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Football World Cup 2022 started with a bang

  • A total of 32 teams are competing in this much-awaited series with the aim of winning the championship title. The grand opening ceremony for the series was held at the Al Bad Stadium.
  • Jung Kook, the star singer of the South Korean boy band BTS, entertained the fans with his enthusiastic rendition of 'Dreamers'.
  • Along with him, Qatari singer Bahad Al Qubaisi also rained music. Performances depicting the traditional pride of Qatar, laser lights, and fireworks enthralled the audience at the spectacular opening ceremony.
  • This was followed by the Qatar-Ecuador teams clash in the A Division first league match. Ecuador beat Qatar 2-0 in the first group match of the current FIFA World Cup series.
  • With this defeat, the host team has lost the first match of the World Cup series for the first time. It is reported that the teams that have hosted the series before this have never lost the first or opening game.
  • The 15th general election has concluded in Malaysia. Only 2 of Malaysia's 222 parliamentary constituencies did not hold elections. Elections were held for a total of 220 seats. A hung parliament has resulted in no party getting a majority in this election.
  • Among the Malaysian political parties, Pakatan Harapan won 80 seats. But the alliance did not get the 111 seats required to form the government. The National Front Alliance, which insisted on holding parliamentary elections, won only 35 seats.
  • Malaysia's main Umno party also did not get the expected seats. But Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim says they have 112 seats to form the government. The former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir, has faced a major defeat in the Langkawi constituency of Kedah state. 
  • In this constituency, which Mahathir has won since 1969, he got only 4,566 votes. This is Mahathir's first electoral defeat in 50 years. No party will form government with a single majority in Malaysia this time; It is certain that the coalition government will be formed.
  • A coalition government for the first time in Malaysia's history has created great expectations. The Alliance of Sarawak Parties has said that it is ready to support Perikatan Nasional, National Front and Sabah People's Alliance. The alliance has also nominated Muhidin Yasin for the post of Prime Minister.

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