, the Supreme Court had announced that the verdict in this case would be given on January 2.
  • Accordingly, the Supreme Court has given its judgment in the currency devaluation case today (January 2). In this, the four judges of the session ruled that the demonetization process will go ahead.
  • In their judgement, they said, "The central government has taken this step after proper deliberation. Similarly, it has taken the step of demonetizing only a certain amount without demonetizing all the money.
  • 52 days time to exchange the notes was reasonable. The central government has full power to carry out economic activity. It can be observed that the central government has also consulted the Reserve Bank in this regard.
  • Therefore, the demonetisation decision can no longer be reversed. We dismiss all the petitions filed against it. The currency devaluation will proceed".
  • Judge P.V. Only Nagaratna ruled against the central government. "It is wrong to demonetize 1000 and 500 rupee notes through a single decree. If the central government had thought that the demonetization should be done secretly, could it have been done through an ordinance? It is not acceptable to take such a drastic step without resorting to the parliament," he said.
1000 Crores Green Fund - Tamil Nadu Govt
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has issued an ordinance to create the Tamil Nadu Green Climate Fund at an estimated cost of Rs 1000 crore to fund climate change initiatives, mitigation and greening projects.
  • 100 crores has been given to the Green Fund in the first phase on behalf of Tamil Nadu Government. It is reported that the Green Fund will be used to raise funds for creating eco-friendly constructions.
Smart project to promote Ayurvedic medicine research across the country
  • The National Medical Commission of India under the Union Ministry of Ayurveda, the Central Council for Ayurvedic Medical Research and the Union Ministry of Ayush have developed the SMART program to promote Ayurvedic medical research and improve medical education.
  • The objective of this project is to promote health research through Ayurvedic medical colleges and hospitals across the country.
  • The program was launched by Dr. Jayant Deopujari, Chairman, National Medical Commission of India, Prof. Ravinarayan Acharya, Director, Central Council of Ayurvedic Medical Research, at a function held in New Delhi today.
  • The program was held in the presence of Ayurveda Board Chairman Prof BS Prasad and other high officials participated.
Freight & Passenger Revenue for Railways during FY 2022
  • In the first 9 months of the financial year 2022-23, Indian Railways has earned more revenue than the previous financial year. Indian Railways has handled 1109.38 MT of cargo during April to December 2022. During the same period last financial year, 1029.96 MT cargo was handled.
  • Through this, cargo handling has increased by 8 percent. Similarly, the income for this financial year was Rs.120478 crore and the income for the period till December last financial year was Rs. 104040 crores as well. With this, the income of the current financial year has increased by 16 percent compared to the last financial year.
  • In the month of December 2021, 126.8 MT of cargo was handled, while in the month of December 2022, 130.66 MT of cargo was handled.
  • Through this, cargo handling has increased by 13 percent over last year. While the revenue received in the month of December 2021 from freight transport was Rs.12914 crore, the revenue for the month of December 2022 is Rs.14573 crore.
  • This has resulted in a 13 percent increase in freight revenue this year compared to last year. Railway revenue through passenger traffic increased by 71%
  • From April to December 2022, the Railways has earned a revenue of Rs 48,913 crore, a 71 percent increase from passenger traffic. It had earned Rs 28,569 crore in the corresponding period of its previous year.
  • The number of passengers booking tickets from April to December 2022 increased by 6 percent to 59.61 crore. The number of passengers booked during the same period last year was 56.05 crore.
  • It earned Rs 38,483 crore from passengers booked between April and December 2022 by 46 percent. 26400 crore in the same period of its previous year.
  • The number of unreserved ticket passengers increased by 137 percent to 40,197 lakh from April to December 2022. This compares to 16,968 passengers in the same period of the previous year.
  • Revenue from non-reserved ticketed passengers increased by 381 percent to Rs 10,430 crore from April to December 2022. It had posted a revenue of Rs 2169 crore in the corresponding period of its previous year.

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