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3 joint drinking water projects in Ramanathapuram, Dindigul and Tiruvallur at a cost of Rs 4,194 crore - Government of Tamil Nadu approves and orders

  • On behalf of the Municipal Administration and Drinking Water Supply Department, a government order has been issued to implement 3 new joint drinking water projects in Ramanathapuram, Dindigul and Tiruvallur districts under the Amruth 2.0 project and Capital Grant Fund (CGF) at a cost of Rs.4,194.66 crore.
  • 4,187.84 crore in Ramanathapuram District, Ramanathapuram, Keejakarai Municipalities, Mudugulathur, Mandapam, Sayalkudi, Thondi, RS Mangalam Municipalities, Ramanathapuram, Tirupulani, Paramakudi, Pokalur, Nayanarkoil, Mandapam, Kamudi, Cudaladi, Mudugulathur, using Cauvery River as water source. The scheme is implemented for 2,306 rural settlements belonging to 11 Panchayat Unions namely Thiruvadanai and RS Mangalam.
  • Similarly, 3,19,192 households with 3,19,192 water connections to 3,19,192 households with 1,422 rural dwellings belonging to 7 panchayat unions of Dindigul district, Ottenchatram municipality, Neykarapatti, Kiranur municipalities Ottenchatram, Palani, Toppampatti, Rediyarshatram, Vadamadurai, Vedasantur and Dindigul are implementing the joint drinking water project that will benefit 30.40 lakh people.
  • Tiruvallur District Pudhu Air Canal Near Ramanji Kandikaigaram, 5 bore wells are being implemented at a cost of Rs. 3.64 crore for Ammampakkam and Koonipalayam Panchayats of Tiruvallur District, Bundi Panchayat Union and Ammampakkam and 10 rural settlements with 717 household water connections benefiting about 4,900 people.
  • Also, a joint drinking water project is being implemented with 522 household drinking water connections to Velakapuram and 10 villages belonging to Mamandur Panchayat Union of Boondi Panchayat Union of Tiruvallur District with 4 bore wells in Mamandur Lake as water source, which will benefit about 4,050 people.
  • When these projects are completed, 135 liters of drinking water per person will be provided to municipal areas, 90 liters to sub-municipalities and 55 liters to rural areas.
Leo Varadkar of Indian origin becomes the Prime Minister of Ireland
  • After the polls held in 2020, the current Prime Minister Michael Martin's party and Varadkar's party formed a coalition government. At that time, an agreement was made to hold the post of prime minister in rotation.
  • Accordingly, Michael Martin will resign on Saturday. Leo Varadkar, who has been the Deputy Prime Minister till now, will take over as the Prime Minister again. Varadkar has already served as the Prime Minister of Ireland from 2017 to 2020.
India's Swachh (Namami) Ganga Project featured among the top 10 restoration projects in the world
  • The United Nations is recognizing the world's efforts to restore nature. Accordingly, it has recognized 10 amazing landscaping initiatives from around the world. India also has the Clean Ganges (Namami) project to restore the Ganges, launched in 2014.
  • India's Clean Ganges (Namami) program has been ranked 4th in the UN list. At the top is the Tri-National Atlantic Forest Agreement, which protects the forests of 3 countries: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
  • In second place is the Abu Dhabi Marine Restoration Project of the United Arab Emirates, and in third place is Africa's Great Green Wall Restoration Project for Peace.
12705 Mormukov joins the army
  • Mormukov, a Vishakhapatnam class warship capable of targeting and destroying missiles, will be inducted into the Indian Navy on December 18, 2022 in the presence of Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh at the Naval Base in Mumbai.
  • This makes the vessel the 2nd indigenously built Visakhapatnam class destroyer to be inducted into the Indian Navy. The P15B guided-missile destroyer was designed in collaboration with the Navy's Shipbuilding System and Mazacon Dock Shipyard. 
  • It is 163 meters long and 17 meters wide. Carrying 7,400 tons of armaments, the warship is one of the most powerful warships built in the country. 
  • In particular, the fact that 42 ships and submarines out of the total number of ships in the Indian Navy are indigenously designed forms the basis of a proactive effort for India. The warship has been named Mormukov after the historic port city of Goa on the western coast.
  • The 60th anniversary of the liberation of Goa from the rule of the Portuguese is being celebrated on December 19, 2022. In view of this, the ship is scheduled to start its voyage on December 19, 2022.
National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation signed MoU with NIT Manipur
  • The National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHITCL), which operates under the Central Government's Road Transport and Highways Department, has entered into an MoU to develop technologies to solve the challenges faced by the highways department during natural calamities.
  • It has so far signed MoUs with National Institute of Technology in Kanpur, Srinagar, Uttarakhand, Nagaland and Sikkim for the financial year 2022-23.
  • Earlier, Mumbai and Guwahati had MoUs with Indian technology companies. Following this, a new MoU was signed with Manipur National Institute of Technology on 14th December 2022.
  • In this signing ceremony held through video presentation, Manipur NIT Director Gautam Sudrathar and NHITCL Managing Director Sanchal Kumar signed the MoU.
Fossils of 9-million-year-old iguanas, snakes found in Himachal Pradesh
  • Fossils of 9.1 million-year-old iguanas and snakes have recently been discovered in Harithalyangar, Himachal Pradesh. From this discovery, it is known that the climate in the area is similar to that of that time.
  • Biodiversity of iguanas and snakes is highly dependent on temperature and seasonality. It is for this reason that such reptiles accurately indicate past climates, including ambient temperatures.
  • The Wadia Himalayan Geological Institute, Dehradun, an autonomous institute of science and technology, along with Panjab University, Chandigarh, Indian Institute of Technology, Robar, and Gamnius University, Slovakia, have recorded the presence of iguana and python in the region for the first time.
  • Their discovery at Harithalyangar takes on added significance as fossils of this type of lizard are extremely rare in Asia. Similarly, fossils of mountain snakes have previously been found only in Kutch, Pakistan and Gujarat.

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